How To Excel in IITJEE, AIEEE : Tips by Ganitaacharya, Anil Verma Chandigarh

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How To Excel in IITJEE, AIEEE : Tips by Ganitaacharya, Anil Verma Chandigarh
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 How to Excel in IIT-JEE AIEEE

1. Stick to fundamentals and then solve Questions Based on Their Applications


2. Stay Focused ,Don’t refer too many books. 

3. Quality is more important than Quantity: Doing 50 quality & concepts based questions is more important than doing 1000 questions which have not been selected carefully. Remember that the purpose is to sharpen problem-solving skills. Start with conventional methods of problem solving but improvise constantly & build you own shortcuts & ways of attacking a problem. While practicing the problem always try to solve the problem on your own. If you are unable to solve a problem do not hurry to consult the solution. Study the relevant theory again, paying attention to the finer points and the problem in the back of mind. 


4. While doing problem solving try to strengthen and develop your conceptual understanding by analyzing deeply and correlating the problem with real life situations.

5. Always keep track of your average score / speed of solving questions.
It has been observed that most of the students loose 20 to 25% of their marks not because they do not know the subject but because they fail to apply the basic concepts correctly. This is basically due to examination fear & pressure.

6. Remember that cut-off in most of the exams moves between 50 to 60%. So if you focus on easy and average question i.e. 60% of the questions, you can easily score Good marks without even going to difficult question. Try to ensure that in the initial 2 hours of the paper the focus should be clearly on easy and average question, after two hours you can decide whether you want to move to difficult questions or revise the ones attempted to ensure a high strike rate. Always keep in mind that normally questions in any competitive exams can be categorized into 3 areas
Easy: Approximately 40% questions in a paper are easy
Average: Approximately 40% questions in a paper are average
Difficult: Approximately 20% questions in a paper are difficult 

Physics Books for IIT-JEE

NCERT (read the text and then solve the problems from exercise)
Resnick and Halliday's theory is also good enough for beginners 
Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma (Two volumes. Do only problems. Do not read the text) 
Schaum's 3000 Solved problems is Physics by Alvin Halpern 
University Physics by Freedman and Young 
Problems in General Physics by I.E. Irodov (that book will make you fall in love)Mechanics by Kleppner and Kolenkow.
For Advanced Level in Physics 
200 Solved problems in Physics by W.G. Rees, Cambridge University Press 
Electromagnetism by D.J. Griffiths 
Heat and Thermodynamics by Zemansky and Dittman


 NCERT (read the text and then solve the problems from exercise)

 Chemical Principles: a quest for Insight by Peter Atkins

 Organic Chemistry by Solomon’s and Frhyle

 Inorganic Chemistry by J.D. Lee (Do only things that are in the syllabus)

 Qualitative Inorganic Analysis by Vogel (Do only things that are in the syllabus)



 Higher Algebra by Hall and Knight 

 Trigonometry by S.L Loney

 Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney

 Calculus by Thomas and Finney

 Problems in Calculus of One Variable by I.A. Maron

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