How to prepare for IITJEE from class IX

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How to prepare for IITJEE from class IX
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How To Prepare for IIT JEE from Very Begining of Class  IX 


CBSE class 9 is the stepping stone of the career to a individual student and play a very important role in the building the concepts in higher levels keeping this in mind. Students should carefully follow IIT Entrance study material and question bank to fulfill this requirement. Now the point is which are the area where CBSE class 9 student will focus to get the maximum mileage in his studies. According to academic team a student of CBSE Class 9 must focus on two parts one is on his/her grade and second depends on his/her interest now come to the first point that is CBSE class 9 grade

The grades of a student in CBSE Class 9 are to be calculated on the basis of performance in all formative assessments and summative assessments in scholastic as well co-scholastic areas. The marking scheme in co-scholastic areas will be, in life skills A+ =5, A= 4, B+ = 3, B =2, C =1 and in all other co-scholastic areas A+= 3, A = 2, B =1. For promotion to the next class CBSE Class 9 student has to get a qualifying grade D or above in all subjects, excluding the 6th additional subject.

Our second point of discussion is interest of the aspirants .for a student of CBSE class 9 several competition examination are conducted by different governing body some of the good option to be prepared by a CBSE class 9 student are as follows these option are selected by the experts.

CBSE class 9 Student for admission to US Universities. Will have to give SAT-I, SAT-II (Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Math Level-1, Math Level-2), TOEFL and Advance Placements (Calculus AB, Calculus BC, Chemistry, Physics B, Physics C, Biology). provide all the question bank and details for all these entrance exam

CBSE class 9 students must start preparation from early stage to outperforming others in exams like IIT-JEE, Olympiads, NTSE, and KVPY

CBSE class 9 student who are responsible for admitting students into IIT-JEE, Engineering is increasingly looking forward to admitting students who get through in their first attempt or maximum second attempt IITs have already limited the attempts to maximum of two – one after the XII Board Exams and the second immediately in the next year. Besides there is big difference in the level of XI & XII from IX especially for CBSE class 9students.

Effective utilization of the time spent in the school so as you can excel not only in Board Exams but for any competitive exams also along with the development of your personality trails.

 Solid foundation in class IX & X so as you can excel in whatever stream you choose in class XI & XII.

  Due to the lack of synergy between CBSE class 9 school studies and coaching – the student comes under immense pressure from both. It so happens that he / she will be studying two different topics of the same subject on the same day. He / she will not be able to give total optimal time for a topic from IIT-JEE perspective. This leads to ineffective grounding of concepts and does not allow him / her to perform optimally in both IIT-JEE as well as Boards. keep this important factor in mind developed a strong fundamental study material and online support for all the student of CBSE class 9. 


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The trend of starting IIT JEE prep from class 9 is draconian and the readiness with which parents and teachers are pushing it on children profoundly reflects the cultural tendencies which are destroying education in particular and intellectual capability in general in India.

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thanks for all of you keep posted more and more ways

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Yeah. I've seen that kind of students--ones who study from class 9. It's pitiful, because it doesn't exactly help in cracking entrances.Cracking jee and stuff depends on the person's aptitude, primarily.

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