Why should someone do Engineering?

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Why should someone do Engineering?
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 Are you contemplating on taking up an engineering course in college? Preparing for college is one of the milestone in a person's life. It's one of the most tangible changes that has something to do with crossing over from your teenage years to adulthood.And of course, aside from engineering, there are many other options you can consider. In fact, you'll be swamped with many choices. But before you make a final decision, go over some important things to make a solid decision in this matter. If you are considering an engineering course, here's good reasons for you to go with that plan:
1. Engineering covers broad and diverse range of specialties. Honestly, I don't know of any course that's as versatile and as broad as this course. There's electronic, agricultural, computer and software engineers. All are into studies that are so diverse, it's hard to believe they stem from under one discipline.
2. Engineers are one of the most sought after profession in the country. Growing economies have need for engineers to build roads and other infrastructure. Environmental concerns has made the government push for stricter laws governing factory emission, thus companies are hiring chemical engineers for this purpose. And of course, who doesn't use computers? Advancement of technology will assure the continuous demand for computer, electronic and computer engineers.
3. You have choices on your line of work. You want to work in a laboratory? How about in an office? Or maybe in the field? These options are available when you are an engineering graduate.
4. Engineers can boast of having one of the most respected professions around. They are credited with much of the inventions and innovations of this century, thus they are highly respected for their minds as well as for their creativity.
5. For anyone who has an inquisitive mind, there's nothing better than to be able to discover. Engineers are the ones who devise, plan and create things that's never been done before. They are one of the reason for the explosive growth and advancement we are enjoying right now. If you have the aptitude and fascination for discovering and creating, engineering is the course for you.
Your decision on what course to take will determine the path through which your career will go. This decision will determine the course of your future. For this reason, you should give it thorough consideration. And if your interest and skill will take you to the path of becoming an engineer, needless to say, it's going to be the start of a journey of discovery.

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