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how prepare iit jee
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how prepare iit jee

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1.Stick to good books (which have already been discussed a lot here). But the more important part is that you study them thoroughly. Donot ignore NCERTs. They are very good at clearing concepts


2. Make a proper plan of your syllabus. Divide it among parts. Layout weekly tasks rather than daily ones. Give time to revision as well.


3. While studying at home, do a question time-bound. This will increase your speed. But remember if you are not able to do it in that time, dont give up by looking at the answer, try again. Even after giving it a good time you are not able to solve you may refer solution or may ask your teahcer or here tiself.


4. Make yourself comprehensive notes and small skecthes. (make them attractive)


5. Dont worry about board exams. The syllabus is not very different and can be managed easily. By studying NCERT you are automatically preparing for them


6. Be up to date. Periodic revision is must.


7. Regularly solve model papers and keep checking the time. This enhance confidence and shows the pros and cons of ur studies.

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