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31 Jan 2011 12:51:23 IST
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inmo 2011
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 i am from 10 std. i got 35 marks in rmo and was selected for inmo on 6th feb should i prepare?

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31 Jan 2011 13:34:04 IST
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nice man.

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31 Jan 2011 14:44:51 IST
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 good question

can be done by extending the side AC (b) to D such that ad=ab and by similarity in triangles ABC and BDC,we get AC/BC=BC/DC.thus a/b=b+c/a and a^2=b(b+c)

I have seen it somewhere before.Maybe an old rmo question?

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 Congratulations Vichar!


Well as you have very little time left, I would suggest visiting


This is an international forum is most used by students preparing for math olympiads across the world


There is a large bank of questions from contests across the world over several years which you will find very useful




The angles A,B,C of the triangle are 




So the questions wants us to prove that 


But this is true as 



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31 Jan 2011 19:08:19 IST
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one question for your preparation,In a triangle ABC, angle A is twice angle B. Show thata^2 = b · (b + c).

Can i try it? -> thanks

The question can be represented in the figure above....!!

We join vertex A with a point D on BC such that AD becomes the angle bisector of BAC

Now, by angle bisector theorem

c/b = m/n

=> c/b + 1 = m/n + 1

=> (b + c)/b = (m + n)/n

=> (b + c)/b = a/n ------- (i)

One more thing can be noted is

triangle ABD is isocelous

=> AD = BD = m

Again, LADC = x + x = 2x 

or, LADC = 2x

So we see triangle ABC and DAC are similar (By AAA - criterion)

=> AB/AD = BC/AC = AC/CD

=> c/m = a/b = b/n

or, a/b = b/n

=> n = b2/a

putting, the value of n in (i) we get,

(b + c)/b = a/b2/a

=> a2 = b.(b + c) proved..!!

Well if it was a question from RMO (then this is the first time that i could solve one on my own ha ha...!!)


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31 Jan 2011 19:17:15 IST
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@Prophet sir-> Dear sir, i am a great fan of yours, please tell me how can i be excellent at Maths... Generally i do little errors in my maths examination, how to concentrate, focus and solve it wonderfully as you do?

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