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bio Mnemonics
Engineering Entrance , JEE Main , JEE Main & Advanced , Biology , nonacademic , Human health and disease

RNA viruses: negative stranded "Always Bring Polymerase Or Fail Replication":
· Note: Negative RNA viruses need there own polymerase.


Atrioventricular valves "LAB RAT":
Left Atrium: Bicuspid
Right Atrium: Tricuspid




Hypothalamus: general functions "TALE of the hypothalamus":


Vaccines: types STARK:
Attenuated [live]
Killed [inactivated]



Adrenal gland: functions ACTH:
Adrenergic functions
Catabolism of proteins/ Carbohydrate metabolism
T cell immunomodulation
Hyper/ Hypotension (blood pressure control)




Enzyme kinetics: competitive vs. non-competitive inhibition With Kompetitive inhibition: Km increases; no change in Vmax.
With Non-kompetitive inhibition: No change in Km; Vmax decreases.



Parasympathetic vs. sympathetic function Sympathetic nervous system: "Fight or Flight".
Parasympathetic nervous system: "Rest and Digest".








Citric acid cycle ....
citric acid ---> cis-aconitic acid----> isocitric acid--(NAD ---> NADH2) --> oxalosuccinic acid (OSA) --> alpha-ketoglutaric acid (@-KGA)
--(NAD --->NADH2)-> succinyl coA ,---> succinic acid ------> fumaric acid ------> malic acid --(NAD--->NADH2)--> oxalo acetic acid (OAA)----> again citric acid....
cricket = citric acid
club = cis aconitic acid
india = isocitric acid
o k = oxalosuccinic acid ::::::::::> alpha Ketoglutaric acid.
SuccesS = succinyl coenzyme A and Succinic acid
First = fumaric acid
Match = Malic Acid
Over = Oxalo succinic acid
Mnemonic Zoology term
King Kingdom
Penguins Phylum
congregate Class
on Order
frozen Family
ground Genus
sometimes Species

The zoology mnemonic is used to memorise the scientific classification applied in zoology. The most common mnemonic is king penguins congregate on frozen ground sometimes. The first letter of each word of the mnemonic corresponding in order to the first letter of the descending order of scientific classification.



OMi Mia ka Prime Minister Platform Goda( or horse or equus instead of Goda )

which stands for





Merychippus (calllipus)



dont forget to add hyracothecium at the start..





KuMARan is a DoCtOR who always EATS.

K=Vit. K  = Menadione(M) . u all know its required for clotting of blood and so anti-haemorrhagic vitamin.

A= Vit. A = Retinol(R). Now it is for vision.

D = Vit. D = Calciferol(C). It causes Osteomalacia(O) in adults as Rickets(R) in children.

E= Vit. E = Antisterility(A)/beauty vitamin = Tocopherol(T)


to remember lichen is composed of algal and fungi...some usually forget.....she was All Gal and he was a Fun they took a Like'n to each other...



ETC in mitochondria...

there r 5 complexes in inner mitochondrial membrane...

the electron flow is like this..

FMN ---->  FeS ------> Co Q(coenzyme Q or ubiqionone) --- reduced CoQ ---> cyt b--->FeS ----> cyt c-----> cyt a---> cyt a3 ----> to oxygen ion.

or if FADH2 is present, then FAD ----> FeS ---> coQ  then the pathway is similar...

so for this, i came up with a mnemonic...

Fins of Foetus of Corkfish and Belly of Cat arent Analogous stri (girl in sanskrit)

every  ' of' stands for FeS ...

Corkfish = CoQ

arent = cyt a

analogous stri = cyt a3

belly = cyt b


Foetus = FAD



cell cycle:interphase,prophase,metaphase,anaphase,telophase I Passed My Algebra Test



white blood cells:neutrophil,lymphocyte,monocyte,eosinophil,basophilNever Let Monkeys Eat Bananas(in their volume)Never Eat Bananas Like Monkeys(first 3 granulocyte.4& 5 is agranulocyte)




to remember the chemicals released during inflammatory process Kevin Peterson Hardworking CricketerK-kinins P-prostadoglandins H-histamines C-cytokines



Now, there are two pancreatic ducts.............

Main pancreatic duct - Wirsung duct

Accessory pancreatic duct - Duct of Santorini

To remember this just u have to remwmber that  W is inverted M . In this way first one can be remebered and the left out is for second one.






Parotid - Stenson's duct

Sub-maxillary - Wharton's duct

Sub-lingual - Duct of Rivinus

Read this as :-   SaRe SuWadist bhojan ParSo  or  SaLaam siR , koi  SuWadist bhojan ParSoon kya?



Citric acid cycle ....
citric acid ---> cis-aconitic acid----> isocitric acid--(NAD ---> NADH2) --> oxalosuccinic acid (OSA) --> alpha-ketoglutaric acid (@-KGA)
--(NAD --->NADH2)-> succinyl coA ,---> succinic acid ------> fumaric acid ------> malic acid --(NAD--->NADH2)--> oxalo acetic acid (OAA)----> again citric acid....
and to complicate things ( not actually !!!) in some steps NADH2 is formed, and in some FADH2 is formed.....
so..  here is my mnemonic...
Commonly, All sisters Isolate OSAma's KG- amputates Sharply Suceeding in Filming Meteorates (actually meteorites) Ascending only above...
now..plzz note that whenver a word ends with  -ate here, in that step,  NADH2 is formed.....that 
here... Commonly - citric acid
All sisters = aconitic acid cis form
Isolate - isocitric acid....
OSAma = oxalosuccinic acid
KG-amputate =  @-KGA
Sharply= succinyl coA
suceeding = succinic acid
filming = fumaric acid...
metoerate = malic acid

only ascending above = OAA 









tissue system..

there are many types of tissues..

let me tell you those of squamous epitheliumm


mesothelium , endothelium, henles loop , lungs alveoli, bowman's capsule , ...

it can be memorised as MEHAB ...


cuboidal epithelium 

proximal tubule(PCT), pancreatic duct  , distal tubule(DCT) , germinal epitelium of testes and ovary , choroid layer of eyes ( iris + ciliary body) , Respiratory bronchioles , duct of sweat and salivary glands 

it can be memorised as Patna k Private Doctoron ne Gundo Ka Rishwad Swikara ...




columnar epithelium ..
Gall bladder
Bile duct
Intestinal glands ( crypts of leiberkuhn )
Gastric glands ( oxyntic cells and cheif cells)

this can be memorised as Go In Puraani Sabji mandi In Goa..

ciliated columnar epithelium

Respiratory tract
Auditory canal
Fallopian ducts
Tympanic cavity ( i.e middle ear)
Ventricles of brain..

Rukh At FTV .... or Fur Vala RAT ... both are equally good...




Kala Azar - Leishmania (KL)
Sleeping sickness - Trypanosoma (ST)




to remember the essential elements


Chopkins Ka Mighty Goal.




to remember taxonomical hierarchy:kingdom,phylum,class,order,genus,species:Keep Pots Clean Or Family Gets Sick...



 Some tricks in evolution….

1. Palaeozoic era-

COrdiac(cardiac) glycoSiDes of  Calotropis Plant

 Cambrian , Ordovician (Age of Invertebrates),Silurian, Devonian(Age of Fishes), Carboniferous(Age of           Amphibians), Permian

2.Coenozoic era – tertiary period-

PalE and Old Mr. Pritam

Palaeocene, Eocene, Oligocene, Miocene, Pliocene(Age of Mammals)



southern blotting is used for DNA analysis
Northern blotting is used for RNA analysis
Western blotting is used for proteins

an easy way to memorise this...
south matlab Dakshin... DNA..

west matlab paschim ( or purab.. i'm awful with directions anyways...).. Protein..

aur bacha hai north our RNA.. so thats the only other match...





Lao Mein Abhi Pehle se Shuru Karoon...

Lichen stage

Moss stage

Annual grass stage

Perenial grass stage

shrub stage

climax community


PSuedo FoRce Se Work Karo..

plankton stage

submerged stage

free floating stage

Reed swanp stage

Sedge stage or marsh meadow stage

woodland stage or scrub stage

climax community




In DNA duplex
1. template strand,minus strand, sense strand -----> 3'-5'
2. nontemplate strand, plus strand, antisense and coding strand--> 5'-3'
to remember 3-5= -2 so minus strand(remember other names)
5-3= +2 so plus strand








Rods vs. cone function RoD: Dim light.
Cones: Color.



T and B cells: types When bacteria enter body, T-cell says to B: "Help Me Catch Some!" B-cell replies: "My Pleasure!":
· T-cell types:
· B-cell types:
Memory cell
Plasma cell


Source: Too many.......includes many go-iitians like vignesh, JPS etc.

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