GIITJEE,The Best Institute of Chandigarh announces Admission for Competition Batch for XII

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10 Aug 2011 10:55:55 IST
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10 Aug 2011 10:55:55 IST
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GIITJEE,The Best Institute of Chandigarh announces Admission for Competition Batch for XII
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GIITJEE,The Best Institute of Chandigarh announces Admission for Competition Batch for XII Studying Students.Batch is for 100 Days.Course is very important for the students who wants to excel in IIT-JEE, AIEEE Exam and have edge over others.Complete syllabus of XII,XI is to be covered in this batch.

t GIITJEE, we welcome all of you into the field of IIT-JEE training. Indian Institute of Technology - Joint Entrance Examination is one of the most coveted exam in the country. Since IIT’s are the brand and prestige of India in today’s fast developing technology, growing industrialisation and modernisation. So highly efficient and skilled technologists are needed everywhere in the world and in this respect IITans hold a prominent place and great respect all over the world because of their innovative thinking, critical approach, unique orientation and the yearn to achieve the optimum level in every field. IIT’s have created a new epoch in the field of technology and that is why IIT-JEE is the most sought after Engineering Entrance Exam.
To get through IIT-JEE one requires sound temperament, sharp precision, comprehensive approach, analytical skill, and an unparallel thinking process to explore the ways of analyzing the problems, which can be best achieved under the able guidance of experts in the respective field.
GIITJEE is a pool of such experts, who are very hard working, innovative and impeccable in their approach.
Since the pattern of IIT-JEE is changing every year. Therefore for the preparation of IIT-JEE, one requires a comprehensive and extensive training. As we take the limited number of students and individual attention is paid to each and every student, so one can expect to explore one’s potential up to the optimum level.
Our course program is strictly restricted to IIT-JEE syllabi, to set the students very much focused and it is our profound conviction based on past record that students doing well in IIT-JEE captured top ranks in AIEEE, BITSAT and other State Engineering Entrances.

Address of GIITJEE is SCO 382, Sec. 37D, Above HDFC Bank, Chandigarh
Tel :  0172-4652111, 2628810, 2628811 Mobile : 9779027231

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