Jee Main Ranking Plan.

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Jee Main Ranking Plan.
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(Caution:  this is the only analysis not the exact result. So, student's appeared in JEE must not get annoyed, rather they should approach it positively, it's analysis about the tough competition. why the competition of JEE this year has been trippled and pressure on students doubled?) 

Dear Friends! 

Don't Get surprised or shocked when you came to know your result! and rank in the jee main. On Analysing the all the coaching's critriea of ranking and the information provided by the CBSE this year those students most probably in the better ranking. but before reading this consider the following points which can shock you!

:- Students scoring better in the Board find it easier to increase their ranking.

        for eg.  suppose  a Student A scores 83% and Student B scores 85% then to get better marks than B. Student A need to create a difference of about 2.4*2= 4.8 ~ 5mks. consider another student C scores 92%. then student A requires 2.4*9=21 marks of difference in Jee main. 

These  may not make any difference for the bright students whose focussed on both. But can be really shocking to the average who are expecting their marks between 170-195. in Jee Main. . As we know that most of the average students focussed on board score between 80-90% range. There fore the estimated rank (as given by coaching may differ by 5000-10000 ranks)


2. Girls to be Preffered than boys : although the no. of Girls is relatively less, so their presence would not make much difference but the difference can seriously affect those average students. as notified.  having scored equal the girl is to be preffered first. boys should not get annoyed because sex ratio in these institutes is equally important.  as felt by the teacher and the male students studying in these institutes.

3. ISI : Indian Statistical Institute role: this governing body of Mathematics analysis team is going to give the Biggest hit to the CBSE and ICSE. board students those who had given exam of Jee. Actually they are given duty  Normalise the Board marks of the state boards as compared to that of the central boards on the basis of STATISTICAL CALCULATIONS ON VARIANCE AND DEVIATION. (We should not get annoyed much as most of the Syllabus are mainly in CBSE.) But 

on the close looking of these result you may get shocked a little but tensed more....take an instance.....suppose a student from the UP board has scored 80% . ( this % is equivalent to 90-92% in CBSE normalised.) as top result of UP board is around 86- 87% leaving exceptional cases. but just like UP only few boards are tougher than CBSE. as their student hardly be in comparison to the Result of Cbse student................. for instance if two different board (UP and CBSE) student scores 210 mks in  Jee Main and the % of them are 82% (UP stud. - normalised 89.% wrt to CBSE) and 83% for CBSE student. 

on comparing the  rank:

       CBSE student gets around : 9000- 13000

      UP board student -  5000-6000 rank.

but as told earlier most of the syllabus is from CBSE, such kindly of possibility can exist.

:-  the Best surprise is for the Selection for the JEE ADVANCE. don't think scoring 232 mks in jee main. but scoring 78% this time (yr- 2013). you will not get selected to Jee Advance. because top 20 percentile still exist. so the Cutt off declared by the coaching's Prediction is slightly higher. It can be around 120 mks.(if they haven't considered the board marks from the previous years analysis).

So, on entire conclusion  we can say one thing for sure that Kapil Sibble's Dream ( to distract the Attention toward the excessive coaching) can be slightly true.but won't much. but it has created the feeling for the Respect towards Schools.

average students may find pressure on them. but for the Brilliant Student... there is not much burden .. It seems to be a burden like but atlast you have to study what you require. it depends on the student what he choses to get the knowledge better. and develop skill in efficient way. Just Keep going on!. because coachings especially tend to neglect the average students and get to care the brilliant student as their results will bring the fame of these coachings but they dont care for the average students.

one more thing. Student getting selected to IIT . they can enjoy the moment but Can they Tell how much the Rank has been Suffered to the Student who deserved more in IITs. atlast entire blame come to our own working strategy. to the only strategy remains. keep going on , be disciplined and never loose hope untill result comes out.


all the BEST for Carefull Future.



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20 May 2013 00:26:37 IST
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 sir my score in jee main is 187 and 12th cbse % is 92.4..........what cud be my rank accordin to normalisation procedure suggested by jee main?please reply...wil i be gettin any nit?

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25 May 2013 09:24:19 IST
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sir i got 168 marks in jee main and 91% in up board so what is my rank pls tell me


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25 May 2013 15:36:11 IST
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point 1 is totally wrong....bakwaas :\

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8 Jun 2013 10:47:39 IST
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sir i score 92 marks in jee main and 73% in cbse board..can i get good college...i m of sc category...plz reply sir i m scared ab8 my future..

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22 Jun 2013 19:46:06 IST
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