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The TRUTH About VIT!!!

Please READ the Whole of IT. It might seem lenghty but will stop you from commiting a
mistake. It took me half an hour too write .. but it takes less than 10 mins to read. (i
wish someon else had written this b4 i joined this college.)

So all you people might have bought tha amazing looking brochure. N might have seen the DVD.
I heard 2 lakh people are giving this exam this time. WOW. That is more than the people who
applied for IIT-JEE in 2005. Now you might think that this college looks so awesum .. WOW ..
i must be here .. So beautiful campus .. SHIT ! Its too good .. look at the placements !!
look at the library ! the hostel !!! the tt !! .. and so on.. initially my reaction was the
same .. but all this is just something to attract lot of students .. now let me tell you a
lil about myself. M in 1st year EEE , From VIT , From New Delhi . I came to vit in the
second counselin itself. The campus is brilliant but lemme tell you the xperience's

* The management at the VIT is rotten to the core. And i mean it. After counselling, which
went pretty well , we had the hostel room allotement. So you might be thinking .. it went
pretty well too .. but lemme tell yu .. the hostel allotment was the worst.. even tho these
ppl have the rooms... they will make yu go around thousand times .. ask yu to waste 3 days..
the chief warden here is a madman. So after 4 days of fighting,stayin in a hotel i got a
room . But cudnt blieve it .. man it was 6 bed room the size of 3 normal size bathrooms put
together.. lolz ... man believe me it SU*Ks.. actually the 3 bed room is converted into six
bed.. cuz they have increased the intake from 1200 to 1600 way more than the campus can
support ,, and the hostels too .. so the same is going to happen to YOU. hehehe .. nwz as we
continue .. the TT looks so *Y from outside .. but the instant u go in the class in first
sem .. itz like worse then the classrooms in the govt college. i dont know but i may be
feelin this cuz i studied in a good skul in delhi fer 14 years but still this DUZNT
happen... the scond thing is that each class will contain aroun 120 students .. lolz ... so
first sem u r dead. they are corrupted takin in managemnt students more than they shud .
they take bribes n everything .. they are worse than govt officials.

* The teachers at VIT are damn bad.. n thats the truth.. most of the teachers at vit are
taken straight from college 4 years ( oders ) having no educational teaching xperience.. so
they are south indians... with south indian incomprehensible accent ( no offense but its not
understandable ) n some unknown grudge n a mighty ego against the students. SO the situation
TILL NOW. You are stuck in a 6 bed room ( if u come l8 fer counselling ) .. u are sittin in
a very bad class wid 120 students n a sucky teacher whu duznt know wat he is teaching n its
bloody hot n the room duznt have an a/c.

* The life at vit is unbearable. there are almost no xtraciricular activities. u dont know
wat is happenin wen. i heard that there are more than 50 grps n activities.. so i joind the
music club as i play guitar n stuff. But to my astonishment , the music room was friggin
small ... it was like 3mx3m . with broken drumsets n broken guitar n broken stuff.. n no
proper system fer bands to play . its the seniours who decide who is goin to play .. but
luckily ( thanks to a surprise visit by DD tv to check the "social" life of the campus ) we
got a bigger room .. bbut overall lemme tell u. ur attendance should be 75 % n no grants are
given fer extraciricular activietes. The management motto is " SHUT UP N STUDY or Leave the
college ".

* so the teachers dont know how to teach n there are no xtracircular activites n college
gettogethers. To add to this .. the study load is too much. We have got the CAM system ( the
" Continious Assesment Marks " which continuassly "assess" ur performance at the xam ) so
after a month of attending classes and not grasping anythng the CAM were here.I fortunately
passes by studyin a day b4. lol . So after celebrating .. they were there again .. after a
month to haunt me ... n then there are friggin model test in labs , so many labs to cope up
with , so many classes . the studies in vit is mark oriented. u do practicals widout ne1
xplainin nething.n then after a month the terminal xams. ultimately the situation is
everyday ur havin n xam n u get seriously f'd up < get the meaning>

* now the situation is ur copin wid xams , fitin a battle everyday hehe . So u basically
want to socialise wid the ppl around. But according to vit .. Socialisation = Boy+Boy or
Girl+Girl .. no boy- girl combination .. gulz are supposed to get in the hostels strait
after the class ..leavin half an hour margin for friendz to meet... n boyz are off limits
the gulz hostel in around 100 m radius.the management thinks that all boys are perverted or
crap like that.. they are still living in medieval age.Oh i almost fergot.. if gulz
have to leave the campus they cant go out fer more than 2 hrs n they have to submit
sum kinda card at the gate so as to know where u r goin.

* also in the nearby area .. there is NO life .. u shud see the only cinema hall here .. i
havent seen a single muv after the first one i saw over here. fullstop.
No barista , no ccd , no place to hang out wid frenz xcept food court wich u eventually get
bored off .. no malls nuthin .. vellore is a village.

* u mit have seen the placement companies. highest taker is tcs. highest package offer :4
lakhs. avg 2 lakhs. No foriegn placements ( u mit have seen many "abroad" placements
cmpanies in the brochure but after comin here u will know that is all lies .. they get 1
student place there intentionally n then say that company name. last time IBM took only 2
students or sumthin like that n they say that IBM was ther fer campus placements.lolz.
liars.the 9 pointer n the 6 pointer < that is like 90 percentile and 60 percentile > have
the same placement, so no use to study.

Now fer hosteleers ///
* boys intime 9 PM. First years. Seniours 9 30. ( what the hell)
* No camera cells allowed < ? why the hell > n if caught u get after 4 years.
* You dont give ur laptops to ne1 else or the laptop is seized ( this is the most funny n
stupid rule Razz )
* You dont watch muv's in the night on ur laptop or the laptop is seized.
* 9 PM - 3 AM is study hrz. so u shud study n not make noise.
* There may be routine cheks on your mobile phone. The pro chancellor may ask to c ur cell ,
search it , if found any obscene msgs or pix , ur parents will be called.My frend had his
gf's msg n the registrar called up his father that he has msgs from his gf. LOOOL.
*u cant enter the hostel after intime .
*u hafto give attendance every night in the hostels. ( U heard it right.) So if u absent
someday u hafto give xplanation.
*if u wanto go fer a vacation : u hafto run from hostel to main building and back fer at
least 3 times cuz of take sign from the coordinator, mess supervisor ( for mess refund) the
chief warden.
* life is very tuf for gulz . the wardens are very bad n interfering in personal matter.
some frnd of mine dont even stay out till 8 on tuesdays wen its allowd to stay out l8 that
day cuz she will ask quesions
* they mit suspend u or debar u.
* they may pass ne new new rule in the middle of the semester without proper guidelines <
for eg they passed this new rule that 75% attendnce less wont b alloed to write the xam wen
the sem waS going to end. earlier it was pay 2000 rs n go away. so i thght i will pay 2000
bux ..n i dint attend the first now i m screwd up >
* " Are you trying to be the leader ", is the response u get from chief warden if u take ne
complaints to him . lol . n he is the dumbest person alive.
* u get very very very bad food.
*its damn xpensive.
* its damn overcrowded. {one badminton court for 1200 ppl.}
* everyone in the management says they dont know n go to the other person.
* u shud have influence in order to survive.
* the tv closes at 9 pm in the night. < due to the study hrs >
*water coolers on alternate floors. TV's on alternate floors. I dont know the logic behind
* u cant play guitar after 9 or do ne other xtra ciricular activites.
A conversation b/w me n pandian < the chief warden > wen i was teachin a person guitar
P: " gimme ur id card"
me:" Sir plz sorry"
P: " Gimme or i call the security guard"
me:" but sir..."
me :" Sorry sir"
P: " I ll slap you hard n den say sorry. I will make sure u wont get a hostel room next sem.
Yes i will make sure.. gime the permission for keeping the guitar. where is it .. u dont
have it ?? i ll make sure u wont get the room next time"
[me gives the ID card n is extremely humiliated in front of his frendz,]

So the story till now : u r in 6 bed room ( wich is orignally 3 bed ), u have sucky
teachers,sucky classes,sucky labs,sucky crowd ,sucky college life , no gulfrend or boy frend
, no xtra ciricular activites nuthin ,you r in a jail. n thats tha truth.

For more references /
go to pissed off by VIT community on orkut.< currently 800 members thats equivalent 30 % of
the college hostel students others will join >
go to vit community on orkut.

M writin this cuz i sufferd n m again preparing for entrances ,,, so that i can get away
from this hell.

nwz more queries , feel free to ask .. if u havent recieved the admit card ,, go with the
application fotostat cuz the management duznt care n loses applications easily.if they say
they havnt recvd it , they probbly have lost it.


A visit to VIT
In a older post I had said that VIT's position in India Today's ranking was undeserved. Well yesterday I had the chance to go to VIT. My cousin sister had counselling in VIT and my Mama had asked me to come along. What I saw at VIT is divided into 3 parts. The good, the bad and the ugly.

The good
1. The buildings at VIT look absolutely gorgeous from the outside. The library in particular was really well done. I wish we had a library like that (I'm talking just about the building here) in IIIT.
2. A building called the technology tower was also very impressive with it's hanging gardens theme.
3. Canteen Rocks!
4. Sports facilities were pretty good. A tad over-indulgent to be honest.
5. Nice lawns. the walkways have small shades built all over them to escape from the sun which I hear is pretty strong usually.

The Bad
1. During the counselling they totally mis-represented the placements. When I asked for an average for the CS department the answer was it's somewhere between 3 and 5 lpa. When I asked for a number, I was, after a lot of persuasion, given a number of 3.3 Lpa by somebody in the PAT dept.
2. I wanted to go and check out the the CS department. I was stopped by one of the many rude security guards present in the campus. When I insisted he took me to some faculty member who was apparently a prof. He asked me stuff like "why do you want to see the dept.?", "What is the point in speaking to he faculty?" etc... I then walked into the office of the Public relations officer who, scared of me creating a scene told the guard to take me to the CS department. Why would you stop people from checking out departments?
3. There are apparently 500 students in a single batch of computer science. I enquired about this branch coz this is the one my cousin is joining. 500 people! Source P.R.Officer

The ugly

1.In the batch of 500 students 266 seats were offered through counselling and the rest i.e.234 were offered under the management quota. This is shocking. So much so that I confirmed this thrice. Once with the PRO, once with the admissions office and once more with some CS faculty!! Apparently the numbers for ECE and some extent EEE are also rather identical!! For those people who had commented on my blog about VIT offering only 10% seats through donations....People go check you figures. These are shocking proportions to take through management quotas!!
2. After I manged to get into the CS dept. I spoke to some faculty members. I cannot express in words how poor they were. VIT has about 180 faculty members in the CS dept. Of these 3~4 have PhD's the rest of the people have a background. I spoke to about 15 faculty members and hardly anyone was capable of carrying out a conversation on any academic lines. I was left speechless at how unbelievable bad there are. I have absolutely no idea of how these people are going to educate students in the art of CS! Here is a part of a conversation I had with 3 faculty members. All 3 were senior lecturers. I will not use names Razz

f1: What are doing(as in where are u studying?)
me: sir I'm at IIIT-h. I'm a dual degree student. I'm doing my ms/r part right now.
f1: what is ms/r
me: This means you will get your MS for research work and not coursework. You will have to produce some research work that will form your thesis and after that you need to defend it.(some more explanation about msbr followed)
f2: So you don't do any courses in your final year?
me: yeah pretty much. The focus is on research.
f2: Tch Tch what kind of a PG course is this? You should look at the course at VIT. We teach our students advanced concepts like software engg and java programming!
f3: so You need to just present a few papers and you get your MS?
me:(utterly shaken state) Yes thats it ...just a few papers(sigh!)

some time later we came to the topic of placements.

f2: we had very good placements this year. M$ , google and yahoo came here.
me: How many people did google hire?
f2: Google didn't hire anybody.
f3: actually google's selection process was wrong. They allowed only computer science people to sit for their written tests and in that written test they asked things that were out of syllabus.
At this point I started to giggle!
f3: Why man ...what is so funny?
me: Nothing sir...I was just thinking how silly these IT companies can be! Asking things out of syllabus is really atrocious Very Happy

There is a lotta more masala where this came from but I shall not write it in respect of those Studying at VIT (which includes my cousin Razz)

But on a more serious note what I saw at VIT was the unholy nexus of money and education in it's full fury. While I'm not against institutes charging very high fees, I'm against institutes selling them. Also I have now developed great respect for those who study at VIT and manage to do well with their careers. It's a credit to them to be able to emerge from this mess and do well. I hope my cousin can do the same.

And for India today and all those who campaigned for VIT on one of my previous posts. It is very irresponsible of you to attempt to position VIT as a top class institute ahead of NIT-T,NIT-w and IIIT-h. For those who study there and know the place I'm even more shocked that they would consider lobbying for VIT. With the faculty you have and the method of admissions....all your infrastructure counts for absolutely nothing. I never ever imagined that the faculty would be so so atrociously bad. Good luck to whoever studies there.

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Thanks a lot dude!.........Felt really grateful after reading this article.... This year, i gave that stupid exam and am pretty confident to get a rank.... But on reading this article, i've decided that come what may, I AM NOT GOING TO THIS COLLEGE! I'm definitely not one of those who could live in such restricted and jailed environment! .. lol.... such stupid rules!...i don't even have to face such stupid restrictions at home! .... and i still can't understand whats with that BOY+BOY and GIRL+GIRL thing....i mean how lame and medieval people can be!....eeeewww.... i would die!....feel sad for you dude! all the best for your results.... and finally THANKS A LOT! :)

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thanks ravina.................i only want the maximum people to know the VIT SCANDAL..........

Cool goIITian

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common 85 views and one cxment plzz support a generous cause....

Cool goIITian

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3 May 2011 15:31:10 IST
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feel very sorry for u.....

Blazing goIITian

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yeah man it is bad..........

Cool goIITian

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6 May 2011 16:26:32 IST
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I too got caught up in the heat and filled up the form after that India Today Survey. Then, after iitjee went well, I wasn't sure if I should go for the viteee. I went anyway...There I saw a huuuuuuge crowd...mostly kids with less brain and more money. I was literally shocked at the comments that few of them made and I overheard...So, then I thought that since all the actual brain already gets sweeped by IITs NITs and BITS, only the ones that didn't get admission in either of these would go to VIT.Anyway, the day passed. Result came out on 6th. I hadn't given a second thought about the paper after the exam. So, I hoped for about a 1000 something rank...not to take admission but so that the teachers of my school wouldn't say me things for always being absent. I was myself taken aback with the 285 AIR.Well, that being said, I guess I now know what kind of junta sits in to give viteee for me to be able to get that kind of rank..Thanks for the article bro... I'll make sure to tell my friends not to go there.

Cool goIITian

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hahaha agree wid prasoon

Cool goIITian

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agree wid u

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i had given this test and i have my counselling on 3rd .but now i dont think i would think about going itnto this institute.i really feel very sorry for you buddy.

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all that glitters is not gold...gud1

Cool goIITian

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28 May 2011 17:50:21 IST
0 people liked this plzz pst more ltruth about vit

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29 May 2011 11:57:11 IST
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dude.. its 90% fake! i wonder which j***ass has written this.. im in 2nd year ECE, and believe me, life is a hell lot more interesting here in vit.. my suggestion is to take advice from some other person studying in the college..

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4 Jun 2011 12:14:59 IST
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GR8 ARTICLE..................I SUSPECTED OF IT...........WASNT SURE.........

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This article is the heights of Lies.Most of it anyway.Im a student at VIT, Doing B-tech CSE

Having been here for two years i can say half of what is written in this article is utter rubbish.
Firstly- Rooms : Im sorry, i received a 4 room non-ac for the first year and a two room ac for the second. It all depends on your ranking, so if you are stupid ( easy to presume from your grammar less,terrible English) and have a bad gpa, your not gonna get a good room unless you have influence.

Influence can't be helped, thats how the world runs, No point you crying about it, because its the Harvard influence that connects the power in the world. You just have to work towards it if you don't have it.


120 people per classroom? I believe that there is a 60 student limit to which a teacher can have in his ffcs classroom, and with around 8 teachers per slot per subject, we have comfortable 30~50 people per classroom. This ain't the states where you get 20 to a class buddy, I dont think you'd survive the individual attention from the teacher if you had 20 per classroom by the looks of your blog.So dont give people stories about 120 per classroom.

Teacher wise : Every college does have a bunch of good and bad teachers, i've been under bad teachers and good ones.The good ones are those who work with you, (if you go to them in private regarding projects) and publish papers with you ( you'd be the first or second author depending on the amount of work put in - But its still a paper publication . ) Its upto you to find the good ones, You dont get a personal babysitter telling you what to do in life, here's where you learn kid.

No extra-Cur? Thats rich, considering we have some of the biggest Groups that any coll in india has including IEEE, ToastMasters International , Theatre groups, Ohwait, You were too stupid to join them or network and find things out and expect to be babysat all your life.

Management? Im sorry but don't you think One of the best Private institutes in India should be allowed to charge a fee for a student enrollment if they want? Or is only ALL American Colleges allowed to do that?I mean if you'd pay 60,000$ a year for Harvard, I think you can pay 5000$ ( average management fee) for a student in India. Oh you gonna say Harvard can keep management but VIT shouldn't now?-.-"

Social life? , A lotta people have girlfriends and boyfriends in college, heck in my friend circle half of them are dating. If you have no social skills and cant pick up a girl/guy don't blame the college, you don't look any better, Besides VIT is very liberal compared to a lot of other colleges down south.And the people who come to VIT are a lot more decent when compared to people jacking off in classrooms at Anna Univ ( or so i heard :| )

Vit in a village, boohoo, find something to do and don't cry about it being in a village unless you want to pay heavy taxes and get land rights, boot a few lakh people and break down a bit of a city and build a huge college campus , All while keeping cheap fee's.Go ahead.

Placement wise : They have placements, You want it you can take it. Dont want it don't take it, you aren't being forced.Make an effort and you might get the Microsoft job that only one other guy got. He got it for a reason, he worked hard and not cried about the university in a blog

.The only thing i'd agree with is the hostel rules not being made with am average student's mindset in consideration.Girls intime could be better, and that the wardens could be nicer.

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Mr Chulbul pandey::What you have written about VIT appears to be in frustration. You must know that now a days most of the engineering colleges are quite strict on all aspects-- ragging, hostel discipline, attendance etc.As far as I know , VIT has excellent facilities which very few colleges have. You must find time to take part in all such activities. The study rigour, I understand, is quite toough in such Engg colleges.As regards faculty, have you tried faculties in other colleges?? Even in IIT or NITs there good and bad(bore) professors. You ask me I am from one of these prestigious institutes.Also all guys who are joining Deemed university status institute like IIT,NITs or like VIT -- please remember that you will have to get along with your professors well and not annoy them since this can tell on your overall grades. I hope Mr Chulbul has not been a bad boy in the institute.If your intention is Waste around for 4 years having only fun and no studies and no discipline then you should join some local college in your area and Enjoy.By the way Mr Chulbul what kind of student are you- Good, Average or Bad??

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30 Jun 2011 14:23:29 IST
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thaxs dude for telling the scandals of vit inst. before i m going to join the colllege. i m thankful to u

Cool goIITian

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2 Jul 2011 20:08:08 IST
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Thnx yaar......saving ppls careers!!!!!

Hot goIITian

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4 Jul 2011 10:23:07 IST
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man u can condemn the student post but u can not condemn the visitors post!that is the truth at least .well u urself told that rooms are alloted on the basis of ranks!what a rubbish thing!no iit or nit has procedure like that .

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