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First of all thanx to Anuj for raising this topic.... Here is a great post which I got from a blog.... & this post is xactly correct... Plz read this whole article.... If U are a true Indian dont leave this article in between...


Let’s have a small retrospective session. Ok I won’t stress your memory. Let’s talk about just a day back in time. So what did you really do on India’s 59th Independence Day? Sat at home all day enjoying your holiday? Ok… made it for the function for the flag hoisting? Is it enough? Neways, even if you did that, I am glad. But I can bet most of you just, looked up to the flag in great pride may be for a few moments and then you were back onto your couch watching some latest pirated cd/dvd movie and enjoying the holiday. Your feelings need to extend from those few moments you looked up to the flag to your entire day, from this one day in the year to the entire year, and yes certainly for your lifetime. And remember you are not the first one to do this… Martyrs have lived, died and relived in our hearts being as true Indians. Just an Indian citizenship doesn’t really make you an Indian dear!

The very fact that you are reading these lines now, is that I have got you interested. Those who weren’t have left long behind. Well yesterday I just managed to write a few lines on reviving patriotism in India. I hope that it can motivate you enough to put these thoughts into your actions…

Here is goes –

India the land of the martyrs who have embraced the gallows for their ideals, where every drop in the freedom fighter’s blood has fought not for itself but for the nation, has today become indigent instead of indigenous of ‘patriotism’. Yes I am talking of India where patriotism needs to be revived and redefined.


We all probably remember patriotism when there is an Indo-Pak cricket match and when terrorists bomb our trains. But we definitely forget it when we cast our vote in the elections, when a week long hungry beggar asks for a rupee, when we shamelessly throw garbage on the roads and yet so many times more… Patriotism is observed as nothing else than the ‘pain on the prick of a pin’. It is rather believed to be a formality, a formality of saluting the national flag and 52 seconds of freezed stature during the national anthem. May be even a freezed heart with no gratitude for the martyrs because of whom we are living off so well.


The serenity and peace of the country is often challenged more by internal perturbances than by external aggression. The diversity in the cultures of its subjects unfortunately is the prominent cause for animosity between religious antagonists in India. There is so much difference that a common man belonging to one religion finds in another man of other religion though being the very same, an INDIAN. India has subjects following a number of religions which have their own organizations to spread the greatness of their religion that they have realized. Such organizations are very important in making a prosperous and patriotic India. As their aim is to pay heed to the needs of their followers. In this way every Indian will be benefited in some or the other way. It should be also important for these organizations to publicise patriotism as they find themselves amongst the biggest organizations in India. But sadly it never happens so. Religious antagonism apart, we still distance ourselves with each other with castism. While celebrating the 59th Independence day, India wants to forget castes and the differences caused by them. But probably the politicians do not want it to happen. Reservation for lower castes is one issue, where politicians have made every effort to pursue their own filthy political interests rather than trying to solve the issue.


What we cannot envisage is the communal disharmony and religious discrimination that infiltrates into the society defying all norms of humanity. This results to communal riots stupendously engineered by the so called religious patrons – the politicians. But one cannot blame the whole breed, as there exists a minority that puts in efforts to make a more socially stable India. While the majority tries to draw mileage from every loop hole in the society and engages itself in building heavens of comfort and luxury, constructed on the debris of human sanctity. For every soldier who sacrifices his life for the nation they echo only four words, “WE will fight back”. But in that ‘WE’ they are nowhere!


The common man of India is deemed to be a puppet in the hands of the politicians, but in reality he finds his own profit in every act provoked by them. And what gets lost in this ‘unethical symbiosis’ is again patriotism! While talking of India, one major class of people can be seldomely forgotten. It is the economically and thus as a result socially impotent and backward class. It is rightly said – An empty stomach cannot blow the seditious sound of the war bugle. Thus one cannot expect them to play an important role in reforming patriotism. This situation should be unraveled in course of time and not suddenly. What cannot be conquered should be endured. Patriotic emotions cannot be engendered in a windfall, they will have to be engraved on tender hearts that will remain placid in the storms of the enigmatic future. Our education policies thus need to be revalued and reformed. More national awareness and respect should be embedded into the scholastic curriculum. The paraphernalia could be nothing more than a sincere devotion for making a patriotic India.


Now let us consider what patriotism should be in true sense. Patriotism need not have a mass motive, it need not be national. Small things and actions persuaded with a notion of doing good to other countrymen is patriotism. Patriotism should be embibed by us to put into our day to day lives. As Elphinstone proposed‘Divide eta rule’, that is, the path towards conquering an empire is division. Thus we will have to give up the ignoble thinking that we have nurtured towards the society. That is the social divisions made by ourselves need to be abolished. Or it won’t take long for another British Empire to crack us down.


Not only being patriotic towards your country is patriotism but honoring our opponents’ patriotic feelings is also a facet of the diamond, patriotism. Patriots don’t talk about taking life but of giving life for their country. Patriotism is not all about attack, its about defense, its about counterattack. At last I feel, what cannot describe patriotism better than this is - patriotism is like a needle that joins and unites and not a scissor that cuts and divides.

SOURCE:-Aseem's Blog




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badiya bhai mast.............

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gud job..

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a must read article by every goiitian.............

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Thanx 2 all 3 of U...

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its very useful for students.

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excellent    information   its really  touched my heart

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