Some Do's and Don'ts For IIT JEE 2012

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Some Do's and Don'ts For IIT JEE 2012
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IIT JEE exam – a cherished dream of every aspirant -  is conducted every year by Top IITs. This entrance exam is considered as the toughest one as it requires a lot of dedication, self study and strategic self training. Some days before IIT JEE 2012, an aspirant should prepare a study plan with inclusion of weaker and stronger subjects both in a day. Attempt IIT model question papers as much as you can. Also include a fixed time for relaxation and sleeping in your time schedule. To alleviate from exam stress, you can do meditation daily. Besides, you can discuss about your exam preparation with your teachers, parents or even friends too.

Some Do's  For IIT JEE 2012

  • Prepare a feasible time schedule for study and follow it.
  • Prepare your own notes from superior quality books and try to make them user-friendly with headings, subheadings, summery notes, revision cards, flash cards and highlighting.
  • Find your own way to study for instance, do you like to study alone or group study? Are you more comfortable to study in early morning or late nights? So make your time table accordingly.
  • Allocate equal time to each subject in a day. So divide your time accordingly
  • Practice for IIT sample papers daily.
  • Think Positive
  • If you feel exam stress, never hesitate to talk with someone which is closer to you.
  • Eat Nutrient rich Diet only. You can include fruits, juices etc. in your diet.

Some Don'ts For IIT JEE 2012

  • Now, don't take any new notes/study materials from your friends.
  • Sit for long hours for study without taking any break for food or relaxation. If you do so, you will feel more tiredness and it will reduce your concentration.
  • Excessive use of Tea/coffee at night.
  • Study the whole night just one day before the exam.

At end, Well said quotes"The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible." All the best!!!!!!

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thanks 4 it....i definately go through it

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but the best thing is not to listen too much of advice & do a lot of self study.

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Thaks it helped me a lot

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