very easy trick:extend time limit for trial softwares

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12 Jul 2009 17:42:59 IST
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12 Jul 2009 17:42:59 IST
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very easy trick:extend time limit for trial softwares
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How would you like to be able to download software intended to be used on a free trial basis and use it indefinitely without cost never to expire? Well, there is a way you can take any free trial download and use it free for as long as you please.

System Mechanic 6 Pro 30 day free trial then 69.95
Get it Free forever Kaspersky Anti-Hacker
Get it Free with System Mechanic Pro
Smart Protector Pro 15 day free trial then 39.90

Get It Free forever All you have to do is set your clock to some date in the distant future using adjust/date/time in Windows, download your free trial software, run the program once and rollback your time setting to the current date. After you’ve run the program for the first time, the Windows registry will be loaded with a Free Trial Key reflecting an expiration date that you’ve predetermined, and your good to go. Another roundabout way to do this after a trial has already expired would be to bring up the Registry Editor in Windows, find the trial key and delete it. Then download the program again and start the free trial period over.

this is pretty easy to do, but if you’re using alot of free trials you may find it to be a hassle editing registers and downloading programs over again everytime one expires. Its much easier to simply adjust your date/time to 2009 or something, download your free trials, rollback to the current date and enjoy them for the next 3 years or so hassle free. By the way I’ve found that when doing this I’m still able to get the notifications when updated versions come along, and download them with no problem. The above screenshots are just 3 examples of the many programs that I’ve been doing this with for an extended time. If your the geek type, manipulating the dates in the registers will also work.

Do some experimenting and see what you can find, there are tons of possibilities, and this is something you can have alot of fun with.
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source:google search( keywords: extend time limit)

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Hot goIITian

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12 Jul 2009 19:02:00 IST
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ill try.....thanx

Blazing goIITian

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12 Jul 2009 20:28:15 IST
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thanks i had no idea..............already one trial in mine is expiring in 25days

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12 Jul 2009 21:15:22 IST
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no man dont try works only with some softwares....i tried it and one of my softwares stopped thing to extend the times liomit is get the cracks by googling....but dont forget to scan it with antivirus

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13 Jul 2009 09:50:04 IST
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Ya right,if only software developers were that dumb,they keep track of the internet time,not you PC's tie.Only some poorly designed softwares would fall for this.

Blazing goIITian

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13 Jul 2009 10:49:12 IST
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achin thanks i never tried it......................

Blazing goIITian

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14 Jul 2009 12:21:28 IST
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@ achin its not a virus why r u people afraid

Blazing goIITian

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14 Jul 2009 12:26:23 IST
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