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Cool goIITian

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4 Jun 2009 17:00:26 IST
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plz tel me.........which is preferable bits-goa or nit-rourkela?? (considering i get d same stream i
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plz tel me.........which is preferable bits-goa or nit-rourkela?? (considering i get d same stream in both)

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Cool goIITian

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4 Jun 2009 17:06:59 IST
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 reply plzz.................and quick

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4 Jun 2009 17:16:14 IST
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Cool goIITian

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4 Jun 2009 17:21:27 IST
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 er... dude i was hoping for sum1 much senior to me and huz not in dos 2 colleges to offence taken... i hope

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4 Jun 2009 17:29:24 IST
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Bits Goa , its better i guess.....
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4 Jun 2009 17:30:51 IST
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iit rourkela dudebecause it is great IITiit brand so join ther!!!!!!!!!!

Scorching goIITian

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4 Jun 2009 17:40:16 IST
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You should go to BITS goa because of 2 factors:

1.The BITS brand name is bigger than the NIT brand which means better placements and more oppurtunities.

2.The infrastructure is better @ Goa(In the NITs you have to share your room with 3-4 ppl while in Goa you will get a single room.)

3.The crowd will be better @ Goa as there are too many quotas in the NITS(SC\ST\OBC\STATE\WTF).So you will have a more competitive environment in Goa while in the NITs you might find someone who has scored 0 in AIEEE

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4 Jun 2009 17:55:32 IST
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hey are u the same drj who posted the same query in the BPGC community on orkut........

well read this from one of my friends Avinash.....who replied in the community


Dude...........I personally left NIT Trichy(EEE) for BPGC(EEE), one of my good friends (AIEEE AIR 344) is in Goa (EEE), another left NIT Bhopal halfway in the first year and joined as a second sem entry at our coll. N then if u visit top 3 NITs, u might find some people like us who have got same branches in both NIT n BPGC n have chosen NIT, but try finding someone like that at rourkela.........if u do ask him y he did that n what does he think now?? Actually that might even broaden our viewpoint...........yeah and another friend who left mech NIT Rourkela for Msc. Chem BPGC.
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4 Jun 2009 17:59:04 IST
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there is no iit-rourkela .....@gokusuper

Cool goIITian

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4 Jun 2009 20:12:46 IST
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 iit rourkela??????????? :-p

Cool goIITian

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4 Jun 2009 20:15:19 IST
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 i got dis scrap in orkut.................................

"boys in d BITS community may give u a million reasons y u must go for BITS goa.i am a passout of goa and let me tell u placements r not good at BITS goa. companies prefer BITS pilani and goa s second rated. n ther are so many other companies tat fall b/w pilani n goa and tat maked d difference. wat s ur rank in BITSAT??? if u can make it into pilani, ther s no questn abt it. if it s goa, rourke supercedes goa. ur bro is right!"

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