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current electricity
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in networks of resistances,sometimes symmetry of the circiut is used. what or how  exactly does it help us in simplifying the circuit? i always end up removing the wrong resistances.

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the funda is that if the network of resistances is symmetrical,then cut it into two along the axis of symmetry
if a resistance lies completely along the axis then remove it completely.
take half of the circuit,if a resistance(r) was cut into half,then take its resistance as r/2
now calculate the net resistance of half of this circuit(say R).for this,all the resistances emanating from one point are in parallel
net resistance of the circuit will be 2R 
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Consider the following equation
X2 + Y2 = 10; in this equation if we interchange the variables the equation does not change. In such case we call the equation is symmetrical with respect to x and y. 
Similarly if the currents assigned in the particular resistors are interchanged the circuit should not look different. Then we say that the circuit is symmetrical about those resistors. In such cases the current does not flow in some resistors or some joints can be disjoined, so that the circuit does not alter.

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