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how to use maximum time.. right now i m in class XI .. got 9.8 cgpa.. planning.. for iit.. have join
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how to use maximum time.. right now i m in class XI .. got 9.8 cgpa.. planning.. for iit.. have joine fiitjee.. how to plan my schedule to make a balance b/w shool curriculum & fiitjee clses

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 i hink that you are already doing hard work........also some tips for u.........

Managing Your TIme for Maximum Results

Time is a valuable resource every agent should learn to protect.

Since there are only so many hours in a day, getting maximum results from the time you have requires learning defensive time management techniques.

By examining and carefully evaluating your work styles and habits, then being willing to make needed changes, you can make sensible use of your time and achieve maximum results in business.


All it takes is hard work and a positive attitude!


Examination & Change


To help you develop good time management skills, examine these common time-wasters and their solutions.




Procrastination involves putting off important tasks you know must be done. It is perhaps the biggest time waster of all.


To avoid procrastinating, consider:


  • Establishing priorities and not letting anything interfere with the execution of vital tasks
  • Planning tasks the day before, and keeping a written, daily plan visible
  • Concentrating on the things you must do immediately, and leaving less important tasks for later
  • Doing things right the first time, and always finishing what you start
  • Diving in to your priorities with enthusiasm
  • Doing the most difficult, time-consuming tasks first
  • Writing out daily or weekly objectives, then checking tasks off as you accomplish them
  • Building your confidence level by developing your knowledge and skills
  • Disciplining yourself to do the difficult things—no matter how much you dislike them
  • Deciding which tasks are low priority, and sticking by your decision
  • Not trying to do everything perfectly


Failure to Delegate


Experts say you should never do anything that can be accomplished by others.


To delegate successfully, make sure you:


  • Assign responsibility and authority to others
  • Set deadlines—and do whatever it takes to meet them
  • Give others increased responsibility commensurate with their abilities
  • Provide thorough training and careful instruction to secure your desired end result




Delays are either the result of procrastination, or a failure to anticipate a situation.


To avoid them:


  • Establish a project follow-up schedule, and stick to it
  • Build delays into project schedules, and try not to let the unexpected bother you
  • Reduce frustration by communicating delays to others affected or involved




Crises erode your time by creating "fires" that must be extinguished.


To minimize crises:


  • Build time into your day for ??"fighting fires"
  • Think before you act to diminish the need for future fire fighting
  • Analyze crisis patterns to determine how you could handle things differently in the future
  • Do first things first, staying focused on tasks that produce the desired results


Telephone Interruptions


Consider the telephone your servant—not your master.


You can save a lot of time by:


  • Scheduling specific times for making and returning phone calls
  • Never allowing the telephone to interrupt important meetings or face-to-face conferences
  • Using a timing device to set time limits for calls
  • Making calls when you know the customer is available
  • Specifying on phone messages when you will be available
  • Hiring an assistant to handle phone calls and messages for you


Reading/Study Time


Although you can't read everything that comes across your desk, you should make an effort to keep up with new business methods and approaches.


To best balance your reading and study time:


  • Allocate specific times for reading and studying
  • Focus on motivational and relational materials that contribute to your business success
  • Learn to filter what you read by scanning materials quickly
  • Hire an assistant to sort mail into categories such as urgent, important and routine




Concentrate and focus when you entertain visitors. This allows you to return to work as quickly as possible.


To keep visits brief:

  • Schedule them by appointment whenever possible
  • Determine a dollar value for your time so you'll know how much you are "spending" on?? each visit
  • Limit socializing during business hours
  • Prepare adequately for each visit
  • Develop effective closing techniques




These activities must be kept under strict control to avoid wasting big chunks of time.


To limit time spent on correspondence and paperwork:


  • Schedule an hour or two each day to work on these activities
  • Use word processing software to handle all correspondence
  • Guard against preoccupation—a big time waster


Drive/Wait Time


Use drive and wait time to your advantage, as it can account for up to four hours of your day.


To use this time wisely:


  • Schedule breakfast and luncheon appointments
  • Learn to use your cell phone effectively, legally and safely
  • Set your watch 10 minutes fast, and give yourself extra time to get to your destination so you're always on time
  • Hire an assistant to confirm all appointments
  • Listen to inspirational or informative tapes while you're waiting


Learning & Growing


With the right attitude and the flexibility to change, you can effectively manage your time as you learn and grow in your business.


The result?


More time for what's truly important—with maximum results!

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