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what is charge?
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what is charge?

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Charge is that intrinsic property just as mass associated with a particle.. by the virtue of wich it atrracts or repulses another body of its own kind.. having charge....

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charge is a physical property of matter that causes it to experience a force when near other electrically charged matter.
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 More abstractly, a charge is any generator of a continuous symmetry of the physical system under study. When a physical system has a symmetry of some sort, Noether's theorem implies the existence of a conserved current. The thing that "flows" in the current is the "charge", the charge is the generator of the (local) symmetry group. This charge is sometimes called the Noether charge.

Thus, for example, the electric charge is the generator of the U(1) symmetry of electromagnetism. The conserved current is the electric current.
In the case of local, dynamical symmetries, associated with every charge is a gauge field; when quantized, the gauge field becomes a gauge boson. The charges of the theory "radiate" the gauge field. Thus, for example, the gauge field of electromagnetism is the electromagnetic field; and the gauge boson is the photon.
Sometimes, the word "charge" is used as a synonym for "generator" in referring to the generator of the symmetry. More precisely, when the symmetry group is a Lie group, then the charges are understood to correspond to the root system of the Lie group; the discreteness of the root system accounting for the quantization of the charge.
* Various charge quantum numbers have been introduced by theories of particle physics. These include the charges of the Standard Model:
* The color charge of quarks. The color charge generates the SU(3) color symmetry of quantum chromodynamics.
* The weak isospin quantum numbers of the electroweak interaction. It generates the SU(2) part of the electroweak SU(2) × U(1) symmetry.
* Weak isospin is a local symmetry, whose gauge bosons are the W and Z bosons.
* The electric charge for electromagnetic interactions.
Charges of approximate symmetries:
* The strong isospin charges. The symmetry groups is SU(2) flavor symmetry; the gauge bosons are the pions. The pions are not fundamental particles, and the symmetry is only approximate. It is a special case of flavor symmetry.
* Particle flavor charges, such as strangeness or charm. These generate the global SU(6) flavor symmetry of the fundamental particles; this symmetry is badly broken by the masses of the heavy quarks.
* Hypothetical charges of extensions to the Standard Model:
The magnetic charge, another charge in the theory of electromagnetism. Magnetic charges are not seen experimentally in laboratory experiments, but would be present for theories including magnetic monopoles.

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