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what is electric potential
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what is electric potential

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Electric potential is a parameter that determines the direction of flow of current (or +ve charge) in a conductor.
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the electric potential (a scalar quantity denoted by ?, ?E or V and also called the electric field potential or the electrostatic potential) at a point is equal to the electric potential energy (measured in joules) of a charged particle at that location divided by the charge (measured in coulombs) of the particle. The electric potential is independent of the test particle's charge - it is determined by the electric field alone. The electric potential can be calculated at a point in either a static (time-invariant) electric field or in a dynamic (varying with time) electric field at a specific time, and has the units of joules per coulomb, or volts.

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The work done in taking a unit positive charge from infinity to a point is cld electric potential

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