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18 Jun 2007 20:34:10 IST
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Solution Of HC Verma
Engineering Entrance , Medical Entrance , NEET , JEE Main , AIIMS , JEE Main & Advanced , Physics

Plz Tell Me Whether Solution Of HC Verma Is Available Or Not

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18 Jun 2007 22:50:46 IST
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bro,  mind my words
hcv is a masterpiece, and a silly solution book can only dishonour the brainchild of Mr. Verma
Never ask such questions wasting ur nickels 4 nothin

WORK HARDER SUMTIMES, Coz a solution bok is not a smarter option

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5 Aug 2008 10:34:51 IST
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hey try it urself....ur concepts will nt b cleared if u see the solutions widout trying first try urself...n there r nt much solutions available on the site mentioned above......nor is there any other site or solution work urself!!

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15 Feb 2009 20:59:52 IST
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Found good solutions for all chapters here :

HC Verma Solutions


I would also suggest that instead first of all try problem by yourself without looking at the solutions. Though solutions prove to me as real useful.


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16 Feb 2009 00:28:15 IST
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hello dear


HC verma solution is available in the market n also on NET.By solving HC verma alone u can make it to IIT easily in under top 100.....but solving HC VERMA,by seeing its solution u will simply hamper ur sucess in IITJEE.......HCV is useful when u solve it alone with out the help of someone but if u solve it thru the solution .........u cant make it to the IIT........bcz in the end u have to solve the question in the examination hall......there wont be anyone there to help wish is your........nudge me i will provide u the HC verma solution

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