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Why FeCl3 is acidic in aqueous solution?
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Why FeCl3 is acidic in aqueous solution?

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17 Feb 2009 09:33:18 IST
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FeCl3 will combine wid water to form Fe(OH)3 a weak base and HCl a strong its ph is less than 7..

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u r absolutely right acctually fecl3 will break like fe3+ and cl- and water as h+ and oh-and positive attract negative so it will combanine and form hcl and a weak base plz rate me

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 FeCl3 is the salt of weak base Fe(OH)3 with strong acid HCl ...

that is why it is acidic..

alternatively, when we put FeCL3 in aqueous solution, FeCl3 dissociates as

FeCL3 ------> Fe(3+)  +  3Cl(-1)

this Fe3+ combines with the OH- present in the water ( water also dissociates to a very small extent)

H2O  <-----> H(+)  +  OH (-)

Fe(3+)  +  3OH (-)  ------> Fe(OH)3  

Fe(OH)3 ppt is obtained... 

hence, in the aqueous solution, excess of H+ ions are present..

this makes the solution acidic..

hope it helps....

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whenever i am not sure, i just imagine the reactants with water added and imagine the products. if one product is a strong base, then the reactant is basic. same for acids. if the products are strong base+strong acid, then the reactant was a neutral salt. 

so NH4Br+h20 would give NH4OH +hbr (BASE) 

FeCl3+H20-->HCl +fe(oh)2 (ACID) 

KClO4+h20-->koh+hcl04 (the products are strong base and strong acid. that means the reactant is a neutral salt.)

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18 Jan 2014 07:49:39 IST
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Why FeCl3 is acidic in aqueous solution? actually dis happens due to charge density. even if fecl3 dissociates den also fe3+ will need a lot of negative charge frm otherwise touching h2o molecules which will release h+. it will have to. cl- due to large size unlike f- will not require too much of h+ ions and it will live amicably with just h2o. hence directly or indirectly h+ will float and oh- will b at service

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