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why is nitrogen less reactive at room temperature
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why is nitrogen less reactive at room temperature

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17 Jan 2009 20:13:39 IST
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as dinitrogen is doubly bonded...its bond diss. enthalpy is it is more stable...

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17 Jan 2009 20:44:07 IST
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Nitrogen occurs in diatomic state at room temperature...


Note that N2 has a triple bond (1 sigma & two pi bonds)... so to reach the atomic form u will have to break all 3 bonds which in turn wud account for very high bond dissociation enthalpy....this is the reason why it is relatively inert @ room temperature...


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17 Jan 2009 21:23:17 IST
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Because of triple bond present in nitrogen activation energies of its reactions are very high. As at room temperature the nitrogen does not contain that much activation energy, it remains inactive.

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