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22 Jan 2009 11:43:46 IST
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bsnl broadbandcontinuously getting disconnected
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I have got bsnl broadband connection a week back.
It has been continuously getting disconnected for every few minutes.

Though it shows that internet is connected in the windows task bar, no sites open after a few minutes of connecting the internet.
So, i understand that internet is disconnecting for every few minutes.

Whatever i do, i cannot reconnect the internet.
I have to restart my system to connect internet again.

i have set the hang before idle time to 'never'.
I have also set thunderbird to check for new emails every one minute.

I am using DNA-A211-I modem

I have contacted the BSNL exchange people.
They asked me to check for viruses.
I have checked the system and all hard drives, operating system with latest version of avast anti virus.
I didnt find any viruses.

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22 Jan 2009 11:50:22 IST
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same problem wit me dude...
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22 Jan 2009 11:50:23 IST
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 check your LAN card.,....ethernet connection


if not , write a complaint to bsnl office....they will replace ur modem.....


other way is check the point on ur pc/laptop where the router wire is connected.....it might be loose.....


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28 Feb 2009 20:21:34 IST
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Easy just kep a lokk on ur dsl cable light
if it disappears then call bsnl men and ask them to fix
theyll fix it in about 6 hrs                             ............................................Now go to

Fill in the following
now click on advanced setup
now in right colum click on 1st edit

now click 2 times next and then give ur username and password  and then click on next next
now click on save

now click on save/reboot and ur done

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