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Hey guys, there's a game named Rise of nation which is not running in my comp. Its saying that my graphic driver is not sufficient so I have to download the newer version of driver from the manufacturer's website.

Plese tell me how will I check who's the manufacturer and how do I install it?

Plese answer. Rates assured.

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hey guys. come on.

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  1. Click Start.

  2. Select Control Panel (or Settings and Control Panel). The Control Panel window opens.

  3. Double-click System. The System Properties window opens. If System is not listed, click Switch to Classic View in the left navigation bar and then double-click on System.

  4. Click the Hardware tab.

  5. Click Device Manager.

  6. Click on the + icon that appears in front of the Display adapters icon to expand this section.

  7. Select and double-click the display adapter with the Intel name. If more than one display adapter is listed, double-click the first one. The Properties window opens.

    Note: If Intel is not listed in the display adapter name, your computer may not have an Intel graphics driver or graphics controller installed.

  8. Select the Driver tab.

    On the driver tab, the version number is listed in the Driver Version field.


source - http://www.intel.com/support/graphics/intel915g/sb/CS-011363.htm#xp


P.S. If u have orginal XP , ur  driver will be of intelchipset family.....

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