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26 May 2009 17:52:01 IST
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Deflection Magnetometer : Moment & polestrength of magnet-Tan A and Tan B...........plz can any body
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Deflection Magnetometer : Moment & polestrength of magnet-Tan A and Tan B...........plz can any body elaborate and explin or give me main formulaes connected to these process.................URGENT

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26 May 2009 18:29:48 IST
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 Only one question at a time . In deflection magnetometer the magnet is kept in earths horizontal component of magnetic field (H). If M is magnetic moment of magnet and I is its moment of inertia (can be measured directly) then time period of its oscillation is given by

T = 2*pi*sqrt(I/(MH))
As we know H and I we can find out magnetic moment (M) of magnet by measuring time period of oscillation.

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27 May 2009 13:13:19 IST
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deflection magetometer is a device used 2 measure da Magnetic moment(M) of any 2 magnets u can also calculate da M of any unknown magnet it is some what like a scale but it is broad & long at da middle u have 2 place a compass(dont worry there will hole 2 place) & using 2 methods u can M of da magnet viz eqal distance method(d) & comparing with other magnet in TAN -A position da arms of magetometer r parallel 2 E-W direction in TAN-B position da arms r parallel 2 N-S direction magetic moment of a magnet is product of pole strength(m) & its length(2l) & pole strength is defined as strength with da pole pulls ohter substanceda formulae used r M=m.2l M1/M2=d1/d2 4 equal distance method

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7 Aug 2011 08:51:23 IST
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 plz send ful infom

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