AIEEE candidates give online test a miss


27 Apr 2012 10:18:00 IST , Times of India
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AIEEE candidates give online test a miss

Engineering Entrance , JEE Main

It seems city students are not yet ready to give a tech touch to their exams.

Examinees in Kolkata - which is one of the 22 centres in the country selected by CBSE for AIEEE - are giving online tests a miss. The board has arranged 1 lakh slots in the country where the examinees can appear for online tests.

However, to the board officials' surprise, 19000 and 5000 candidates will appear for the traditional pen and paper exam in Durgapur and Siliguri respectively - the only two centres in the state where the exams will be conducted offline. With most of these candidates are from Kolkata, the two district administration officials are busy arranging special transport for the April 29 test.

With Durgapur hotels having only 3000 rooms, the guardians are facing a tough time arranging proper accommodation for the students. Last year, 7500 students had appeared in Durgapur centre for the exam.

Transport minister Madan Mitra, though, has promised to run 50 additional buses to Durgapur from Kolkata between April 28 and April 30. The district administration officials, too, have promised increased frequency of intra-city buses. There are 24 sub-centres at Durgapur.

Back in Durgapur, Kolkata's Achintya Sen is a worried parent. A resident of Behala, he has reached Durgapur on Thursday to find a hotel room for his son and his friend. "I will put up at Barjora with a relative and leave early for the exam centre,'' he said. The reporting time, too, is a cause for concern. Told to reach the centre by 9am - half-an-hour before the exam starts - it makes almost impossible for students to reach the centres from other cities.

Meanwhile, CBSE officials in Delhi said they did not choose Kolkata as an offline centre merely due to technical reasons.

"We choose centres offline depending on the response. Kolkata might not have been selected due to the poor response,'' said Vineet Jain, chairman, CBSE. Interestingly, opting for the virtual tests could have offered students more time to prepare for the entrance exam. The online exams are slated to be completed between May 7 and May 26. Tata Consultancy Services will be the IT partner for CBSE for the online project.

CBSE had earlier clarified that both the online and offline versions of test will have same difficulty level. While the offline exam will be conducted just once on April 29, the online version will be held multiple times over four days in May. Both easy and difficult set of papers might be a fallout of the multiplicity of question papers, said a student.

In a circular, CBSE has clarified, "multiple sets of questions papers have been prepared for AIEEE-2012. Subject experts who have prepared the papers have certified that the entire syllabi of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry have been covered by dividing the syllabi of each subject into appropriate number of units and choosing equal number of questions from every unit."

Last year, approximately 34311 seats for BE/B Tech and 1070 seats for B Arch/B Planning in various institutions like National Institutes of Technology, IIITs, Deemed Universities, Technical Institutions, Delhi Technological University and other government funded institutions were offered through this examination.Is Gen-X not ready for online tests just yet? So it seems. The CBSE which conducts AIEEE had chosen 22 centres in the country - including Kolkata - and opened up 1 lakh slots whereby students appearing for the AIEEE exams this Sunday could appear for online tests. Top officials of the board told TOI they were expecting tech-savvy Kolkata to grab the offer. However, the response has left many baffled especially since the city is the only online test centre in Bengal.

There are now 19,000 candidates who will appear from Durgapur in the traditional exam (offline pen and paper exam), while another odd 5000 will appear from Siliguri - the only two centres in West Bengal where the exams will be conducted offline. Interestingly, most of these candidates are from Kolkata itself leading to the two district administrations to arrange for special transport for the day.

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