Fake JEE candidate racket busted


16 Apr 2012 12:23:09 IST , The Hindu
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Fake JEE candidate racket busted

Engineering Entrance , JEE Main

Six persons, who were allegedly involved in a racket that involved hired persons appearing for the State's Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) instead of the candidates, who were taking the examination, were arrested here by the police on Sunday. Two others were detained for impersonating examination candidates later.

According to the city police, Sadananda Burman is the main accused in the case. He hired others to take the examination on behalf of the original candidates.

‘Specific inputs'

“Acting on specific inputs that few rackets have been operating in the city, who are recruiting intelligent youths from other States as dummy candidates in the JEE and charging between Rs.1-5 lakh per candidate, raids were conducted in which Mr. Burman was arrested from his office in the Lenin Sarani area,” a senior police official said. .

After interrogating Mr. Burman, the police arrested the others, suspected to be residents of Bihar, who came to city on Saturday for appearing in the exams on behalf of the original candidates, he said.

“The rate for providing dummy candidates varied according to the demand of the students,” he said adding that the payments were in excess of Rs.1 lakh.

Details of how the scam operated were withheld as the police are still conducting investigations. He hinted that the police have information of more such rackets operating in the city and further raids are being conducted.

Meanwhile officials of the West Bengal Joint Entrance Examinations Board said that the results of the exam are expected to be out by May 15.

“The examination has been conducted very well. In all the centres it was conducted peacefully,” Bhaskar Gupta, chairman of the Board said.

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