Mysore lags in IIT-JEE coaching


20 Oct 2011 10:57:17 IST , The Times Of India
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Mysore lags in IIT-JEE coaching

Engineering Entrance , JEE Main

The number of students taking the Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination from Mysore is increasing gradually. As the majority of colleges don't conduct special training classes to crack the test, students struggle for proper guidance. Also, there are very few coaching centres in Mysore.
Shankar Prasad, head of a noted coaching centre here, said students lack awareness about the test. "Eight years ago, only 45 students joined our centre but for the past two years, 120 students have enrolled," he said.

Mathematics lecturer and head of another tutorial Sanjay M S says, "Our centre was conducting training classes for IIT-JEE but the centre stopped classes two years ago because every year only around 5-7 students joined." Interestingly, this year, the trend changed and more than 15 students came to this centre.

To create awareness about IIT, every college and coaching centre should organize a free career guidance programme every year at the beginning of the academic year, Sanjay said.
Learners Pre-University College, a new institution which started this year, conducts coaching classes for its pilot batch, college coordinator Mahadevswamy M D said. The college is training six students interested in taking the exam. "Recently, 10 students of other colleges requested us to conduct training classes," he said.

Ashok Kumar C K, principal, Sharda Vilas PU College, said the college is training students for the CET. "Colleges can organize special classes for the IIT test if the number of aspirants increases in every college; classes cannot be conducted only for a few aspirants since it requires expert teaching faculties," he said.

A chemistry lecturer attached to a private college told TOI on condition of anonymity that many students don't take up IIT entrance exams as coaching centres charge around Rs 30,000 to Rs 40,000 per year for training. "Not everyone can afford that kind money,' he said.

Manoj Chandra, a second PU student undergoing coaching for the past four years, says PUC exams are very crucial. If colleges conduct coaching classes for IIT entrance exams, students who travel to tutorials far from respective residences can save a lot of time. He said some of his friends moved to Bangalore after Class 10 because there are very few coaching centres in Mysore.

H S Subramanyam, retired Physics lecturer and currently a tutor in a coaching centre says India is famous for IIT graduates as they are in top positions in many multinational companies but only a few enlightened parents encourage their children to take up the entrance exam.

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