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dsp2 hybridisation
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what is dsp2 hybridisation.Please explain with an example

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 In dsp 2 hybridization, one d-orbital [which is d(x 2–y2)] is involved in hybridization with one sandtwo p-orbital. This leads to the square planar geometry.

Few compounds undergoing this hybridization are [Ni (CN)4] 2– and [PtCl4]2-.

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dsp2 hybridisation is a type of hybridisation in which one d orbital, one s orbital and two p orbitals undergo combination to form four degenerate orbitals... there empty orbitals undergo overlapping with the filled  orbitals of the ligand to form complex... ex.. [Cu(NH3)4]SO4 i.e cuprammonium suplhate..... here in the complex ion "[Cu(NH3)4]+2 " the central metal atom Cu+2 undergoes dsp2 hybridisation... to form four degenrate orbitals n those overlap with the orbitals of ligand NH3 to form a complex compound.... geometry of the complexes having dsp2 hybridisation is SQUARE PLANAR....

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