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Entropy change of system and surrounding
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how do u find the of system and surrounding? and also total entropy change of Universe?

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3 Apr 2009 13:37:38 IST
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the total entropy change of the universe is equal to the sum of the entropy change for the system plus the entropy change for the surrounding.

Every Spontaneous reaction is associated with an INCREASE IN THE ENTROPY OF THE UNIVERSE...

to find the entropy of the system at a constant temperature...use

for finding delta Ssurrounding , we have to consider the heat absorbed by the surroundings which is equal to .

At temperature T,the entropy change of the surroundings is

(at constant pressure)

Adding the two, the Entropy change for the universe can be found.


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3 Apr 2009 14:07:00 IST
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hey...a bit of mistake here....the above was for reversible reac...for irrversibe reac the temperature of system and surrounding will be diff and hence the reac would lead to increase in entropy of the whole case of rev reac delta S univ = 0...Hope it Helps...

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