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a copper sphere is suspened in an evacuatd chamber at 300K. the sphere is maintained at 900 k by heating electrically. a total of 300w is needed to do dis. wen haf of d surface of copper is completely blackened to make dis portion completely absorbtive 600 w is needed to maintain same temp of sphere. the emissivity of copper is





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energy radiated is initially u1=e(sigma)AT^4....A is area of the sphere and sigma is a constant....A1=4(pi)R^2....u1=300w.....wen half of the sphere is blackened energy radiated is u2=(1)(sigma)(A/2)T^4+e(sigma)(A/2)T^4...the emissivity of the half part that is darkened is 1 and the other half is e......divide the two equations and get the value of e
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 Initially both the halves were radiatting 150W each (300/2)

On blackening one side, the other side will keep on iradiating 150W while blackened part will iradiate 450W (600-150).

So the emmisivity of copper = 150/450 = 1/3

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