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experts help requiredi have objective RD Sharma but the problem is that its very old 1999 edition. S
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experts help requiredi have objective RD Sharma but the problem is that its very old 1999 edition. Should i buy ML Khanna or not ?what should i do any suggestion?please dont tell me to buy the book for some minor changes .

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18 Nov 2010 23:49:04 IST
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Old editions are not bad.,....but the problem is that...few more new questions are being introduced ... and also pattern has been changed ...


new Jee-Pattern is far different from the old one...that was in 1999.....

So i will prefer you to buy a good and new edition of an objective mathematics


~ You can buy M.L.Khanna ...its a good book no doubt...require lots of practice and have it and buy it per ur wish


~ next is a book from my can prefer Objective Mathematics by Amit M.Agrawal Arihant Edition....this is also a good book containing lots of question ...from previous year JEE and other exams...including many exercises and solved problem ....


So it will help you to let u in touch with different type of questions and pattern


Hope i have solved your querry



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