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good i too think the same
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fake story......u did not mentioned the year of him cracking iit u think Bansal , fiitjee is mad to take classes4 2 years if this was possible then v would see 4 month jee training program...........iit is not crap to be done in 3 months many stories on this site....friends dont believe these stories......if u have worked sincerly 4 2 yrs then only give iit jee otherwise give aieee or ur regional examsITS TOOOOOOOO LATE 2 STUDY 4 IIT.......@ jay give me his roll no in IITb My friends in IITB will verify if he is REAL or just ILLUSION....
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No NEED 4 visit to just go to wikipedia@ student helper dont advertise any site goiit was the best is the best and will be the best
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This is the result of quota system
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@karthikeyanit is possible yes......................................but 5000000 yrs later!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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IIT are 150th in the list!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!thanks for the quota systemcongratz 4 quota system
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Friend plz Don't do such silly spelling mistake
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India AS per Survey
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gud wrk
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Cosmic collision that killed dinos gave birth to apples?

Decoding Of Apple Genome Suggests Comet Strike 65M Years Ago Forced Plant To Evolve For Survival

Jonathan Leake

The apple may have evolved as a direct result of the comet impact thought to have wiped out dinosaurs 65m years ago, scientists have found.

The bizarre theory emerged from the first analysis of the apple genome, which is published this weekend. The study shows that about 65m years ago, the plant that would eventually give rise to the apple tree underwent a massive and rapid genetic change, in which many of its genes were duplicated. The extra genes let the apple adapt to tougher conditions, potentially allowing it
to develop bigger, more robust fruit and become a tree rather than a shrub. The discovery may resolve long-standing mystery among scientists over why the apple tree is so different from strawberry and raspberry plants which, despite appearances, are among its closest relatives.
Sue Gardiner, a scientist at Plant & Food Research, a New Zealand research centre that helped carry out the study, said, “Around fifty to sixty-five million years ago, the apple ancestor separated from its cousins on the evolutionary pathway. By duplicating almost all of its genome, apples are now very different from related plants.
“The timeframe for this change coincides with similar events in other plants,
such as poplar trees, and mass extinctions of some species, including the dinosaurs. This suggests that a major environmental event forced certain species, including (the) apple, to evolve for survival.”

The researchers worked out the sequence of the 600m base pairs of DNA that make up the apple genome. The term genome describes the structure and sequence of an organism’s DNA and genes. One aim of the research was to understand which genes control factors such as juiciness and flavour and potentially enhance them through genetic engineering or breeding.

Roger Hellens, of Plant &
Food Research, said, “Now that we have the sequence of the apple genome, we will be able to identify the genes which control the characters that our sensory scientists have identified as most desired by consumers.”

The apple genome analysis has also confirmed the identity of the apple’s oldest surviving ancestor — malus sieversii, found in the mountains of southern Kazakhstan. The apple is just one of the organisms whose genetic sequences have recently been published. Last week saw publication of the genomes of wheat and two species of ant. SUNDAY TIMES, LONDON


BOLT FROM THE BLUE: The timeframe for genetic change in apple tree coincides with mass extinctions of the dinosaurs


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What Kashmir Wants

Healing the state means reducing security presence and delivering genuine democracy

This has been a summer of discontent for the Kashmir valley. The death of the 17-year-old Tufail Mattoo, fatally hit by a teargas shell, and the drowning of two young women in Shopian became rallying grounds against an insensitive state apparatus. The home minister has acknowledged that the nature and intensity of the current agitation are different from the past. This is the first acknowledgement of the ground realities by the government of India.
Over the past 60 years, India has adopted an ostrichlike approach denying acceptance of the truth that, emotionally, Kashmir was rarely with it. Commencing with Sheikh Abdullah’s arrest in 1953, the systematic “management” of successive elections, the heavy presence of the Indian army, the absence of real development and the lacklustre performance of Kashmiri politicians present an amalgam that lies at the heart of the disturbances today.
But perceptions outside Kashmir often belie the truth. While the flawed development paradigm largely implied food and grain subsidies, the rest of India thinks that it is a pampered state, treated with kid gloves because of its geographical and emotional proximity to Pakistan. Article 370 guarantees Kashmiris special privileges. Over decades they received subsidies, their lands have been unjustifiably protected under the Constitution prohibiting the rest of India to buy land or invest in parts of Jammu & Kashmir. They can never be allowed a plebiscite for their loyalty is suspect. It is generally accepted that they harbour terrorists who attack India, and were actively involved in pushing the Pandits out of their homes to become refugees in their own country. Therefore, it is time for the government to get its act together and clean up the Valley. To many, being Kashmiri means being anti-India.
Over the past six decades, no government has sensitised India to the unique situation of Kashmir. There is no sensitisation to affirmative action and no dissemination of information that, if there is Article 370
in Kashmir, there is also Article 371-A for Nagaland, 371-B for Assam, 371-C for Manipur, 371-D for Andhra Pradesh, 371-F for Sikkim, 371-G for Mizoram, 371-H for Arunachal Pradesh and 371-I for Goa. All these Articles grant special rights and privileges to these states depending on their culture, society and history. But society has not been adequately sensitised, with the result that now governments are
concerned that any special package offered to Kashmir will be perceived as weakness and, therefore, have a political fallout.
But the fallout is now before us. The central and state governments are scampering for solutions. Curfew, the last resort for any good administration, is for the past two months a way of life. In this holy month of Ramadan when people fast and pray, fasting students are confronting the Indian military. There are no medicines for the old, no milk for babies, no food for the ordinary person. Mothers deliver babies at home, there is no emergency aid for the critically ill, no business and work for the daily artisan, the weaver, the ordinary Indian Kashmiri, no birthday celebrations, no weddings. There is no politically effective party left in Kashmir
and each party is perceived as opportunist.
My students tell me that a major of the army has greater powers than the chief minister who flies off to New Delhi to get clearances. The home office in Delhi dictates the civil administration in Kashmir. These may be perceptions but they must be corrected. The government, however, is doing little to create an atmosphere conducive for peace talks.
So, what is required to rebuild peace in this land of Sufis, mystics, farmers and rabaab players? What is the deeper meaning behind the cry for azadi? Does the Kashmiri really expect azadi? Does any right-thinking person actually wish to associate with a failed state like Pakistan? Or is it that in the garb of this exaggerated cry, the Kashmiri actually wishes to use it as a bargaining chip to extract the maximum autonomy that the government of India can concede, perhaps go close to the Agreement of 1952 signed with Sheikh Abdullah? He is keen for restoration of normalcy and true democracy but will not let this movement die till he gains major concessions. He seeks freedom of expression, freedom of the press and freedom from the awesome presence of the army and its pickets. He does not wish the next generation to grow up under the shadow of the gun. This is his azadi.
It is, therefore, incumbent on the governments in New Delhi and the state to create an atmosphere conducive to talks. This arguably will not be easy. It will involve the withdrawal of the armed forces either back to their barracks or to borders. It will certainly mean the revocation of the dreaded Armed Forces Special Powers Act. It will mean release of political prisoners – despite the risk this entails – and it will mean a reluctant chief minister stepping out from the protected walls of his residence to face the anger of the young and old for acts of omission and commission over the past two months. All this requires courage and conviction. Should this happen, we may hope for talks to resume. Should it not, this summer of discontent will be a bitter winter of despair.
The writer is vice-chancellor, Jamia Millia Islamia, Delhi.


Curfew in Srinagar: Barbed wire won't bring normalcy
source TOI

In a recent survey conducted by TOI it had come to know that about 90% of kashmir people wanted to be a part of India and wanted the Govt. Of India to restore peace back in Kashmir.


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yaarwhen u post any article 1st thing search wether that article exists on goiit.comsum1 had last week psted the same article!!!!!
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of coursebut best placement is 4 IIM MBA
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Logx = sinx find the value of x
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wat the hell do u think sardars r fool?do u know that through the pc which u ha accessed the net 2 post joke on sardars is with u bcoz of a sardar Dr. Manmohan singhhe was the 1 without him our country wud have collapsed 50 years agoif then pm had not appointed as economical dept head 2 make policies 2 save INDIAwe had 2 import even the foodgrains wich our citizens ateso mind ur tounge next timetip nxt time use santa bantaram shyam dont specify any community 4 GOD's sakelet INDIA be United i cant understand how can u post something about an INDIAN citizens shame on u bast*rdif u want 2 continue that to an INDIAN citizen u have no rite 2 live in INDIAread 2 states by chetan bhagat
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i m sorry if the previous article hurted any1


i) Students found copying will be shot on the spot.

ii) Any student coming late after 10 minutes after the exam starts will be forced to join Al Qayeda group .

iii) AK 47's and Grenades are not allowed in the exam hall. Students may keep their daggers, revolvers and pack of anthrax bombs only for self defense.

iv) Exam Time : 3 hours

v) Maximum Marks : 100

vi) All questions are compulsory.


1) Abdul was sent to jail for murder. He has 7 wives in his house. Abdul distributed money to his wives in such a proportion that the youngest and most recent wife receives maximum and oldest wife gets minimum, and each wife gets double of her former competitor. Abdul has 1700 Rupaye left in his house. Abdul's oldest wife needs atleast 25 rupaye per month. Find out the time when Abdul will have to break jail to come out and earn money so that his wives do not starve.

2) Karim is a drug seller. Prices per gram of marijuana, hasis, heroine and LHD are 50, 60, 70, 80 Rupaye respectively. Karim offers a discount of Rupaye 20 for his buyers who buy more than 50 grams of drug. If Rahim, a buyer gets Rupaye 7 discount per gram, find out the grams of LHD he bought.

3) Imran tampers the ball thrice per over. He deforms the ball .02% of its original shape each time. Find the percentage deformation of the ball due to tampering in a one day series match against India in which Imran bowled 9.4 overs.

4) Mohammed has a Company named Al Al Kidnapping & Murder Private Limited. He has to threat 10 people per day over Telephone. 40% of the people he threats are cinema stars in Mumbai, 30% are businessman in Delhi, 20% are cricket players in Madras and 10% are shopkeepers in Calcutta . If ISD charges are Rupaye 15, 25, 40, 50 per minute from Mohammed's city Islamabad to Bombay, Delhi, Calcutta and Madras respectively and he gets a Telephone bill of 10,230 Rupaya in a month, find out the number of cinema stars in Mumbai, threatened in that particular month.

5) A terrorist group has to provide one Ak 47, one Ak 49, one Rocket Launcher, 50 Grenades and one pack of RDX to its Rugroots after training. One Ak 47 costs 100$; one Ak 49 costs 150 $, a Bazuka rocket Launcher costs 50 $, a grenade is for 3 $ per piece, a pack of RDX Bomb attached with remote Control is 500 $. The terrorist group admits 2000 new people every year out of which 30 % are lost or shunted out while training. Find the amt. of Foreign Money Pakistan Govt. has to provide each year to run such a group.

6) If stability of a democratic Govt. in Pakistan is given by the following equation X exp3 + X exp2 -16 = i ; Find out X.

7) Probability of a Pakistani Prime Minister to be shot is 78 %. Probability of a Military General to be shot is 42%. Find the joint probability of a Prime Minister to be shot who is also a Military General.

8 ) Find out geometrically the area of Paktunistaan using PI Theorem with Osama BIn Ladens Correction

(That is taking the value of PI = 700 instead of 3.14.... .), if Paktunistaan is taken as a heptagon.

9) A 'GHAURI' controlled missile tries to fly from Drass to Kargil which is not too far from Drass (say 100 miles) and is exactly to the East of Drass . The wind is blowing from the South and the speed of the wind is exactly equal to the speed of the missile. The controller decides to steer straight to Kargil all the time during the flight. Will the missile ever reach Kargil? What if the speed of the wind is k times the speed of the missile, where k is a positive number (can be greater or less than 1)? Try to sketch the trajectory of the missile (with respect to the ground, of course) in each of the three cases:

k=1, k1 and k<1.

10) Briefly discuss the Unsolved problem of "Bisection of a Triangle" with a Compass and an unmarked ruler if the triangle is named as KASHMIR
source net
plz dont take it personally


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study 4 iit nd dont ask silly Qns again
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This Post 0 points    (Olaaa!! Perrrfect answer.   in 0 votes )   [?] asking any thing on goiit plz search for the thread if it is already available
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