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Note : This is just a compilation of Tips and Strategies . Final results always depends upon the effort you keep in preparing for the exam

BITSAT score is the main and only criteria for attaining admission in the Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani. Intelligent studying is the key to getting good scores. Read on to find out more.

* It is essential to cover only the prescribed syllabus. More the time you spend on studying outside the syllabus, the more time you may be wasting on questions that might not even be included in the final BITSAT

* Since the test is computer based, you should have at least a working knowledge of the same

* It is a good idea to start by revising your 11th and 12th standard NCERT syllabus for mathematics, physics and chemistry

* For additional preparation you can also rely on numerous reference books easily available in the market. Stick to the ones recommended by other students who have already studied from them

* Reference books should provide you with a wide variety of multiply choice questions, covering the entire syllabus

* Don’t rush into taking mock BITSAT’s. You should cover the entire syllabus once and practice from reference books at least 2-3 times before attempting the preparation test for BITSAT

* You should be thorough with basic concepts and formulaes

* You are not allowed to use a calculator for solving mathematical questions. It is, thus, important to brush up on your calculation skills

* Study from a good quality study material for the reasoning section of BITSAT. Try to devote a specific amount of time to the preparation of this section daily, as you might not have studied reasoning in your 11th or 12th standard

* At the time of the exam, start with the section you are most confident about

* As there is a negative marking of 1 marks for every incorrect answer, try to avoid wild guessing. However, a calculated guess will not do too much harm. Remove the option which is least likely to be correct. Guessing from 3 options would obviously reduce the risk factor a great deal

* Time management can help you succeed in BITSAT. Allocate a specific time to every section and try to complete the section within that time frame

* Don’t get stuck at one question. If you are getting confused and are unable to find the right answer, skip the question







As you are required to solve 150 questions in 180 minutes, the difficulty of questions is kept low & they are framed so as to be solved quickly. Speed and accuracy both hold important. I suggest you to be at ease, relax, keep confident and work at your natural speed. A conscious effort to increase speed may lead to a poor accuracy. Also, DON’T KEEP YOUR EYES FIXED ON THE WATCH, it will only create panic.

About the questions

Books Suggested: NCERTs

As far as individual subjects are concerned – in PCM, the questions are mostly straight forward and directly formula based. All you have to take into consideration is you should never start attempting a question blindly, go for it only if you are sure that you can do that particular question  (the same rule that holds validity for your JEE too). For English there is no short cut. At most, you can cover it up by scoring in other sections. In chemistry, either you’ll directly know the answer, or the question seems to have been dropped from an alien world (especially with inorganic). This might happen if questions are framed from old Chemistry NCERT as the BITSAT question bank hasn’t changed much with the change in CBSE syllabi (at least not in 2008). I believe you should not panic seeing such questions because if they are out-of-syllabi for you, it’s the same for others as well, so it’s not just you who can’t answer such questions.

Still if you want to know if such questions have been removed or not, try the following:

  • Checking up syllabus of Chemistry on BITS website & matching it with the two NCERTs (2006-07 & 2007-08).
  • Consulting friends who have already appeared for their BITSAT.

Oh yes, do remember to go through Stereochemistry from old NCERT.

Preparing for the exam

Don’t take a date too early or too late. If you take it too early, you tend to get panicky that you are short of time for revision, and if it goes far too late, you acquire a feeling of frustration. Now this is what I’ve observed generally, you should choose according to your potentials and habits.

Try to make most of the decisions at home. Decide exactly in which order you will attempt the four sections. If you have practiced a full practice test you will be in a better position to decide the order (my order was Physics–>Mathematics—>English–>LR–>Chemistry; and I chose this order because I was most confident in physics, out of the 4, so decide that way).

When you solve the paper don’t make wild guesses. Answer only those questions about which you are sure. And the questions which leave you in little doubt, mark them for review and move ahead. Don’t linger over such questions.

Bonus questions

Let me come to Bonus Questions now. Should one opt for them? You can’t decide this beforehand. There are some conditions which you should analyze while you are giving the exam. After your first ‘non-wild-guesses’ session of attempting is over, quickly answer all those questions which you have marked for review and you think can be answered. After that, count the number of questions still left unmarked. Now you have to analyze three things together:

  • Time.
  • Negative marking you may get on incorrectly answering the unattempted questions.
  • The marks you think you will definitely get out of those twelve questions in the given time.

Go for bonus questions only if you have less unanswered questions. My suggestion for time is [18 + (no. of Questions unmarked/3)] minutes.

Quick Tips

  • “Paper is going to be very easy” - don’t carry this mindset. Though true it leads to a poor performance.
  • Do not loose your temper an don’t panic when you fall behind time.
  • Do practice one or more full length papers.
  • Prefer morning time for exam.

At the end, believe me, luck plays a very crucial role and it may affect your score by 10%. Rest, keep it cool, and have FAITH IN YOURSELF.

Best of Luck.


How to Prepare

The popular saying ‘well begun is half done’ goes well for doing any other task and taking BITSAT exam is not an exception to this. Here are few ground rules that will help you in preparing for BITSAT exams.

  • Stick to the syllabus.
  • Find quality books and study materials that provide you with sufficient number of multiple choice questions in variety.
  • When buying an objective type book, keep in mind that it covers the entire syllabus and contains variety of questions at various difficulty levels.
  • You can take help of your seniors and subject matter experts to find good books on every subject.
  • Practice questions 3 to 4 times from a good book before taking BITSAT test, this will enhance your memory recall and formulae and logical application skills.
  • If necessary find a subject matter expert to help you in preparation.
  • Its’ wonderful combination if you are appearing for board exams in the year of BITSAT. Your board exam preparation will help you in preparing for BITSAT.
  • The objective type questions that you will answer in BITSAT test requires applications of formulae, and involves logic that you have learnt up to 11th and 12th standard.

The Reasoning Section

The BITSAT syllabus is same as the syllabus for class 11th and 12th standard examination. You may not have learnt Logical Reasoning at 11th or 12th standard but you don’t need to worry about that. The questions for this section are designed in such a way that a 12th standard student, with some efforts can crack it. Reading a good book in Reasoning (Verbal + Non Verbal) will help you in solving BITSAT Reasoning section. The level of questions in English section will also be in accordance with the standard of English that you have learnt at school level.



Hi people thispost is 2 prevent the students from puttin wrong preference order for bits please forward this to as many people as possible so that you can save the bright future of the upcoming engineers. ....this info is according to the general trend followed in bits and i m not against or for any discipline.....

1 .B.E (Hons) Computer science...or 2.B.E(Hons) EEE( depends on ur interest for students who are more interested in electricals they should prefer it because coz it has one of the best faculty in asia and for students who want a better placement should prefer comp sci because they get better pay than anyother branch in bits)

3.M.Sc(Tech) Information Systems(students who are more interested to enjoy life but still get a better pay than most other engineering degrees should prefer this.But students have to consider that this is not an engineering degree its just a substiute for comp sci without an engineering degree with very good placements)

3.B.E(Hons) Electrical& instrumentation (Has great scope in higher studies has only few courses differnt frm EEE)

3.B.E(Hons) Mechanical (100% placements easy course interesting also....and now a days da placemnts rock )

6.M.Sc(Hons) Economics And the reason i rate eco above other M.Sc.degrees coz itz easy and u can increase ur cgpa and secondly itz helpful for ppl intersted in management courses...Thirdly u have many finance companies coming to the campus and selecting students irrespective of their ENGINEERING degree

7.M.Sc(Hons) Mathematics (if u want a comp sci dual)

7. M.Sc(Hons) Physics(if u want a EEE/EIE/MECH dual and also physics is really intersting)

7.M.Sc(Hons) Chemistry(For any dual)

7.B.E(Hons) Chemical(Now a days placements are very good...and if the trend continues...probably Chemical engineering avg will be higher than Computer Science engineering)

8.B.E(Hons) Civil Biological Sciences

13.M.Sc(Tech) Finance

Other degrees follow




On popular demand here are the subjectwise cutoffs for Bitsat 2008.Note that this was the first batch for Hyderabad campus and the cutoffs are bound to increase

Degree programme at Pilani Campus

Cut-off BITSAT-2008 score

B.E.(Hons.): Chemical


B.E.(Hons.): Civil


B.E.(Hons.): Electrical & Electronics


B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical




B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science


B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation


M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences


M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry


M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics


M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics


M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics


M.Sc.(Tech.): General Studies


M.Sc.(Tech.): Engineering Technology


M.Sc.(Tech.): Finance


M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems



Degree programme at Goa Campus

cut-off BITSAT-2008 score

B.E.(Hons.): Chemical


B.E.(Hons.): Electrical and Electronics


B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical


B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science


B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Instrumentation


M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences


M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry


M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics


M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics


M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics


M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems



Degree programme at Hyderabad Campus

cut-off BITSAT-2008 score

B.E.(Hons.): Chemical


B.E.(Hons.): Civil


B.E.(Hons.): Electrical and Electronics


B.E.(Hons.): Mechanical


B.E.(Hons.): Computer Science


B.E.(Hons.): Electronics & Communication




M.Sc.(Hons.): Biological Sciences


M.Sc.(Hons.): Chemistry


M.Sc.(Hons.): Economics


M.Sc.(Hons.): Mathematics


M.Sc.(Hons.): Physics


M.Sc.(Tech.): Information Systems





There are many students who think that Chemistry is not related to Physics and Mathematics and should be removed from engineering entrance and such people do not prepare chemistry spend all their time in Maths and Physics and at the end lose their precious rank because of chemistry.Many topics in Physical Chemistry are problem oriented and are similar to Maths and Physics...But some times they may require you to remember some concept or some equation....

So this is how you must quantify your Engineering Entrance examination

1.    Maths - To Test your speed

2.    Physics - To test your Analytical thinking

3.    Chemistry - To test your Memory

4.    English - To test your Communication skills

5.    Logical Reasoning - To test your reasoning skills based on logical thinking

Few things to keep in mind while preparing for Bitsat Chemistry...If you follow them you will surely get a good score in Bitsat

1.    Prepare only from the syllabus given in the brochure.(Click here for the Bitsat syllabus)

2.    Most of the time students try to read the same topic from different books and wont be able to complete the syllabus.Prepare from one of the good books like Arrihant etc for problems but for theory preparing from NCERT books will help you score more.In short study from your NCERT text books.

3.    Remember that chemistry is the part in any competitive exam where you spend the least time and can score maximum marks if you prepare properly.

4.    Spend atleast 1 hour everyday from now on to study new topics in Chemistry(I have given a list of new topics below).

5.    Bitsat Chemistry has lots of memory based questions and it is a must to by heart them.The good thing about memory based questions is that you dont spend a lot of time in solving them.

6.    Here are few new and important topics in Bitsat Chemistry which are different from your normal preparation for other exams and can expect direct memory based questions

·         Petroleum: Composition and refining, uses of petrochemicals.

·         Carbohydrates: Classification; Monosaccharides; Structures of pentoses and hexoses; Anomeric carbon; Mutarotation; Simple chemical reactions of glucose, Disaccharides: reducing and non-reducing sugars – sucrose, maltose and lactose; Polysaccharides: elementary idea of structures of starch and cellulose.

·         Proteins: Amino acids; Peptide bond; Polypeptides; Primary structure of proteins; Simple idea of secondary , tertiary and quarternary structures of proteins; Denaturation of proteins and enzymes.

·         Nucleic Acids: Types of nucleic acids; Primary building blocks of nucleic acids (chemical composition of DNA & RNA); Primary structure of DNA and its double helix; Replication; Transcription and protein synthesis; Genetic code.

·         Lipids, Hormones, Vitamins: Classification, structure, functions in biosystems.

·         Polymers: Classification of polymers; General methods of polymerization; Molecular mass of polymers; Biopolymers and biodegradable polymers; Free radical, cationic and anionic addition polymerizations; Copolymerization: Natural rubber; Vulcanization of rubber; Synthetic rubbers. Condensation polymers.

·         Pollution: Environmental pollutants; soil, water and air pollution; Chemical reactions in atmosphere; Smog; Major atmospheric pollutants; Acid rain; Ozone and its reactions; Depletion of ozone layer and its effects; Industrial air pollution; Green house effect and global warming; Green Chemistry.

·         Chemicals in medicine, health-care and food: Analgesics, Tranquilizers, antiseptics, disinfectants, anti-microbials, anti-fertility drugs, antihistamines, antibiotics, antacids; Cosmetics: Creams, perfumes, talcum powder, deodorants; Preservatives, artificial sweetening agents, antioxidants, and edible colours.

·         Other Industrial Chemicals: Dyes: Classification with examples – Indigo, methyl orange, aniline yellow, alizarin, malachite green; Advanced materials: Carbon fibers, ceramics, micro alloys; Detergents; Insect repellents, pheromones, sex attractants; Rocket Propellants.

Also you must be good with your experimental chemistry i.e. the your Chemistry laboratory experiements.

Remember the more the time you spend in preparing for Chemistry the better your final score.Chemistry is the place where you can save time in the exam which can be used effectively in Maths and Physics.




As far as I know there are two kinds of students who are sincerely preparing for all the competitive examinations.First type who are very confident of getting qualified into all the good colleges like IIT's,BITS,NIT's etc and the second type who are hoping to get into to atleast one of these colleges.Majority of the first type is high on confidence and the second type very low on confidence.They some time even think of wasting an extra year(which is pointless) just to get into some good college.For the second type the pressure to perform from your family and friends is very high and you ultimately give up.

This post is for the second type.With some knowledge about Bitsat you can get a decent degree in one of the campuses of BITS.

Our aim as such is to get a score above 300.Previous year cutoffs have shown that the cutoffs for dual degrees in all the three campuses is around 270.(Please read the post about dual degrees before reading this article

To score 300+ here are few tips to be followed

1.    Prepare only from the BITSAT syllabus as given in the brochure.

2.    Try to revise all the topics you are good at.By revision I mean you should by heart all the basic formulae and basic problems.

3.    Try to spend atleast one hour everyday from now on Chemistry reading new topics which you haven't studied till now.

4.    Make a list of all the chemical reactions in chemistry which you feel are important especially Organic Chemistry.

5.    Mathematics needs a lot practice.Compared to Physics and Chemistry it is more mechanical than logical i.e. you don't need to use your brain...only your time in solving the it is important to have good speed in solving the problems.

6.    Our aim at the end is to get above 300....for that you need to attempt 100 questions correctly.Considering the negative marks you may should attempt atleast 120 questions.

7.    A common strategy is to attempt 20 questions in English and logical reasoning...35 in Chemistry...35 in Maths and 30 in physics.....

8.    Always start your paper with English and logical reasoning followed by chemistry then Maths then Physics....This commonly applied strategy is very effective.

9.    Dont spend more than 1 min on any question in the first 2 hours.....Keep your clock aside and leave any question after a maximum time of one minute.

10.  And dont be pressurised....spend some time on working with a mouse at home...practise as many online tests as possible.

All the best :)



Bitsat is different from other entrance examinations like IIT JEE,AIEEE,EAMCET etc in many ways,the extra 12 questions being one of them.Every student writing Bitsat will be in a dillema whether to go for the extra 12 questions or should he just leave them and stay away from risk.Different people who have given a shot at Bitsat for the past 4 years have given different theories about these extra 12 questions.Some say it is the easiest part of the part while some say they took an unnecessary risk and stuck up with a lower Bitsat score.

So what is the funda of these extra 12 questions.Here is my complete explanation about the "EXTRA 12"

This is what is given in the brochure about the extra 12 - "If a candidate answers all the 150 questions (without skipping any question), the candidate will have an option of attempting 12 (twelve) extra questions, if there is still time left. These extra questions will be from Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics only; four questions from each part. Further, once the candidate has opted for extra questions, he cannot go back for correction of any of the earlier answered 150 questions." 

·         No you are not given any extra time to answer these questions

·         Yes, you need to attempt all 150 questions...You cannot leave any question blank

·         No you cannot go back any change any of your answers

·         Only Maths,Physics,Chemistry

So when to attempt the extra 12 questions:

·         You have atleast 20 minutes left.

·         You are sure about atleast 135 sure I mean you have given a shot at the questions and by some technique or method or on the basis of your memory you have confidently attempted 135 questions

·         You believe that you are lucky most of the time in guessing the correct answers(I am talking about the 15 questions you have to guess to complete 150)

·         There arent any method/formula based lenghty problems left in the I am talking specially about Maths...say you have a lenghty problem from dont just guess it...if you have time you solve it and only then think of these extra questions.

·         If there are any memory based questions which you cant solve you can guess them and go for the extra 12.

·         This extra 12 questions according to BITS should be bit tuffer....On the other hand almost every Bitsian who has got a score of 350+( very good chance of getting a Computer Science or EEE degree) claim to have attempted these extra 12 questions and found them to be quite easy.

P.S:I have been very busy with my assignments,tests,projects and hell amount of academic stuff apart from the cricket matches,the movies,the oscars,outing with friends and loads of other stuff and for this reason I could not update the blog regularly.Till the mid of March I have a tight schedule and would not be able to update the blog regularly.Inspite of this tight schedule I will try my best to reply to your doubts within 24 hours :)


 What makes you think BITS, Pilani is a not-so-good-college? I qualified in IITJEE 2005 Main Examination and went to IIT, Kharagpur for counselling. I was getting B.Arch, B.Design in KGP, Roorkee and Guwahati. I AM NOT JOINING SOME STUPID COURSE JUST TO GET AN 'IITian' tag, WHEN I HAVE BEEN SELECTED FOR MY DREAM COURSE IN THE MOST WONDERFUL INSTITUTE - BITS, PILANI. AND I DON'T GIVE A DAMN TO REPEATING IITJEE. You have got admission to BITS, Pilani. Man! consider yourself as fortunate any IITian. BITS, Pilani=IIT Kanpur=IIT Delhi=IIT Bombay>IIT Madras=IIT Kgp>>IIT Guwahati>IIT Roorkee. Don't make the worst mistake of your life by leaving Pilani. I have a friend who got 76 AIR in IITJEE and scored 400 in BITSAT, another friend got 205 AIR in IITJEE but scored 360 in BITSAT. I scored 337 and got 4058 AIR in IITJEE. Another friend got 289 in BITSAT and 4300 AIR in IITJEE See the huge ratio between rank diif. and marks diff. in IITJEE and BITSAT? Thats because there are 7 IITs+BHU+ISM(4600 GE seats) and 2 BITS - Goa+Pilani(1400 seats). BITS, Pilani can take on any IIT head to head. People dont dare to go to BITS Pilani for three reasons:
1) BITS is a private institute, IITs are overflowing with Government funds
2) Till last year, only the board toppers could dream of BITS. Hence the image of BITS as a destination eroded from the minds of the students with XII Board marks below 96% (norm.)
3) 3200 students got into the 7 IITs while only 800 got into BITS till 2004.(So getting into IIT was 3 times more probable than getting into BITS).
Heard of Sabeer Bhatia, CEO Hotmail; Vivek Paul, Wipro...all BITSIANs to the core. Finally a really mouthstopper for all IITian Brags - a remrkable number of professors, lecturers and administrators of IIT, even the DIRECTOR of IIT, Delhi - Prof. Kothari - are alumni of BITS, Pilani. WE, BITSIANS MOULD IITIANS!! Why go to the distributaries when you can drink from the river?!




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