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Familiar with Academic Area


The most noticeable feature of the academic area, the huge Multi-Storey Building (MS) is the backbone of the academic system of the institute. It houses the Basic Sciences and Humanities departments apart from the famous Seminar Hall, Convocation(Dogra Hall) and the Examination Hall(All on the ground floor) While the first two are the venues for most of the cultural and social events in the college, the latter is place where students give most of their minors/ majors (that's what the exams in IIT D are called).
It is sometimes also used for studying during the semester when the Reading Room(first floor of the library) is full. The MS also houses the director's office, the senate room and the Deans' 'den'where various deans (of UG academics/ of PG academics/ of students etc.) have their offices on the 2nd floor.
Above these offices is the physics department on the 3rd and 4th floors which is well equipped with various labs and lecture halls, the chemistry department on the 5th and 6th floors, and finally the Humanities and Social Sciences Department on the top. Above that is the all famous and 'out-of-bounds' instti-roof (which you might be aware of from Chetan Bhagat's Five Point Someone), and I–d rather not talk about it!
The MS building is built such that it has a tunnel like central base with one door each on either side. This Tunnel is the famous Wind Tunnel( popularly known as Wind-T). And yes, you will find people hanging out there 24x7, because. the wind never stops blowing here!!(The design of the building being responsible for that) It is also the favorite place for meetings of the various clubs of the institute.
While one side of the Wind-T opens directly into the Ex-Hall, the other side has the main entry to the MS, and right there you have the Seminar and also the entry to the Computer Services Centre (CSC). C-uh-sk (as it is pronounced) is the major common facility providing high speed internet access, as well some specialized software services.
The MS merges into the Mathematics Department building (MZ) which also houses the UG/PG section and a Student Counseling Service. The MZ is connected to the Library Building which is a 3-storey residence for almost all the engineering/ humanities/ sciences books and journals you'll find. The ground floor also has a reading room, which is quite often more preferred over Ex-hall coz of the AC and silence in there. Also, right outside the reading room is a Nescafe outlet, bringing respite to students with its Frappe/ iced tea in the hot summers and hot coffee/ tea in the chilling winters.
Further connected to the MS(at right angle to the library connection)is a group of six inter-connected lengthwise parallel blocks I-VI. These house almost all the engineering departments of the institute like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Applied Mechanics etc.and also most of the lecture halls of the institute.
Huge green lawns separate these blocks. Out of these blocks, block 2 is the biggest spanning almost the entire insti area lengthwise(extending right from the Bharti school till the JEE office) Just outside the blocks is the SCOOPS (Students Cooperative Society) shop which has photocopy, printing, STD facilities and a stationary shop.
Coming back to the other side of the main road, we have the mechanical department's central workshop where students are exposed to blacksmithy, foundry etc. and also the Textile department. Right behind these there's the Holistic Food Centre (HFC) which offers low-cost simple home-made food for students and staff along with fresh fruits, juices, shakes along with some other stuff like biscuits, namkeens etc.
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