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How many of you like exams ? please raise your hands, up, high and nicely, well  as far my eye’s reaches to every corner, the answer is- NO, NO,  no, no one. Engineering entrance exams are very stressful and it will remain part of student life. If you are a student  , then exam is matter of concern. The power of Meditation is such a tool which help to calm your mind and build confidence.

Meditation is commonly associated with monks & mystics, but power of meditation is been realized by everyone and everyone is adopting this practice especially by students which helps them to  remove obstructive, negative & wondering thoughts of fantasies and help them to  calm the mind by creating deep sense of focus & improves concentration on studies, improves memory to memorize all subjects , clears the mind of debris & prepare them for high quality of work and activity.IIT JEE Entrance

The core advantage of meditation helps to relax the mind so that student can attain more knowledge  and it will become easier for the student to learn more study material for preparation. It is a effective tool that helps to improve the stress ,improves attention of a student and better to fight against stress.

The most easy & effective techniques of meditation which can be easily adopted by students which helps them to reduce stress , they can easily grasp it without taking time within few minutes.

The powerful antidote to stress is natural relaxation of body which can be done help of deep breathing, visualization, yoga & meditatioon helps to activate whole achieve relaxation,one has to sit upright with straight spin ,placing your feet flat on floor,palms turned upward. Inhale sharply, it will be double breathing short & long . tense whole body until n unless it vibrate. hold your breath& forcibly exhale through mouth, well it will be double exhalation short & long. In this way it will help you to throw tension off.

Breath inhale & exhale slowly by counting to six to eight times, repart this excercise many times if possible and slowly and gradually. Finish this practice by inhaling, holding & exhaling deep breath . this practice is called measuring breathing excercise.

Hong-sau technique of meditation , it’s a simple breathing technique never try to control your breath, let it flow in normal manner in & out and do not try to hold it. In begining our body will be in a physical manner of awareness and you will feel your chest & diaphragm expand & contract but sooner or later you will realise it flows through nostrils calmly . in this your  eyes must be closed  and your concenteration will be in middle of forehead  in between of eyebrows, you wil realise this fact, the flow of breath is between the spritual eye of forhead. Donot allow the movement of eyes otherwise the concenteration will be disturbed. Finish this practice through nose by exhaling thrice from the mouth.

Progressive muscle relaxation technique  is most effectively n widely accepted strategy to get way from the stress. Just take few minutes to relax by making yourself comfortable in loose fitted clothing. Try to inhale & exhale deep breaths slowly n gradually. Shift your attention to right foot by making muscles tense and tightly sqeezing it & try to hold for few counts and after that try to relax the muscles. You will feel your foot will become loose & limp. Same procedure is repeated for left foot.

Memorizing subjects is very difficult for every student and they eventually falls into boring method of reading books and retaining them. So fresh mind of learning is required , meditation is only way to improve studies and score good marks, - an average student  can turn into bright future of nation .

The bottom line is never try shortcut road to conquer the exams , mediation is best way to  improve your positive energy , brings clarity in thought along with creativity level which helps to visualize things in right perspective & silence inside helps in contemplation , it helps you to plan your studies and simultaneously it will boost your confidence which will become your ultimate weapon to fight exam stress.

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