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Positive thinking can do miracle even at last moment,  But Y at last moment,  Y not since begining .

Exam time – panic in heart, whether i can do it or not ? question haunts . It’s nothing , but panic , a feeling of pressure comes out , that i’m not still prepared.Here are effective methods which helps you a lot , how to prepare for exams in most refined way, without being  scared and give best short in real time scenario.

Always think positively since begining  while you are preparing  for engineering entrance or any other exam , which will come out unscathed from grueling in the  examination. When u put 100% efforts into something with firm determination , surely you will be getting  zoombastic  results . Never under estimate  the power of positivity – it’s  a inner flame  which resides in you all time, try to look  on it  and energize yourself , and focus on it as worshiper .

Proper sleep  and rest  is necessary for brain. Brain has power to handle immense information, but overloading on anything will get collaspe to handle .

There must be proper planning  to study, avoid all ilk of confusions. Clear up the mess, schedule the studies, don’t try to dwell to much on a single questions , otherwise, it takes lott of time which gets wasted ultimately and  there are might be chances of getting bored from studies  or a particular subject. Always study intelligently rather than deliigently. It’s better to go for mock test online and skip those which are more time consuming .

Four steps to achieve  success in exam , they are  - Plan purposefully. Prepare prayerfully. Proceed positively. Pursue persistently.

Follow this surely you will shoot from stars and finally land on moon.

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