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The IIT K director recently disclosed that the new entrance system will give 50% weightage to the new entrance test score( essentially, a test which will  be JEE+aptitud equestions+GK(?)) and 50% weightage to the board percentiles. However, a lot of you might be confused as to how it will work

As CBSE is the most popular board around, I ll analyse the impact of the new scheme on CBSE aspirants.

Analysing percentile vs percentage charts from a recently conducted CBSE exam(, we get the following conversions(rounded off):

97.xx % = 100 percentile = 50/50
95% = 97.2 percentile       = 48.6/50
90% = 92 percentile         = 46/50
88% =90 percentile          = 45/50
85% =87 percentile           = 43.5/50
80% = 82 percentile         = 41/50

As serious IIT aspirants, you ought to get at least 80 in the boards. Although there are quite afew students with board scores less than 80%  at IIT, it was a case of negligence(maybe smart-thinking) on their part as board scores didnt matter during our time. However, once you know that board scores will affect your selection, you will take them seriously and all candidates who feel they can crack JEE should easily get 85-90 in CBSE(trust me) if they put in the minimum effort required. So I wont mention the other conversions here.

Now I'll use the IIT JEE 2010 results( in the next part of my analysis. 

From the above link,
Rank 1  -418/ 489           =  42.7/50
Rank 501 - 304/ 489       =  31.1/50
Rank 1001- 283/489       =  28.9/50
Rank 2001- 259/489       =  26.5/50
Rank 3001- 243/489       =  24.8/50
Rank 4001- 231/489       =  23.6/50
Rank 5001- 220/489       =  22.5/50
Rank 6001- 212/489       =  21.7/50
Rank 7001- 205/489       =  21/50
Rank 8001- 198/489       =  20.2/50
Rank 9001- 193/489       =  19.7/50
Using Extrapolation, we get the foll. figures.(The foll  distribution might be different)
Rank 12001-180/489      =   18.4/50
Rank  15001 -171/489     =    17.5/50

What does all this mumbo-jumbo mean:

The percentile distribution for board marks is almost linear. You gain .5/100 points for scoring 1% more in the boards. However, for each 1000 ranks you get more than 1/100 points in the top 5000 rank region(the old IITs cutoff). So JEE is going to play a more decisive role than the boards, but a 94-95% makes life much easier. Work hard to get at least 88%(90 percentile) in the boards and give your best for JEE. Guys shaping up for a top 500 rank can afford to get around 85%(don't sue me for this ;) ), but the rest need to be in excess of 90% to have a fair chance. Note that the percentile vs percentage distribution will change if people focus more on the boards. So don't take the boards lightly and try to build an advantage before JEE.

Another fall-out of the new pattern might be a virtual state quota. As the top x% students of each state will be at the same level, states like Rajasthan, Delhi  & AP, which produce most of the IITians will be at a slight disadvantage as far as the board percentiles are concerned. Even the CBSE & ICSE boards which tend to have brighter students than the state boards might be a curse for their students. 

As far as student-stress levels are concerned, they are bound to shoot up. Earlier, one would just focus on JEE, knowing that they had back-up in the form of AIEEE, BITSAT & state exams. One didn't need to care about the boring board exams and just needed to ensure that they got more than the qualifying score. Now, one has to work for the boards and prepare for a be all to end all exam.  One bad day and you are in deep trouble. God knows what Sibbal is trying to achieve. 

All the best guys. 

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4th year, BTech, IIT Madras I also have a masters in getting into trouble and a phd in getting out of it :)
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