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In view of the Centre proposing Indian Science Engineering Eligibility Test (Iseet) for admissions to prestigious IITs, NITs, IIITs and other centrally-funded technical institutions, Mr M.V.S. Satyanarayana, a senior IIT-JEE trainer said, “Different states have different Boards to conduct 10+2 exams. The syllabus is different. The evaluation of answer scripts and marking system are also different. It will be unfair to give 40 per cent weightage for 10+2 marks in Iseet scores that will determine admission to prestigious IITs and NITs, without bringing a common national syllabus.”

“Let the Centre first create a level-playing field by bringing a national common syllabus at 10+2 level. Then it can think of giving 40 per cent weightage for 10+2 marks,” he says. Even IITians are strongly opposing Iseet saying that it will lower the standards of IITs, which have been criticised of late for not living up to the high standards expected of them. The timing has also been criticised. “Any changes should be applicable to fresh batch of students. We are already preparing to face the IIT-JEE and AIEEE in 2013. How can we change our mode of preparation at this juncture?” asked M. Aishwarya, an Inter second year student.

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