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Ankur Gupta OnlineIntegrate Yourself With The Latest Happenings?.
AIEEE 2008

UPDATE:Check AIEEE 2008 application status here

Check out BITSAT 2008 and DCE/NSIT CEE 2008 details.

Forms for AIEEE 2008 will be available between 30th November 2007 to 5th January 2008 at various Syndicate Bank branches across India.The forms can be submitted online within the same dates as mentioned. Last date for receipt of completed application forms is 10th January 2008. Admit Cards will be dispatched between 10th March 2008 to 31st March 2008.

The timings of examination are as follows:

Paper 1 : 27-04-2008 : 0930-1230 hrs

Paper 2: 27-04-2008 : 1400-1700 hrs

The AIEEE 2008 Result will be declared on or before 7th June 2008.

For more details download the AIEEE notice here.

View the addresses of different Syndicate Bank branches across India here.

The exam date for All India Engineering Entrance Examination had been announced quite a few months ago which happens to be 27th April 2008.

All of you will be busy preparing for the paper but one of the most important things to keep in mind is the syllabus of AIEEE 2008 examination as changes in syllabus are introduced every year.For your convenience I am uploading the syllabus to my site taken from CBSE website which you can download for your reference.

Syllabus for AIEEE 2008 - Physics

Syllabus for AIEEE 2008 - Chemistry

Syllabus for AIEEE 2008 - Maths

Not long ago I had written a post titled ?Tips to crack engineering exams? which contains 10 golden tips which will help you in cracking any engineering entrance exam.Do go through it if you have spare time.

Also I will post the AIEEE 2008 solutions after the exam and the expected AIEEE 2008 cutoff as I had done last year for AIEEE 2007.

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Written by Ankur Gupta

November 3rd, 2007 at 5:15 am
Posted in AIEEE, Entrance Exams

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325 Responses to 'AIEEE 2008'
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Hi Ankur

Could you PLZ arrange the cut off marks of
4}Jaypee Noida
in AIEEE 2007.

19 Nov 07 at 11:55 am
HI Ankur,

can u please update me when and where are the forms for AIEEE 2008 avaliable.


19 Nov 07 at 11:51 pm
How to get online AIEEE form?

20 Nov 07 at 7:19 am
Dude dont worry about the cutoffs at the moment?
Prepare for the paper well and then ask such questions?
The forms for AIEEE 2008 are not available at the moment. I will post on the blog when they are..
Wait till AIEEE announces a date and then you will get the form on their official website
Ankur Gupta

20 Nov 07 at 7:53 am
The AIEEE 2008 form availability date has been announced by CBSE?The post has been updated?Check the post for details.
Ankur Gupta

22 Nov 07 at 1:17 pm

24 Nov 07 at 5:17 am
HI Ankur,

can u please update me when and where are the forms for AIEEE 2008 avaliable.



25 Nov 07 at 1:18 am
HI Ankur,

can u please update me when and where are the forms for UPSEAT 2008 avaliable.



25 Nov 07 at 1:27 am
You are welcome
AIEEE 2008 forms will be available from 30th November 2007?Please check the post again?I have included all th details..
About the UPSEAT 2008 forms I will tell you when I get the info?
Keep yourself subscribed the comments to get the updates?
Ankur Gupta

25 Nov 07 at 5:02 am
nice work dude?..

25 Nov 07 at 11:34 am
Hey hi
can v give state pets of othr states too?
like i belong to mp
so can i give pb cet and mh cet?
is thr sum domicile problem?

25 Nov 07 at 11:42 am
Thats a good question.
If these papers are held at All India level then you can surely give them but you will have less quota than state people.
If they are not held at All India level then they take other students through AIEEE.
I will search around and update the reply and correct myself if wrong.
Ankur Gupta

26 Nov 07 at 2:31 am
My nephew had attend thiis year appear exam of 12TH Science from Mumbai. He desired to appear in AIEEE exam for Engineering of 2008 from Mumbai only. Please give me Exam center in Mumbai and forms available date. So he will collect form and deposite before expired of date. How many papers for the same.

26 Nov 07 at 4:52 am
This site is really very helpful?
good work

26 Nov 07 at 6:48 am
Forms will be available from 30th November 2007 at various syndicate bank branches?buy one and send it before 10th January 2008.
The exam centre will be mentioned on the admit card sent by the CBSE.
Ankur Gupta

26 Nov 07 at 7:31 am
this wesite is a nice info hub?

26 Nov 07 at 1:02 pm
i got compartment in 12 th . now i want to give AIEEE 2008 . can i get admission in AIEEE college ( NIT).

26 Nov 07 at 10:24 pm
plzz tell me hw 2 submit AIEEE ?s form online

27 Nov 07 at 1:43 am
Thnks for the information and downloads

27 Nov 07 at 4:23 pm
hi ankur
can u tell me new price of aieee form
Ankit Gupta

27 Nov 07 at 8:33 pm
oh wow! this is the best way to interact with people and solve der problems!!!
gud going???best da?..

28 Nov 07 at 9:56 am
Hi Ankur

Could you PLZ arrange cutt off marks of
1)nirma univ of tecnology
2)iit hydrabad
3)iit allahabad
4)dhiru bhai ambani collage
from aieee result

28 Nov 07 at 11:06 am
Hey ankur can u plz tell me which website should i log on to fill the forms online ??

28 Nov 07 at 1:07 pm
ankur pl. say me the price of aieee forms?

28 Nov 07 at 6:05 pm
If you have got the minimum required marks required for AIEEE in your board exams then you can sit for AIEEE exam.Contact CBSE office for clarification.
@Deepika,Siddesh and Anupam
The date for form availability is still 2 days away.The online application will be available on by that time.So keep checking that site for it.
@Ankit Gupta
I don?t know the price of AIEEE 2008 brochure but in 2007 it was available for about 250-300 bucks.It will be around that price this year too.
There are no definite cutoff marks in AIEEE as marks vary according to paper?s difficulty and other parameters.There is a cutoff rank for colleges.I would appreciate if you leave those things at this time and prepare for the paper.
@Ravi Verma,Nitish,Parul
Thanks for you kind comments!
Ankur Gupta

28 Nov 07 at 6:07 pm
hi ankur, thanks for providing this information. anupam; jnv chang lang

28 Nov 07 at 7:37 pm
Thanx a lot ankur

28 Nov 07 at 7:39 pm
please send me all the statebank centre (in mumbai) where forms are avaialable.

29 Nov 07 at 9:18 am
Hello! Ankur
Could u pl. yell me from where could I get Info Brochure of AIEEE 2008 on the net

29 Nov 07 at 9:35 am
Thanks for information about all exams.

29 Nov 07 at 9:48 am

29 Nov 07 at 12:37 pm
this is the best info centre for competitive exams

29 Nov 07 at 1:26 pm
Hi Ankur ! can you plz tell me that NITs are better or DAIICT.Plz also tell me the expected cut off for IIIT Hyderabad.Thanx a lot.

29 Nov 07 at 4:42 pm
het.. howz vit and ln mittal ????? are the institutes good?.???

29 Nov 07 at 8:57 pm
i belong to wb?. can u please tell me when will the forms b released???? from where can i get them and what are its examination centers???? i live in surat?.. donno any thing bout it?? please help?..

29 Nov 07 at 9:03 pm
Thax Ankur for AIEEE updates!
Can you plz Hive us some Info. about BITSAT 08

30 Nov 07 at 10:56 am
The top 3-4 NITs are definitely better than DAIICT.
IIIT Hyderabad has a cutoff around 1400-2000.
Mittal Institute is a very good institute?But same is not the case with VIT..
The AIEEE forms have been released today.You can check AIEEE website or my post for more information on where to get the forms.The online form will be released soon on their website.
I will make a post on BITSAT 2008 when its admission details are announced which are expected around mid-december.
Ankur Gupta

30 Nov 07 at 11:59 am
thanx a lot for the kind information.

30 Nov 07 at 1:48 pm
Can u please tell me when will the forms of CET be released???

And,what?s the last date of collecting AIEEE forms from the branches of Syndicate bank??????
Indrani Roy

1 Dec 07 at 12:18 pm
hi!! nice work Ankur..
takn drop this year?JEE Rank was 2317..didnt gav eee or any other exams might b cz of ignorance or over confidence of better jee rank..but dun waana repeat blundders of last year?want some help?tell me some good exams beside eee n jee,ofcourse, which i must go aftr

lukin forward for reply.

1 Dec 07 at 7:58 pm
Hey this time aieee wud be of 540 marks again as it was in 2006
So hw many marks wud fetch me a decent branch in dce/nsit/pec?
i mean arnd 380 sumthin?
hw waz it in 2006?

2 Dec 07 at 2:02 pm
Hi ankur ! can you plz tell me what are the maximum marks for aieee 2008 ?thanx.

2 Dec 07 at 3:48 pm
hello ankur
this is my first visit to your site hope u ll clear my problem

plz do inform me when n where to apply for BITSAT-08
and Jaypee University of Information Technology,Waghanat,Solan

thnk u

2 Dec 07 at 7:55 pm
@Indrani Roy
I think you are talking about WB CEE right?
I have no idea keep checking the newspapers daily and also once in a while ask shopkeepers who keep entrance forms about it.
I have already said before marks are relative each year so you cannot say how many marks can get you what rank without seeing the paper.
Last year cutoffs dipped due to easy paper.
I donot have any info regarding this at the moment.AIEEE pattern changes every year.I will tell you after I get to know.
It doesnt matter whether you visit it for first time or 100th time.I answer queries if they have not been asked before and also genuine.
Getting back to your query..Information regarding BITSAT 2008 will be out soon and I will make a post when it comes out.BISTAT registration is online only and paper is held at BITSAT centre on computers which you must be knowing.
Jaypee Institute forms have to filled to be elligible for counseling for admission to Jaypee Noida which is held independently by the institute but is based on AIEEE merit.Keep checking the site as I will post its details also when available.For Jaypee Solan and Guna there is a separate exam called JET has be cleared to get admission to it.Admissions to Biotechnology branch in Jaypee Noida also also based on this exam
Ankur Gupta

2 Dec 07 at 9:20 pm
Hi am frm jhansi . . . . .CBSE has no autherised center here. . .but many book shops r selling the eee forms ,i doubt the genuineness of these forms . . . wat should i do . . should i ask by post or by frm here . . . .

3 Dec 07 at 12:14 am
hi ankur
pls can u tell me little bit abt amity university for engineering and its placements n its reputation and also some good colleges in delhi thru which i can into it by AIEEE 2008 ?. and their placements too??..i would also like to noe abt the colleges like hindustan college of science and technology n their ranking n placements?.
thanks waiting for ur reply !!!!!!!
shweta singh

3 Dec 07 at 3:35 pm
hi ankur,

i?ve given the +2 CBSE board this year from samastipur , bihar.
i want to know that after filling up the form for aieee 2008 from bihar ,can i give my first choice of centre for examination at bangalore?
reply soon. its urgent.

3 Dec 07 at 3:49 pm
hi ankur

plzz can u tell me abt jaypee insitute for engineering in electronics noida ??abt the campus placements n its reputation n wat is de cut off required to get in it?.
waiting for ur kind reply!!!!!!!!!

3 Dec 07 at 4:21 pm
hey ankur

cud u plzzzz tell me which is a better college between amity school of engineering noida and Jaypee institute of technology noida

waiting 4 ya reply
shweta singh

3 Dec 07 at 6:46 pm
heylo???.i wanna ask u abt d banks? mum its in colaba?dats all!!!

3 Dec 07 at 7:19 pm
@Hemant Kumar
99% the forms that they are selling are genuine.They would be selling at a rate higher than the official rate of Rs.300 so as to make some profit but I haven?t seen or heard anyone selling fake forms.
@Shweta Singh
Amity University got UGC recognition this year ie. 2007.Its reputation is engineering has not been good as its cutoff rank has been pretty high.Placements are not many,but all this might change due to its getting recognition.I would say aim for better colleges.There is no comparison between Amity and Jaypee institute with latter being much better.
@achint kumar
Yes I don?t think that there is any problem with that.
Jaypee Noida is among the good colleges of India.Its cutoff last year for IT branch was around 28k or so and is dipping every year.Placements is quite good.
Apart from colaba there are branches in backbay reclamation and malabar hill according to the list released by CBSE.Also if these branches are far you can get the form from any book shop which stocks them and get it at a marginal higher price.
Ankur Gupta

3 Dec 07 at 8:56 pm
Thnx a ?LOT????.for the above information it?s really helpful keep doing such thngs??.it?s really nice of u?..

3 Dec 07 at 10:08 pm
where in mumbai r aieee 2008 forms available

3 Dec 07 at 10:33 pm
hi thanks for direct & clear info
can u plz inform me when & where AIEEE forms are available in delhi & sonepat.
which are best colleges in DU for B.A.Eng(Hons)?.plz arrange rankwise
Gurneet Kaur

3 Dec 07 at 11:44 pm
hi ankur could u please tell frm where i get the aieee form in bikaner

4 Dec 07 at 9:15 am
hi ankur

cud u pls explain me the term ?28k? plsss?.wat did u mean by tht?????????
shweta singh

4 Dec 07 at 10:05 am

4 Dec 07 at 11:36 am
1k means 1000, so 28k = 28000

4 Dec 07 at 11:52 am
thank a lot ishwar
shweta singh

4 Dec 07 at 12:44 pm
hey ankur
i wud like to ask u one more thing
pls tell me list of some good colleges in delhi in which i can get in thru AIEEE
shweta singh

4 Dec 07 at 12:45 pm

cud u pls tell me wat is funda of urs to calculate the cut off
i mean m not able to understand it wat is 250+ air 1000 n all so pls can u tell me????

4 Dec 07 at 12:56 pm
HI Ankur,

can u please update me when and where are the forms for AIEEE 2008 avaliable.


Deepa Panwar
Deepa Panwar

4 Dec 07 at 1:28 pm
Hi ankur ! can you plz tell me what are the maximum marks for aieee 2008
deepali yadav

4 Dec 07 at 5:31 pm
Please go through my previous comment in which I have mentioned.
@Gurneet Kaur
I have attached a .doc file which contains the details for all banks across India which are selling AIEEE forms.Please go through that.
And sorry I don?t have much idea about DU colleges.
Please download the .doc file.
A deemed university is a university which has been given status of autonomy by either UGC or AICTE.
@Shweta Singh
There are not (m)any colleges in Delhi that take admission through AIEEE but there are some good colleges like Jaypee Noida which are around Delhi.
250+ is the marks scored in AIEEE that will fetch you an All India Rank of 1000 in AIEEE.I hope that is clear.
@Deepa Panwar
Please go through the post for all the required information.
@Deepali Yadav
I am not sure but I guess it will be 360 like last year.
Ankur Gupta

4 Dec 07 at 9:27 pm
so does tht mean tht if a student gets in betwenn 155 to 135 in AIEEE he can get in jaypee noida ?????

and wat abt nsit n dce then????

4 Dec 07 at 9:51 pm
@ Khushi
A frnd of mine got admitted in JAYPEE NOIDA
he had 186 marks
and for nsit dce u need to get 275+ out of 360

4 Dec 07 at 10:33 pm
khushi if any one gets marks betwn 135 to 360 than he can get in jaypee noida

ankur may i know top 10 colleges of india in which i can take entry through aieee

5 Dec 07 at 4:40 am
thanks a lot atin
n ofcourse u too ankur

thanks buddy

5 Dec 07 at 9:50 am
thanks a lot ankur thanks 4 clearing all ma doubts gr8 work buddy ??

thanks once again
wid love
shweta singh
shweta singh

5 Dec 07 at 9:52 am
hi ankur pls can u give the details that where the forms of AIEEE 2008 available at jaipur

5 Dec 07 at 11:39 am
How to get AIEEE online forms ?

5 Dec 07 at 1:17 pm
HEY Ankur?

myself sid, i hv passed my +2 in 2004, was in fiitjee delhi.. i couldn?t make in 2 iit?s n eee due 2 complete ignorance of chemistry?

i took admission in k.e.c ghaziabad(c.s branch) but was not satisfied, so will b giving aieee-2008? mine aim is 2 get c.s branch in top 10- colleges of india.. me preparing very well, and m very confident of doing gud in aieee this time?

plz tell me that as far as computer science is concerned is iiit-hyderabad is d best college in india after iit?s? i have gone thru various rankings which tells that c.s in iiit-hyd, is better than 3-4 iit?s c.s branch?n its placemnt last year was in no. 5 in india, ahead of 3 iit?s?

plz do tell, its very important 4 me? n buddy me 2004 pass-out so ne advice 4 me..

5 Dec 07 at 6:47 pm
hi ankur can u tell me how many questions will held in 2008 aieee paper is there is any change in paper i heard that there is 180 questions are coming in this paper plz tell me?
rishi gupta

6 Dec 07 at 12:46 am

6 Dec 07 at 12:46 pm
i have a satisfactory information abt AI3E
but can u tell me how to regst online.
Thnx dude


6 Dec 07 at 1:50 pm
Hi Ankur?.

Will u plz tell me which all collages are included under aieee????????

6 Dec 07 at 2:44 pm
thank u 4 yr helps much more than prospectus.plz infom me how to fill the form in net

6 Dec 07 at 2:45 pm
Hey ANkur i think its no necessarry 4 me 2 tell u how much good and hard work u done 4 us as obviously u already get lots of Thanks Just adding one more thanks from me too.Thank u Ankur
PLz tell me how much i should score 2 get adm in itm and plz tell me more about itm if u have any detail of them i think if i score about 120 i will get or not
and 1 thing more i frankly telling i didnot know anythin abt delhi collegesand procedure or forms of delhi colleges plz guide me
Bhupesh Arora

6 Dec 07 at 4:18 pm
There is not a definite list for top 10 colleges through AIEEE?So its really tough to pick top 10 and tell?
They are available at Syndicate Bank branch at JAIPUR TOWERS, PB No. 16, M I ROAD, JAIPUR-302001.
@Pratik,nabeel, annapurna
You can register online for AIEEE through the link given below:
Yes IIIT-Hyderabad is one of the top-notch colleges for doing CS engineering?And yes your research is quite right.Best of Luck.
@rishi gupta
No info with me yet?ask your friends and teachers?
No such criteria?
Find the list of participating institutions here:
@Bhupesh Arora
C?mon you outta aim for something better than ITM when you have 4 months of time in your hands..
In Delhi fill IP University,CEE,AIEEE,IIT forms which cover almost all colleges for engineering in Delhi.
Ankur Gupta

6 Dec 07 at 7:37 pm
Hey Ankur? thnx 4 ur reply..
i wanna know that me a 12th pass-out in 2004.. so a 3 year dropper?
if i will be selected n iiit-hyd in c.s branch dis year in 2008.. will i b facing some sort of problm regarding my i did nothng in these 3 years.. n 1 more thng me, doing self study so which book 2 refer 4 practicals in physics dis time.. as per d syllabus of aieee dis yr?

6 Dec 07 at 11:26 pm
hey ankur
cud u pls tell me abt IP university delhi how is tis colege n which is better IP or Jaypee

7 Dec 07 at 12:35 pm
i think u r right ankur i should aim 4 better than this
Thanks and i need ur best wishes

7 Dec 07 at 4:00 pm
hi ankur,

can u pls tell me that which r the forms available for engineering except AIEEE & IIT.

8 Dec 07 at 10:10 am
hey ankur?
i wanted 2 ask how 2 get aieee form online?

8 Dec 07 at 1:37 pm
Dear Mr Ankur.
Its nice to give good information on various engineering exams.I appreciate your effort. Please give information whether BITS hyderabad campus is going to start admissions this year ie in 2008 or not ?
kindly give reply
Thank you.
Dr Y.k.Reddy
Guntur A.P.
Dr Y.K.Reddy

9 Dec 07 at 12:07 pm
Hi! Ankur
why the AIEEE 2007 maximum marks is not declared?

9 Dec 07 at 3:54 pm
when will the forms of thapar and NIT hamirpur be avialable

9 Dec 07 at 7:37 pm
While filling OnLine for aieee2008,
1. No space found for address for communication except email id? Clarify
2. If I have taken DD from abroad (to write exam in India), what shall I write in the issuing branch column; the exchange company who issued the DD or the destination bank name in Delhi?
3. Not found space for lhumb impression? Please clarify?

10 Dec 07 at 1:14 am
hi ankur,
cn u tel sumthing ?bot jadavpur univ?? i seen some ranking they say its among the best?is there any restriction in wb jee that only resident or ppl if wb cn give it??is there any reservations for outsiders?
besides?wat bot robotics?? which college has best of robotics besides iits??

10 Dec 07 at 1:37 pm

While filling the AIEEE form , by mistake in the Centre Code section I have filled the State Code, so can anybody please help me in letting me know how to correct the same. Can I put the whitner over the older values and fill the circles again or I there any other way.

Waiting for an early response.


10 Dec 07 at 7:50 pm
Sorry for the late reply guys?I was busy the past few days.
I don?t think so it should be a problem but if some companies have age restriction for freshers then you might have trouble in them.
There are only a couple of questions from practicals in AIEEE at maximum so don?t waste your time going through all practicals.
IP university has many colleges under it.The best one being USIT which is I guess a bit better than Jaypee but others might say the reverse.
Except AIEEE and IIT there are some other All India exams like VIT,BITSAT,WBJEE,Manipal etc.Other than these there are various state level exams.
Please refer to my previous comment for that.
@Dr Y.K.Reddy
I just saw an Ad in newspaper which said BITS Hyderabad Campus would start from 2008.So I think it will take admissions from next year onwards ie. BITSAT 2008.
Yes it is very frustrating as CBSE changes pattern every year so it is hard to know what will be the maximum marks for AIEEE.This information comes a bit late.
Thapar forms will be available in 2008 and you have to mention you AIEEE roll no. on it so complete forms are accepted till late May.NIT Hamirpur admissions are carried out through AIEEE Central Counseling so there is no separate form for it.
1.Your address has to mentioned on the back of the DD.
2.You have to write the name of the bank that has issued the DD. It will be a foreign bank in your case.
3.If there is no space then why do you have to worry
Javadvpur University is a very good university and has good reputation all over India.Visit its site to know admission details :
I also don?t know about good institutes for robotics except IITs.
The forms are read through machines.Whitening might not be a good idea.Try using an ink-eraser carefully.I would suggest contacting CBSE on what to do in such a case.
Ankur Gupta

11 Dec 07 at 4:30 pm
hi ankur,
nice work ur doin?..keep up man??
ive to ask some ques for ma frnd??
see he has taken admission dis yr in a faridabad college(i dont know its name?.but its a real crap pvt. college)he wants to appear in engg. entrance xams dis yr?can u suggest some??
i ques more??how to apply for daiict,pec,thapar thru aieee??
soumendu sinha

11 Dec 07 at 6:53 pm
ankur, well done i got all information i needed????

13 Dec 07 at 4:02 pm
hello sir,

dis is sruja , an aieee 2008 aspirant.i am 4m A.P. and desperately trying 2 get into nit warangal or iiit hyd(cse/ece).as of now ive been topping my college xams with a score of 295(avg).

wat score in the final wud fetch me a seat in 1 of my desired colleges.
is there ne state quota thru which i can have more chances 2 get into these colls.

also as d last yrs aieee paper was pretty easy should we xpect a tougher paper dis time.

14 Dec 07 at 11:23 am
heylo ankur???
i need answer quickly 4 dis?..plzzz reply fast Dude!!
while fillin aieee form ?.dere was a column of mailin adress 4 candidates?it?as clearly mention 2 write in capital letters but my lil? brother wrote in runnin handwrittin
i.e. instead of ASHISH he wrote Ashish ??nd everything filled up like dis yaar!!!
i?m very nervous abt dis?..worryin ankur????wat 2 do???
need 2 buy another form kia??????plz dun tell meeeee

14 Dec 07 at 9:19 pm
I passed my 12th exam in 2005 with 62.4%. Gave a drop took AIEEE 2006. Bad rank, got admitted in private college, left it in two months. Again wrote AIEEE 2007, secured rank better than previous but not good enough, again took adfmission in other govt. college. I want to take last attempt at AIEEE 2008 as I want to take aeronautical engineering at PEC and become astronaut like Kalpana Chawla. My 10th %age 92.4%, 11th %age 87.3%. Throughout topper till eleventh.
Kalpana Kapoor

18 Dec 07 at 11:03 am
i wanna a ask a ques relatd to arch exam
im in 11th
i m not having ED in my schul
i hv cmputrs
so cn i sit 4 nata

18 Dec 07 at 12:28 pm
Check out BITSAT 2008 admission details.
Ankur Gupta

18 Dec 07 at 1:59 pm
Hi ankur,
This is a really gud article?.

This helped a lot.


18 Dec 07 at 2:24 pm
thanks ankur

it is really helpful to new persons

keep it up

thanks once again

keep in touch

18 Dec 07 at 3:47 pm
@ parul
call the cbse office
i thnk u need to buy a new form

18 Dec 07 at 10:32 pm
Sorry for replying late.
@soumendu sinha
I already suggested the main engineering exams in one of my comments.
You have to fill forms for Thapar,DAIICT to be elligible for their counseling through AIEEE.
Keep the hard work going.
You will get benefit of state quota for IIIT Hyderabad as you belong to that state.
And its not possible to predict the difficulty of the paper beforehand.
I would suggest you buy a new form.Its not worth taking the risk for an entrance examination.
@Kalpana Kapoor
Well you have not asked me any question have you?
Best of Luck!
Yes I don?t think there is any need for having studied ED to be able to be eligible for B.Arch exam.Check the brochure for clarification.
Ankur Gupta

18 Dec 07 at 11:14 pm
hii ankur
thxx for the reply
i saw nata web site
they hv included ed az their subject in their exam n im nt hvng ed
so wat shud i do??????
nd az u r sayiong dat ed iz not compulsory
so instead of ed 4 vich sub
i shud prepare


20 Dec 07 at 11:11 am
I passed my 12th exam in 2005 with 62.4%. Gave a drop took AIEEE 2006. Bad rank, got admitted in private college, left it in two months. Again wrote AIEEE 2007, secured rank better than previous but not good enough, again took adfmission in other govt. college. I want to take last attempt at AIEEE 2008 as I want to take aeronautical engineering at PEC and become astronaut like Kalpana Chawla. My 10th %age 92.4%, 11th %age 87.3%. Throughout topper till eleventh.Are my steps right?
Kalpana Kapoor

20 Dec 07 at 11:14 am

i have mention a wrong date of birth in the form of AIEEE,MY DATE OF BIRTH 23 but by mistake mention 21 ,I Change it in column and make 3 from 1 but in below circle in the form i made darkened circle by black pen as mentioned in the prospectus ,but as per form they are saying in case of any discrepancy in written code and darkened circle code written in the box will be consider .you suggest me what should i do now? as i correct the date of birth in box but not able to correct in the darkened circle as its filled by pen / give me reply asap plz.
Brijesh Butola

20 Dec 07 at 3:57 pm
hii?thanx for the reply..

one more thing?.like IIIT Allahabad has its campus in Amethi or say BITS has centers other than Pilani & many such colgs r there.So,does this make any difference in d placements we r supposed to get aftr completn of d course??? i mean,in campus selectn & packages offered by companies???


22 Dec 07 at 1:27 am
I was talking about AIEEE B.Arch Exam.
And ED is not difficult at all?If you are interested in doing B.Arch then you can learn ED as it will not take much time which which help you in your NATA exam.
Also check if there is an option to take any other subject test other than ED in the NATA exam.
@Kalpana Kapoor
If you are determined to become an aeronautical engineer and you have been working towards getting into a good college for that then your steps are right.
But if you had worked hard for 1 year after taking a drop you would have made it.Anyway best of luck for this year!
@Brijesh Butola
Even if your wrong date of birth gets selected then when your AIEEE form gets displayed on the net and you find any information incorrect you can send them the correction and they will correct it before sending you the admit card.
Yes of course there are differences in placements. This has to do with campus reputation with companies,faculty etc.
The same applies even to IITs. If there had not been differences then students would not have preferred one campus over other!
Ankur Gupta

22 Dec 07 at 12:27 pm
hey thnxxxxx 4 d reply


22 Dec 07 at 8:36 pm
hi ankur tell me ?when and where upseat 2008 form will available??

23 Dec 07 at 9:59 am
hey ankur.. this is a rlly nice site ? thanks a ton ?

i have a doubt?i am giving BE n BArch both in AIEEE? but i rlly dont know what all to study for paper 2? plz can u refer a book or sth from where i can study for it? also can u tell me what kind of questions are asked? can i get some sample papers??? i dont know anybody who has given paper 2? am very confusd plz help ?also plz can u tell me a few good architecture institutes? im from delhi.. i know abt SPA.. can u tell me the no of seats SPA has.. n what is d min marks i shud score to get in SPA? plz plz help me? thanks a lot man?

24 Dec 07 at 3:09 pm
i haven?t taken any coaching?.had joined phy & maths tuitions frm board point of view?.getting nervous how wud i crack AIEEE? 78% in 11th & 75% in 12th( internal skool xams)?..can i crack it??how?

24 Dec 07 at 10:24 pm
hi ankur i want information abt DCE 2008

25 Dec 07 at 10:34 pm
Can u plz help me out?I had made a mistake while filling up the form of AIEEE. Can we do anything now or i have to fill one more form?I have not put my left thumb impression?plz help me out?..

27 Dec 07 at 4:03 pm
I currently don?t know when will UPSEAT 2008 forms will be out but will let you know when they are.
B.Arch paper is full of logical questions.There are books by Arihant and other publishing houses for the paper.Get anyone and you will get an idea what to expect and also get sample papers.
And to get into SPA your rank has to be very good.I don?t know the exact numbers to be able to tell you.
How can I say you can crack it or not.People with 60% in boards manage to crack IIT-JEE so don?t look at board percentages.There is still plenty of time left to prepare.
CEE exam for entrance to DCE/NSIT will be held on 31st May 2008.Forms will be out next year.
Other mistakes like incorrect data can be rectified later when form details get published online but I guess you should fill another form or else contact CBSE to know future action you have to take.
Ankur Gupta

28 Dec 07 at 7:58 pm
okay thanks a lot? n as per my info goes dce is on 1st june?correct me if im rong?

29 Dec 07 at 12:45 pm
sir ,
this year ie 2008 im going to appear for the aieee exam ?.im not soo good at studies but i would like to know that how much of a minimum rank is required to get in a good collg through aieee ?? ..i saw the cutoff?s page given by you ?it really dint give me an idea so i had to ask you ??..
as i saw u said for 135 i would get a 30k rank ?would it lead me to nowhere ?? or is there a scope for some gud collg for that rank ????plzz tell me this asap.

29 Dec 07 at 12:57 pm
hi Ankur.i have to ask u something other than examination.actually i passed 10th in 2004 but my 12th in 2007 due to long illness.right now i m preparing for aieee2008.after completing my engg. do this 3 year gap in my 10th and 12th is going to creat any problem in my placement.i m very worried.plz help me out.

29 Dec 07 at 5:10 pm
Please give me a idea about the AIR cutoff for Punjab Engineering College. I am from punjab and wish to pursue B.E Aeronautical there. I will be appearing AIEEE in 2008.

30 Dec 07 at 12:17 am
hi ankur could you plz
show the cut off marks of aieee colleges

30 Dec 07 at 8:24 am
hey ankur
i m an aieee 2008 aspirant i have been taking choaching for it n m a droper
but now at this point of time wen de exam is very close m getting nervous n cos of it m totally confused i noe my chapters n their basic ideas but don noe how to revise n start wid its preparation
de whole yr round i have been concentratin on my classes but neva went thru de previous chapters so i believe i have forgotten them now?..plzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out in this i just want t noe where shud i begin with n how shud i prepare plsssssssssssss help?????? m really going mad ya plssss bubddy help me

30 Dec 07 at 11:33 am
Hello sir
Can u plz tell me all names of colleges that comes under aieee.

1 Jan 08 at 10:28 am
Hi ankur,

I am not able 2 see my applicaion status. I want to know wether my applicaion reached to head office or not. Is there any link to view my status????????
Plzzzzzzzzzzz help me out as soon as possible.Waiting 4 ur reply.

1 Jan 08 at 7:01 pm
I?ll be writing Aieee this year again.I cleared AIEEE in 2006 with an AIR of 7857 and got admitted into DA-IICT.Let me emphasize on how bad the college is.the placement scenario is woeful and the college will be converted into a totla gujurat college pretty soon.All the professors will be leaving because then the quality would decline.As it is,the professors in Da-iict might have high qualifications but they are among the worst when it comes to helping students out.All of them are there only because reliance offers great pay and they devote most of the time into research.Plus,they kick out 20+ odd students every year after 1st and 2nd year as a policy.So be careful before joining it.Btw.Ankur any particular suggestions as to which college I should be looking at now.I did clear IIT in 2006 but heck Da-iict ruined my career.Can I get into DCE frm AIEEE?.
Thanks in advance..

2 Jan 08 at 2:25 am
how i can get the online form for aieee??

2 Jan 08 at 4:54 pm
hey ankur,
i am dropper student
I dont know anything
the AIEEE exam is very near and i have studied nothing at all
for the past six months i sat on computer and watched TV
my eyes are very strained and my head is paining
and i dont feel like studying then
i sleep at 8 pm because of headache
and cant get up before 10 am also because of strained eyes
first of all??i feel dizzy and tired
secondly ?i have become sad because i dont study
my whole family is fed up of me
my mother still think that i can make it to DCE
but even if i get any engg. college (any at all)
it will be ok
tell me plz?
wat r my chances of taking any engg. college through AIEEE

2 Jan 08 at 5:13 pm
i want to clear BITSAT

2 Jan 08 at 5:51 pm
hi this is Tejaswi,,
Want to give the exam of AIEEE as already given the exam of AIEEE in the year 2007?but unfortunately scored less marks in exam?want to give the exam again?.want the feedback which form to be filled to give the reapeated exam in the year 2008 ( AIEEE)?please help me for the same?waiting for your reply?
Accept thge reply as early as possible?

Tejaswi A

2 Jan 08 at 7:10 pm
.k thnx 4 d reply

2 Jan 08 at 11:35 pm
No I think it was changed from 1st June to 31st May.
Its not possible to tell how much to score to get into a good college.Put in your best effort and best of luck!
First get into a college and then think about all these things.I don?t think it would create a problem.
Give the exam first dude..knowing the AIR won?t help at all.
you can have a look at AIEEE 2007 cutoff post comments and get an idea.
There is enough time left for you to prepare all the chapters.Concentrate on chapters you don?t have strong command on first.
AIEEE brochure as well as the website has those details
The link will be put up later after all the deadline to submit applications is over and they have processed all the applications.
Yes there were these rumours about DA-IICT which you confirmed.It would help the aspirants.If you have not done your 10+2 from Delhi then you can get into DCE through AIEEE.
Visit AIEEE website ie. to fill the application form online.
@Rajat and Shivani
Why do you have to post comments with different names.I am not biased towards anybody.
The form for droppers is the same as is for students giving it for first time.
Ankur Gupta

3 Jan 08 at 2:55 pm
Hey!!! i got lotta questnzfor u?

A) i was tying to find a list of best engg colg?i found a survey of dataquest/nasscom.They say iit gawahati is better than
Kanpur!!!& iit gawahati is falling behind only iit Kharagpur in placements!!!(refer Can u pls tell me a source or survey (which u believe is good n reliable enuf) for top 100 or 50 colg?
it wud b a lot of help?

B) Previously,is askd bot Jadavpur Univ?u gave me a link too but on their site i cudnt find anything for admission in Faculty of Engg?help me out in this thing like procedure n things bot admission in Jadavpur.

C) A guy(Rohit, post on 2nd Jan) said something `bot da-iict?Are these kinda things go in thapar or pec or bit mesra too???

3 Jan 08 at 6:10 pm
Dear Mr Ankur,
I came to know very bad news about DAIICT through Mr Rohit who posted his feelings about DAIICTand i have to believe him because , he is already studying there and i pity him very much as he lost his valuable time by leaving daaiict. i dropped of admiting my daughter in daaiict if she gets admisssion there. Thanks to mr rohit and also to Mr ankur for information

4 Jan 08 at 6:28 pm
hi ankur , i have filled up the form of aieee 2008 online but there is some problem. i did filled my 12 th class roll no. wrong. will my form reject? plz answer me . i m worried about it.

5 Jan 08 at 5:54 pm
heylo ankur parul here
two weeks hve passed i hve still not recieved my hall ticket?..i mean how long does it take to get a hall ticket????m talkin abt d aieee2008

6 Jan 08 at 12:35 am
In any case MR.reddy,be very careful while choosing up private collages for your daughter via AIEEE,all of them have hidden norms and conditions and in many cases,they dont care one bit about the students because the receive funding from industrialists who know nothing about academics irrespective of the performance of the college.From my time in Da-iict,Ive seen people struggle day in and day out but then only those influential with the professors get through with good grades.Over 70 people fail in certain subjects..that?s how bad it is and there is no back paper system to clear them off.You have to drop back an extra year to complete it and there are times when students drop in an extra two years just to complete those subjects.Plus there is no warden in the hostels and there is rampant drug abuse on at that place.And then the kick nearly 20 students out in the first year and I know atleast 15 students of the 4th year who havent been handed degrees because the proff?s fail them over and over again and there is a six year limit for getting the degrees.There are people who have spent six years in the college wand will not get a degree anymore.Furthermore,placement scenario is very very bleak as only 75% got placed(which is bad for a college taking in 240 students all below 8000 AIEEE rank with no reservations) and that too mostly in Infosys while other rival colleges like IIIT Allahbad offer much much better pay packages and placements.I request others who have had bad experience with other private colleges to come out in the open and let us know of your experiences.and btw,Kudos to you Ankur for maintaining such a fine blog.This AIEEE post has given a lot of people a proper idea on how,when and where to proceed.

6 Jan 08 at 1:24 pm
ankur wud u plz temme about d good colleges for electronics and telecommunications in INDIA?..atleast top 10!
thank u !

6 Jan 08 at 2:06 pm
pls mail me abt delhi engg exam

7 Jan 08 at 9:15 pm
Thank you mr rohit and ankur for enlightening about engineering colleges that the colleges they know are excellent.
Mr Ankur ,Please commment on the remarks passed on by mr Rohit and myself
Dr Y.K.Reddy

7 Jan 08 at 10:17 pm
ankur???plzz help me ! do u know how many days does it take to reach a hall ticket of aieee.more than two weeks hve passed i hven?t recieved my hall ticket.
reply as soon as possible
thanks !!!

8 Jan 08 at 6:19 pm
how does PEC takes admissions?.AIEEE rank or board % ?

8 Jan 08 at 10:36 pm
hello Ankur,
This is the best and the most useful site I have come across?
I wanted to know if VIT and Manipal are good colleges?
VITJEE is on the day just before WBJEE, and I was wondering if I should sit for VITJEE.. What do you suggest?
Please reply..

10 Jan 08 at 2:46 pm
hi ankur,
can u plz tell me wat colleges one can prefer if he/she gets an all India aieee rank between 10,000 to 20,0000. i want the list of colleges that come under the given range.

yours gratefully,

11 Jan 08 at 5:50 pm
Hi Ankur! Great site; keep up the good work.
I?m an AIEEE candidate (general) from Punjab. I?m aiming at engineering in computers/electronics.

1. Without the quota, what rank/score can get me into
a. PEC, Chandigarh,
b. DCE, Delhi,
c. Thapar, Patiala? (no quota problem here)

2. Do all these colleges use AIEEE rankings alone as the basis for admission?

3. I forgot to get my AIEEE form photocopied. Am I in big trouble?

4. I just read a post here that made me think about this: Is it a matter of worry that I haven?t received my admit card?

Thanks in anticipation for the help.

12 Jan 08 at 12:31 pm
hey ankur,
i wanna know my application form status i have already sent it by speed post which site 2 check out plz help

16 Jan 08 at 11:32 pm
i want to know how to take admission in aieee private colleges.
badal parihar

17 Jan 08 at 1:41 pm
hi ankur
i want know how to know my application status of aieee 2008
phulse swapnil

18 Jan 08 at 11:18 am
hi ankur
i m preparing for aieee 2008?..
i wanted to noe how is VIT college n abt its placements ???whether i shud sit for this exam or not?.
pls reply soon!!!!!
shweta singh

18 Jan 08 at 2:23 pm
Sorry was really busy for last couple of weeks.
Please do not go by any surveys that just pop-up in the magazines as most of them are biased.Also it is very tough to make a list of ranking of institutes as criteria for ranking will be different for everyone.
Sorry I don?t know much about admission to Jadavpur university.Please Google or ask your friends about it.
Thapar,PEC etc very old established colleges and have excellent reputation.DA-IICT is an emerging college and is bound to have its share of ups and down.
@Y.K. Reddy
I would advise you to consult some more students studying there personally to get a clearer picture before jumping to a conclusion.
I think you can correct it when status of application becomes available online.
You will receive your hall ticket between 10th March 2008 to 31st March 2008.
There is no definite list but all the IITs make it to top 10!
Thank You for sharing your views.DA-IICT as I said earlier is an emerging college and will have its negatives and positives.But yes one has to be very thoughtful before deciding on a college.
i will make a post when the information is available.
PEC takes admission based on AIEEE rank.
Why don?t you sit for both the exams? Any problems with that?
There are many colleges but it depends if one decides to choose college over branch or vice versa.
I don?t know exact cutoff for the branch.
Yes all these colleges take admission through AIEEE with DCE offering admission to delhi students based on exam conducted by themselves.
Not again
@badal parihar
Make a list of private colleges you are interested in taking admission and see whether they take admission thorough central counseling or you need to fill a separate form.
@sweta singh
VIT is a good college but its odd admission dates makes it tough to choose.Also you should look at better colleges before jumping to this one.And you should give every exam you can to keep all your options open.
Ankur Gupta

18 Jan 08 at 5:14 pm
that was really rude of u
k fine can u tel me bout how can i fill d VIT form online n wats d cost of it plzzz atleast answer to dis

19 Jan 08 at 10:22 am
oki so as u said i shud look for better colleges than VIT so can give me a list of some colleges which r better than this one especially delhi side or if u have colleges better in any other part of the country
n pls give me de number of engg exams which i can sit for!!!!!!!
pls reply soon!!!!!!!
shweta singh

20 Jan 08 at 1:58 pm
hi Ankur,
Can u plz tel me which othr engn exams other then AIEEE,IIT,BITS,VIT i can give n can u also tell me which engn colege is best for aeronautical engn or aerospace engn othr dn IIT plz n is dere is scope in the field of aeronautical n aerospace engn??.reply soon

20 Jan 08 at 7:50 pm
hi ankur,
can u tell me the procedure of admission in dce n nsit????.for outside delhi candidates???is there any form to be filled my me to get in to dce n NSIT???.or just by aieee form only???
Ankit Gupta

21 Jan 08 at 7:08 pm
hi ankur..

me a student of iit-guwahti.. actually wanted 2 know some information. for computer science branch, plz do tell the best college through aieee. is it iiit-hyd/d.c.e/n.s.i.t/nit warangal/nit trichy/nit suratkal/any other? plz rank atleat best 5?.. it?s very compulsory 4 me 2 know the ans. as i m going 2 organize a meet regarding aieee-2008 for parents n students?. plz reply , n if u can?t say, plz atleast tell according 2 you? me really impressed by ur knowledge buddy, n i know u will surely help me.. bbye n t.c
admirer aieee08

22 Jan 08 at 7:47 pm
hi ankur,
hw can i know whether my applications reached cbse ? i checked the website But no information is provided there.plz help me yar.

23 Jan 08 at 3:11 pm
hi ankur
can u tell me the release date of bharati vidyapeeth pune application form for 2008 entrance and how much will it cost.
Ankit Gupta

24 Jan 08 at 3:29 pm
hi Ankur,
I have done my 10th standard abroad ,and have come down to India to pursue my 11th and 12th.I would like to know whether I ?m eligible to write the MHT-CET or should I have a domicile or something??
please let me know as soon as possible.
Thanking you?

24 Jan 08 at 8:32 pm
i wana ask u a question
im in class !!th
in 10th i scord 83%
n in 11th im not able to score evn 50%
i hv joind a coaching institute
im not abl to undrstnd dem 100%
the skul n they r goin in two diff directions
due to vich im gettn confused btwen skul studies n their teachings
not abl to score in skul n coaching as well
n my parents r expectng alot 4m me
im really very tensed
wat shud i do?????????

25 Jan 08 at 9:46 am
for how many tymes i can sit for IIT n AIEEE exams??????????

25 Jan 08 at 9:50 am
hi ankur,
is it possible to crack aieee in a month

pls pls pls pls pls do answer this question

25 Jan 08 at 7:51 pm
hi ankur,
thanx a lot.Ur information r really of gr8 help.

cud u pls tell how to prepare both 4 comptt as well as 4 board in this crucial FEB?

27 Jan 08 at 10:28 pm
Hi Ankur. Thanks for the reply. I?ll repeat my other question here:

I forgot to get my AIEEE form photocopied. Am I in big trouble?

30 Jan 08 at 2:10 pm
sir ,
can you tell me about ICFAI college coz im in a dilemma to write it or not my frnds told me that it is not soo good ?.similarly abt GITAMS university examination also im not sure plzz help me

30 Jan 08 at 4:31 pm
hi ankur
i wanna know that thr r sum topics which r not common in iit n aieee wat to do for that ?n wat rank i can expect if i am not comfortable in one subject

30 Jan 08 at 6:43 pm
hi ankur plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
tell me again dat can anyone crack aieee in just a month


i am worried tell again if u had told earlier
deepali yadav

31 Jan 08 at 6:50 pm
which are best books for aieee

2 Feb 08 at 8:43 pm
I was not being rude to you.I was tired of answering the same question again and again.
The form cannot be filled online.You will have to purchase the form which costs 750 rupees and send it to them.
Find more details here.
@shweta singh
Some better colleges include IITs,IIITs,NITs,DCE,NSIT,USIT,BITS and may more.
Sit for all the major exams which are 5-6 in total.
PEC is another good college for aeronautical engineering that I know of.And yeah if you work hard there is a lot of scope in this field.
@Ankit Gupta
For outside delhi candidates AIEEE is the only mode of taking admission in DCE/NSIT.
Sorry I don?t know the date but BVP form does cost around 1000 bucks.
@admirer aieee08
IIIT hyderabad is not doubt the best for CS branch.Then come the top NITs, then NSIT and then DCE.I have chosen among the ones you mentioned.
Its very hard to keep information of every exam.Please Google for their website and check details on it.
Keep working towards your goal.Do not look at the results as a failure or success.
You can write IIT exam 2 times and AIEEE exam can be written many times.I don?t know exact limit but its pretty high!
@adhitya,deepali yadav
Two names, same question.I hate this stuff.I prefer not to reply to such people.
Well you have to manage your time efficiently.If you are determined to crack JEE/AIEEE then focus towards that more.If you can?t compromise on your board percentage then focus on your board examinations.
There is nothing to worry if you have not got the form photocopied or not.But it is always good if you have a copy.
Sorry I don?t have much idea about these.
As AIEEE paper is after JEE, you can cover those topics in the time gap you get in between.Look for important topics that have high probability of coming in exam and prepare those.But make sure you are comfortable with rest of the topics before coming to these.
It does affect your rank if you are not good in a subject and you have perform extra hard in other subjects to compensate for it.In JEE it is extremely important as you need to good enough to clear cut-off for each subject which is not the case with AIEEE.
There are many good books.One must have is one containing previous years question papers.Also get some standard books having MCQs which will give you good practise in solving them.NCERT books are always must read for any entrance examination.
Ankur Gupta

3 Feb 08 at 6:29 pm
Dear Mr.Ankur,
I am in Qatar and my son is studying 12th in Coimbatore,Tamilnadu. We have taken a concious decision not to go for any coaching for AIEEE 2008 so that he can concentrate on the board exams due in March. Can you suggest some good coaching / training material ( available in leading book stores ) which can be bought and used? He intends to use it during the approximate one month available after board exams before taking AIEEE 2008.

3 Feb 08 at 8:05 pm
hey thanks a lot 4 d reply i already got d form 1st i thot i?ll wait 4 ur reply,ask u wthr its a good colg or not how r its placements but d last date was near so got d form but u dont worry u can still answer my questions?.jus kidding?:)

4 Feb 08 at 10:45 pm
hi,ankur .I have taken a drop for 3years due to some health problems but was doing some non-technical courses from higly reputed colleges .after this ,i continued my preparation for engineering exams .will there be a problem in placement if join any nits or iiits.please do reply

5 Feb 08 at 2:34 pm
Hi Ankur,

Can u pls tell me information abt the xams conducted by CUSAT?

5 Feb 08 at 4:40 pm
hi ankur..back to remind u that i have asked u a genuine question that does sitting for aieee exam holds any eligibility criteria in 12th board exam..i mean to say that if i get thru aieee exam then will i face eligibility criteria required to get any particular college..please do respond because i have faired very badly in my 12th board exam.

6 Feb 08 at 2:16 pm
ankur i am preparingfor aieee08. can u please tell me whether it is sufficient for me to prepare only NCERT or i should refer other books too?
i am stressing more on conceptuaally rather than doing any problems .
i hardly completed a book
give me a sujjestion please
Aditya Desai

6 Feb 08 at 7:52 pm
i have given aieee in 2006 dint do well thn gave again in 2007 and thn also dint make gud enuf now i m studying in amity noida and givin aieee 2008 i m frm ap. and cant study so far frm my house.i am in dilemma whether to continue in the same clg or change as 2yr drop is a lot.plz help me out?..

8 Feb 08 at 10:49 am
hi ankur,
thanks..4 givin us d tym..n infrming us bout d recent only preparing 4 my state board jee i.e wbjee n it?s pattern is completely different frm aieee..dis yr i will write aieee n i jus want 2 knw dat is thr any sectional cut off?i mean thr..any limitation of qus whc i will hav 2 attain in all 3 sections?or need 2 score..sum marks?as am strng in maths..if i attain more of it n less of d othr 2 or 1 section is thr goin 2 b any problem??? giv me a reply?1ce again..thank u?
keep d good job up?hav nice tym ahd?
debagiti bhattacharya

8 Feb 08 at 2:45 pm
is it gud to write too many xamz ??? im writing EAMCET VITEEE BITS AIEEE is it enough or do i write for local universities n manipal university also ?????

10 Feb 08 at 1:56 am
hi ankur
can u plz update me about the admission criteria to SPA delhi and indraprastha university delhi architecture branch, as i m confused if the criteria is still going to be aieee b-arch paper or NATA and 12th aggregate

10 Feb 08 at 2:33 pm
Hi Ankur
Can you tell me in which colleges do we have to apply seperately which will accept the AIEEE 2008 marks.
Please do name some of them.
Tanay Srivastava

12 Feb 08 at 11:45 pm
Thanks for all your help always, Ankur!
Any last-minute (almost) tips?

13 Feb 08 at 6:09 pm
Please tell something about ICFAI colleges i.e. about their future scope.
What about their placement?

ICFAI and COMEDK UGET 2008 are on same date i.e. 4th May.
Which one would be more beneficial?
Tanay Srivastava

13 Feb 08 at 8:10 pm
what could be the pattern of AIEEE this year? is it of total 360 or 540?

13 Feb 08 at 9:38 pm
sir ,
frm when can i book dates for BITSAT ???

14 Feb 08 at 2:56 pm
hai frend??i m a non delhi student,,,can i apply dce exam,
when an where 2 get the forms???

14 Feb 08 at 6:39 pm

Could u please tell me what do i prepare in th last 20 days. though ia have my exams know and i haven?t compleated my portion

14 Feb 08 at 8:36 pm
I want to know about the precedure for those students who fill up there AIEEE application form online.How student know that his\her form will be submitted successfully and how they obtained there admit card.

15 Feb 08 at 1:41 pm
HEy ANkur?
U Doing an amazing job?!!!!!

Wanted your views?..

What are ur comments about Engineering from Indraprastha University Delhi - its reputation, placements,?etc..?????

And I?ll start filling the IP university- CEE form after you reply this query of mine?.:

Well I come under the seventh category under Defence Personnels ??
The total number of seats is 3980?.
The Army people get 5 % i.e 150 (approx)?

Should I fill my category to be open(general) or defence personnel???????
Plz do reply??
Tushar Singla

15 Feb 08 at 6:33 pm
hey ankur,,,
in d BITS application i wrote my name as in 10th marksheet but ppl r saying dat u hv 2 write d name as its gonna appear in 12th marksheet m trying 2 check d brochure again but its not responding on d site now?.. m i in a big trouble?????

18 Feb 08 at 9:43 pm
You can buy MCQ books/Previous years papers for preparation for AIEEE.
You can also find material given by coaching institutes at some shops.You can buy that.
Yes some companies do take into consideration your age and your years gaps between 10+2 and first year in college.
Well what would you like to know about the exam?
The exams has simple questions but has a lot of questions so your speed is thoroughly tested.About the university , the main campus that takes admission through it is quite good but same cannot be said about other sub-campuses that take admission to it though they are under the same university.
You have to get a minimum aggregate of 60% I think to be eligible for central counseling.Please refer to the prospectus for exact information.
@Aditi Desai
No NCERT books are not sufficient.You will HAVE TO solve problems to be able to do well in AIEEE exam.Concepts will not take you far unless you know how to apply them.
As you plan to do MBA after Btech I would advise that you stick to your current college.You won?t gain by joining a better college as your MBA degree will have more value than your Btech degree.Also as Amity Noida has got recognition from UGC you will not face any problem in joining a MBA college.
@debagiti bhattacharya
No there is no individual subject cutoff in AIEEE exam.
Writing exams does not hurt as it only exposes you to new questions and also gives you good experience on how to handle examinations.You should select the colleges which have good reputation and give their exams not just every other examination you come across.
Sorry I do not have much idea about B.Arch.You can always call the university to get confirmation on how they will take admission this year.
@Tanay Srivastava
To name a few: Thapar University, Jaypee Institute of Information Technology, DA-IICT,Amity Noida.
Do know much about ICFAI colleges.COMEDK exam is pretty well known though.
You have have to collect information from some other source on this.
Please check my BITSAT 2008 post to know how to book date for BITSAT.
Donot get tensed at all and give the paper with a cool mind @Viswanath
I think this year also the paper will be of 360 marks as no news has been out yet.
No outside Delhi people are not allowed to sit for CEE exam.
The forms though will be available somewhere in March.The notification is yet to be released.
You have to study really hard and complete your portion and solve as many problems as you can.The good news is you have just enough time to do this.
The status of the AIEEE application is available online at the link given below
You can check whether your application has been submitted successfully or not and you will receive your admit card through post.
@Tushar Singla
The top most college that is USIT is very good.BVP is also good but not so good.
Thats an interesting question?the 7th category has many candidates so you might just not make it in the first counseling but you can apply as general in second counseling if you wish to.Its tough to say whether you should apply as defence or general but if you score good enough you will get into USIT either way @ritu
You changed your name after 10th class or what?
You can send a mail to BITSAT department by getting the email ID or better call them to clear your doubt.
Ankur Gupta

19 Feb 08 at 12:09 am
well ankur but that problem would still be present if i get through the top 5 nits or iiits,please reply.and as far as psu are concerned what about them

19 Feb 08 at 1:46 am
i am a dropper and in 1st year btech
i am appearing for aieee anytips to qualify

19 Feb 08 at 4:21 pm
hi broth, you are too good in your work and it is qite resionable that you face lots of problem in this way,but again i wish you best of luck for yur pionering workmy question is that ki how can we prepare for practical section in aieee2008,and are aieee going to be of540 marks?plese suggest me

20 Feb 08 at 5:26 pm
Hey i hav dropped one year dis time
and ll b gettin sum gud college dis yr thrgh aieee if i dont mess it on dat day
wud u suggest dual degree to me?
i mean if i can get csd in iiit hyd
is it fine?
i mean i feel it ll b fine and my drop year mite nt make ne diff den
wt say?
nd can u tell me sum college except iit and iiit which offer dual degree?

20 Feb 08 at 6:28 pm
hello bhaiya,
can u please guide me on good colleges i can get in,thru aieee,n how,,,?

i mean when r d forms of institutes like thapar,, daiict(if dats a good one),n ya
Anna university, are out?.,, n how to get?em

please guide me on dat

also plz let me know if dis year BITS has lowered its min. requirement of 80% pcm.


thanx bhai?..


21 Feb 08 at 7:37 pm
sir,i forgot my AIEEE APPLICATION i want to check the status of my application.

21 Feb 08 at 7:53 pm
Thanx a lot 4 da information

22 Feb 08 at 4:30 pm
Plz can u tell me somethin about dce 2008, is it for only delhi students n how can i get its application form.

My second question is that, we must apply for all the colleges or limited ones that we know abt n want to study in????.like i really dont know anythin abt manipal still i must apply for it
Mahim Gupta

22 Feb 08 at 8:15 pm
Yes the problem is not college specific but company specific.
I do not know what all companies pose such restrictions.
Check out my Tips to crack engineering exam post to get tips @abhishek
The practical related questions are of low difficulty and are very few.You should be familiar with all the apparatus you use in the lab and you can go through your experiments formulae and theory if you are concerned about doing well in them.
I think AIEEE 2008 will be of 360 marks.No official word yet.
Yeah surely go for dual degree if you get in highly reputed colleges like IITs,IIITs etc.
There are many colleges offering dual degree course but I would say its better to take 4 year Btech course only from them as you already have dropped for 1 year.
Go through the websites of these institutes as they contain all information regarding admission procedure.Also keep an eye on newspapers for details.
No the minimum requirement of 80% is still there for BITSAT.
I think you can find the application number in the prospectus as it is printed elsewhere also.Or you can contact authorities to help you out.
You or anyone is always welcome to ask genuine queries
Ankur Gupta

22 Feb 08 at 9:17 pm
hi sir..let me knw bout ait pune..i mean army insti of pune is it a gud insti..n plz lemme knw it?s previous year?s cut off.. marks..thank u
debagiti bhattacharya

23 Feb 08 at 11:42 pm
thank you bhaiya?
thanx again

24 Feb 08 at 8:01 pm
HI Ankur
can u tell about the colleges which accept the AIEEE Ranks
i want the list of colleges which r not given in AIEEE info. Booklet
Ankur Bhatnagar

25 Feb 08 at 3:16 pm
ankur this is aditya once again.i would like to know what is the best conceptuaaly reasonings books available in the market for maths ,physics & chemistry and i also said that i am reading NCERT books which i feel that i can get through AIEEE but i need a suggestion in preparing that. iam aimimg to get an AIR of below 10.

so give me a few tips in achieving it please give me reply soon.
Aditya Desai

25 Feb 08 at 3:44 pm
yaar i m in great problem/tension. The aieee site isnt showing my status of application
Bhupesh arora

25 Feb 08 at 10:02 pm
Hi ,Ankur
I have passed 12th from jaipur.Can I apply for DCE and NSIT.When and where will be the forms available. What is its cut-off from aieee2007 ? Iwill wait for your reply .

Aditya Sharma

26 Feb 08 at 3:50 pm
Total marks of AIEEE is 540.

27 Feb 08 at 7:02 am
Hello, I?m back (couldn?t help it!)
So, Ankur, can you tell me
1. What are some good sites to get sample papers for AIEEE 2008?
2. How do J.P. Solan and Noida compare to DCE, PEC and Thapar? Are the forms for those two available yet?

28 Feb 08 at 12:58 pm
hey plz throw some light on isi kolkatta.abt the b.stat degree??.is it of worth means if one is interested in higher studies thn is the degree gud enuf?.??//

29 Feb 08 at 8:55 pm
hi ankur

i am appearing my 12 board from outside delhi.
Do we need to fill the dce form for registration or we directly get the admission in dce on the basis of aieee rank without filling the form of dce.

Kindly notice Me?..

Ankit Gupta
Ankit Gupta

3 Mar 08 at 9:08 am
@debagiti bhattacharya
Sorry I do not have much information about the institute but it is certainly one of the good institutes we have in India.
@Ankur Bhatnagar
You can find list of colleges taking admission through AIEEE central counseling here :
@Aditya Desai
NCERT books are not sufficient for AIEEE preparation but it is important to read them.
There are hundreds of good MCQ books in the market which you can buy.You can get TMH MCQ books for example.
@Bhupesh arora
Contact the CBSE application department.I can not be of much help in this.
@Aditya Sharma
The CEE exam for entrance to DCE/NSIT is ONLY for delhi students who have passed out from a school in Delhi.For outsiders DCE/NSIT take admission on AIEEE rank.
The link that you have given talks about AIEEE 2006 not about AIEEE 2008.
I would suggest you buy books for getting sample papers rather than searching online for the sample papers.
Jaypee Solan is not as good as Jaypee Noida.And Jaypee Noida is obviously not as good as DCE/Thapar/PEC because those institutes have been functioning since a very long long time compared to a short span of 5-6 years of Jaypee Noida.But Jaypee Noida,Solan have bright future ahead of them.
Sorry, No information regarding that.
@Ankit Gupta
You are not elligible to sit for CEE exam because you are an outsider and you can get into these institutes based on AIEEE rank only.
Ankur Gupta

3 Mar 08 at 7:56 pm

11 Mar 08 at 10:34 pm
hi ankur
i ahve done my+2 in 2006 so i want to just clarify that is there any problem in campus placement in good insti like iiith or iiit or dce/nsit for 2 year dropper.

12 Mar 08 at 10:47 am
when can we start applying for DAIICT as they consider AIEEE marks ?.how much of a minimum do i get to get into it

12 Mar 08 at 3:04 pm
hi ankul aieee, if i get marks below cut-off can i be given rank
2.srm university can i consider for joining

12 Mar 08 at 8:04 pm
as u replied to Ankit Gupta 3rd March?u said non-delhi students r nt eligible for CEE?now, neithr nsit or dce r mentiond in d list of coll who takes admission in thru aieee central counseling similar to da-iict,pec or thapar bt these inst. hv forms n hence v cn register ourselves in d admisn process?wat ?bot dcen nsit? u said v hv to use aieee rank bt how? i mean,is thr any othr applicatn form for non-delhi region students or v hv to use d same CEE form used by delhi students to registr??
ono more thing.. the inst like da-iict, thapar, pec, nsit, dce use our state rank or air in admisn procedure??

12 Mar 08 at 9:15 pm
Can you tell me the cutt off marks of diffrent NITs in 2007 ??
also tell what are the other colleges under AIEEE.

13 Mar 08 at 11:03 am
hello ankur,
I want to change my centre of it possible to change it now.if it is than can you please tell me how.I shall be thankful to you.

13 Mar 08 at 7:25 pm
Sorry while upgrading the site some comments that were in moderation were lost.
I apologize for that.
Yes you are elligible to write the exam for IP university.
Check out more details here.
The reputation of the top 3-4 colleges is quite good.
There is no concrete answer to it.Also you have no option to bring back those two years now, do you? So I would advice study hard and get into a good college and take things as they come.
The details on when the forms will be available from DA-IICT has not been announced.Keep track of them here.
Every person sitting for AIEEE exams gets a rank.Even if he gets negative marks :p
I would say give the AIEEE paper and other papers before considering to join any institute.
If you are an outside delhi student then you do not need to fill the form that is out now.This form is for delhi students who want to give CEE examination.A separate form for counseling is released by DCE/NSIT after the AIEEE result and the CEE result has been announced.You need to fill that form to be eligible for counseling.
I hope I have made myself clear.
Those cutoffs will be available of AIEEE website later.
And I have numerous times given the link for colleges under AIEEE.Check out my previous comments.
No, I don?t think you can change your center.You can still contact CBSE for confirmation.
Ankur Gupta

13 Mar 08 at 9:20 pm
sir ,
wat do u think must b the rank or score to get into DAIICT ??????

14 Mar 08 at 2:42 am
sir ,

for bitsat ?are there any coaching classes for just 1month ????
does NIIT or TIME give coaching for this ???????i have exactly 1month frm 9th may to 12th june for prep

14 Mar 08 at 3:03 am

Do we have to fill some kinda form for Thapar? if yes then are the forms out?

14 Mar 08 at 7:18 pm
hey, thank u so much 7 surely u made it v simple an clear?


15 Mar 08 at 1:10 pm
is there any seperate exam for jp solan,if yes then where will i get the forms

15 Mar 08 at 1:38 pm

15 Mar 08 at 8:04 pm
when i get my aieee hall ticket&exam centre

15 Mar 08 at 8:29 pm
sir,i forgot my AIEEE APPLICATION i want to check the status of my application.

15 Mar 08 at 10:01 pm
@ Ankur
Plz. tell me about the importance of State Rank in AIEEE?i?m from West Bengal.

16 Mar 08 at 3:13 pm
You need to get a rank below 9,000 to get admission into DA-IICT.
I haven?t heard about BITSAT coaching classes.You can prepare for BITSAT by yourself,I don?t think you require coaching classes.You can always check out with the institutes to know more on what they have to offer.
Yes you have to fill a form for Thapar University which enables you to be eligible for counseling which is based on AIEEE ranks.
The forms have not been released by Thapar University as of now.Keep checking their official site for latest information.
This is valid for all students wanting to apply for colleges under Jaypee University(JIITU) which are JIIT,JUIT and JIET.
The university has decided to do away with the exam and take admissions solely on the basis of AIEEE ranks.Earlier there used to be a exam named JET according to which students got admission in JUIT,JIET and Biotech branch in JIIT.Now all these admissions will be based on AIEEE rank and through separate counseling held by Jaypee University.You need to fill the form to be eligible for counseling.The forms will be available at IDBI bank branches and need to submitted by 26th April 2008.For more information check :
@Pankaj Jain
If you want to do Post Graduation after B.Tech then it is not worth getting into better college.Else it might be a good idea if you are looking for good placement.
You should receive AIEEE 2008 admit cards between 10th March to 31st March.
Check the brochure, I think it has application number printed on it also besides the form.Else contact CBSE.
State rank is important to get admission in state universities like NIT Durgapur as they have state quota which is filled on basis of state rank.So state rank is important for getting into universities in your state which take admission on basis of AIEEE.
Ankur Gupta

16 Mar 08 at 6:36 pm

How can i apply for punjab university ,Punjab engineering collage? Where are the forms available ?

SCRA exam will organise this year also or not ?

Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma

16 Mar 08 at 8:02 pm
..I WUD REALLY THANK U FOPR UR ANSWER TPO MA LAST QUERY..I know dats a bit awkward to ask u dis question?n dunno whether u wud submit dis query in ur blog or not???? .but considering ur in-de pth knowledge in dis field?..can u plz rank ma collg MITS GWALIOR(M.P.) AT ALL INDIA BASIS?..ITZ SAID TO BE 2 RANKED COLLG IN M.P??..BUT I REALLY DOUBT DIS STATEMENT??M IN MECHANICAL ENGINEERING 1 YR?.UR OPINION WUD REALLY HELP ME TAKIN MA DECISION OF TRYIN FOR AIEEE??.I WUD REALLY B GRATEFUL TO U FOR UR FAVOUR?.MA COLLG WEBSITE IS
pankaj jain

17 Mar 08 at 7:19 pm
1. which are the govt colleges under IP University and what are their fee structure per annum.
2. Since I come under reserve category ie defence,what do you suggest I should exercise my option for res cat or open one. Pl do suggest.
3. You have said that outsiders need not fill up DU CET from now for DCE and other colleges under Delhi Univ, which can be filled up after AIEEE and DU CEE RESULTS are declared, Please confirm ifit is correct, I dont want to miss an opportunity.
4. You have not touched upon the query raised by one of the students. Pl include, as there are so many people are interested to know all these issues.
5. When are the forms for Thapar going to be available. By the way outsiders like me doing 12th from CHENNAI elgible for PEC through AIEEE or not.

17 Mar 08 at 7:51 pm
I have now given my cbse board 2008 exams and i want to appear for ggsipu cet 2008 , viteee 2008 and srmeee 2008. Kindly guide me about their pattern, level of questions, previous 10 years papers and books which will help me.

Will ncert be sufficient foe ggsipu cet ? I am reading tamil nadu state board books for viteee . Will it be enough ?

I would be grateful to you if you reply soon

20 Mar 08 at 10:27 pm
Dear Ankur

You have done a fabulous work in responding to so many querries?God Bless you.

My son is preparing for 2008 engineering exams. Can you please provide some information on VIT, ICFAI TECH, BHARTI vIDHYAPEETH AND mANIPLA UNIVERSITY. How would you rank them particulary in Cuputer Sceinces / ELECTRONICS & TELECOMMUNICATIONS courses taking into account their infrastructure, faculty and placement.

21 Mar 08 at 12:22 pm
hiii first fr all, i must say ur blog is really awesome it has cleared all my doubts. plsss suggest me how to go about or tell me wat shud b my strategy to prepare for entrance exams now when so less time is left?..i mean tell me the method, books, time contributed per day n all??i will b really thankful to u ?.

21 Mar 08 at 5:53 pm
@Aditya Sharma
Check my previous comment for PEC details.
And it is unlikely that SCRA exam will be held this year as last year it was held after a gap of 2-3 years and I don?t think there might have been sufficient vacancies this year to conduct is this year also.But keep checking the UPSC site for all the latest information regrading it.
@pankaj jain
It is impossible to rate a college at all india level as there are hundreds of colleges in the country and their standings fluctuate very rapidly.If its ranked no.2 in MP then it surely is a good college.If you want to go for Post graduation then do not worry much about your current college.
Check out the IP university website ie. to knows the details.
And the DCE/NSIT CEE 2008 form is exclusively for admission to DCE/NSIT not remaining DU colleges.You need to fill the DU form which comes out to take admission into various DU colleges, no matter if you if you are an outsider or not.Please get this very clear.
Thapar form will be available in April-end or May.Keep checking their website for latest information.
And yes you will be elligible for admission into PEC through AIEEE.
@RK Gupta
VIT,Manipal and BhartiVidyaPeeth are almost of same stature as they are reputed colleges in their own states and have are known nationally.Its hard to compare them as they even take admissions from three different exams. ICFAI is certainly below the three mentioned above.
You need to manage time yourself! There is no point in I making a timetable for you as I do not know your schedule and scheme of doing things.Best way is to make a time table to stick to it.Books are numerous and get hold of some of the known MCQ ones along with NCERT and start working:)
Ankur Gupta

21 Mar 08 at 7:03 pm
Will you please tell me whether it?s enough to write the NATA for getting into a good architecture college or is AIEEE necessary? I didn?t apply for B.Arch in the AIEEE application form but now I am having second thoughts about it?.

Also, for BITSAT, is it 80% minimum average of Physics, Chemistry and Math or individually 80% for each subject?

Waiting eagerly for your reply

22 Mar 08 at 12:17 am
Pls tell me about the practical oriented questions expected this year in AIEEE -08 for 20%
TA Gangadharan

22 Mar 08 at 12:30 pm
Hi Ankur!
If i appear from Chandigarh for class XII, which state will be considred for my eligibility for AIEEE exam. Will it be Punjab or Haryana? I belong to H.P and want to shift to Chandigarh keeping in view better coaching facilities there.

23 Mar 08 at 11:00 pm
Hi Ankur!
As you know, state quota in NIT Hamirpur is much more than the competitie reckoning at Chandigarh for a student from HP scoring same rank in AIEEE. I am in a fix as to whether shifting to Chandiarh in XII will be a wise decision or not.Plz advise.

23 Mar 08 at 11:05 pm
My son appeared in March 2008 in Gujarat Board, He is going to appear AIEEE on 27th April. As we know from website that BIT, Ranchi consider AIEEE score. Is there any other application from for this college. How we gewt information that we have sufficient score for this college or not. I have same question for all NITS also.


24 Mar 08 at 3:11 pm
hey , i wanted to ask you that i am an uptu 1 year student . I was pretty happy that i got a decent college last year ( though i expected an nit but due to over confidence and a bag full of tension lost it
) . Now the college i have been admitted i am pretty started to lose it , because the college is not upto my expectations . unexpectedly my father had made me fill form of aiee-2008 , and now with all the force in the world i want to crack it with full force . as all of us know very less time is left , so direct me so that i can achieve what i dream

24 Mar 08 at 6:21 pm
There are quite a few good colleges through AIEEE B.Arch paper and if you were really interested in doing architecture then you should have applied coz there are hardly any papers for it.
I think its average in all the three subjects.
@TA Gangadharan
There are about 2-3 practical related questions in the AIEEE exam and mostly in chemistry section. Qualitative Analysis is an important topic which is usually asked.
It would depend on which board university your school if affiliated to or comes under. Ask around some of your seniors and you would definitely get a concrete answer.
All institutes mentioned on AIEEE brochure/website take admission through central counseling and they do not require any separate form to be filled. The score can only be determined by seeing the level of difficulty of papers and other parameters after the AIEEE 2008 exam. Keep checking this blog and you will get to know things as they unfold :p
I am sorry to say but its a bit too late to suggest anything with just about a month remaining for the paper.Try to study as much and cover the syllabus and see if you can get a good rank. All I can say is Best of Luck!
Ankur Gupta

24 Mar 08 at 11:36 pm
Hi Ankur!
Thanks for quick reply. My board will be CBSE if i study at Chandigarh.My basic question is regarding chances of getting admission keeping in view the total number of seats available through AIEEE at Chandigarh( PEC and Govt College Sector 26) and seats available if i appear for class XII from HP assuming the same rank in AIEEE. General category candidate having 48000 rank in AIEEE appearing from HP got seat at NIT Hamirpur in 2007. If i shift to Chandigarh(CBSE Board) with JEE in sight and AIEEE as the next option and supposing i get 45000 rank in AIEEE, what are the chances of getting admission in NITs?

25 Mar 08 at 12:15 am
hi there?.. i am appearing for my 12th boards. wanted to ask u da chances of going thru aieee 15% quota to dce.heard that only state toppers and first 10 students are eligible for it. guide me wich rank will be suited for assured admission to dce

25 Mar 08 at 12:50 am
hiiii ankur,
i just wannna know that i received my admit card on 25/mar for iit-jee n my centre is ujjain which was my second choise my first choice was indore so plz tell can i still ask them to change my centre from ujjain to indore????waiting for ur reply?.

25 Mar 08 at 2:21 pm
hey hi ankur
well i havent prepared anything specifically for AIEEE or IIT thru coachings i will b joining a crash course in a day or 2.
already time has gone so no point regreting but i still have my hopes on can u suggest me sum books to prepape
n can u please send me some papers to solve
i am in a need to get into some gud college
i will b thankful brother

25 Mar 08 at 4:05 pm
Hi Sir,
Can u pls tell me the cut off for IIITs in AIEEE ?08.

25 Mar 08 at 4:23 pm
thanks fr ur last reply ?.i will definately try to make a time table n try stickin to it ? but abt all d engineerin entrance ,i jst want to ask dat since u suggested to go thru mcq?s n all but i wanna ask wont it b better if i do a bit of theory also along with mcq?s ,since previously i had not done theory really well?. so i may face difficulty crackin mcq?s directly?.as d level is quite high?. i hav been doin frm ncert nd bit of pradeep till now?plus i hav material frm brilliant tutorials?.also cud u name a few imp. topics frm pcm to help me clear cut-off?i hav filled iit , aieee, bitsat, n ip..

25 Mar 08 at 8:12 pm
hi ankur,i am student of class12th in school is affilated to cbse. i want to know that whether i comr 85% reservation in DCE or not?
saurabh sharma

25 Mar 08 at 11:55 pm
hey ankur my younger bro currently appeared for 12th filled up d institue of petroleum engineering
in gandhinagar..hows it???
do you hve ne idea abt it?

26 Mar 08 at 9:03 pm
Dear Ankur,
Pl let me know of any body you know who would be willing to work for a leading AIEEE coaching class at Goa as Maths faculty. I know this request is out of context but pl help if you can. you may give my mail address for ref

TA Gangadharan

28 Mar 08 at 12:41 pm
i learnt that we to fill forms of individual colleges like thapar amity dII and other private colleges before the aieee results! some time by middle of april

do u have information regarding these forms , when and where available

28 Mar 08 at 10:00 pm
i giv 12 exam 2008 cbse i thought i got compart in chemistry if i got good rank can i am elligible to get admission in good college if i crack my compart in this august exam

30 Mar 08 at 8:59 pm
hello ankur????
i want 2 know is there individual subject cutoff for dce n ip .

30 Mar 08 at 9:40 pm
Dear Ankur,
Can you or any other reader *explain* the purpose of AIEEE state rank v/s AIR rank. Which colleges / institutions use AIR, which one use state rank, relation of central counselling to AIR / State rank etc. Perhaps no clear and unambiguous explanation is available on the net.
Raj Gopalan

31 Mar 08 at 2:51 am
I have applied for MIT(Manipal) and would like to know about how the results are dispatched?.i mean is there any specific date they are giving out results on?

31 Mar 08 at 11:21 am
Will i encounter any problem in writing Manipal and aieee on same day coz both these exams of mine are on april 27

31 Mar 08 at 11:25 am
hey ankur,
just gimme an idea of what my score shud be to get into mech in NITK (i know it is relative,but just give an idea based on the previous cutoffs)
how much shud i aim for???

31 Mar 08 at 1:56 pm
the Aieee cut off rank for L.N. Mittal istt. Jaipur
The score req. for the rank

31 Mar 08 at 2:19 pm
plz tell me how to find registration number
bhumika kapadia

31 Mar 08 at 8:05 pm
hi ankur,
can u tell me what the portion for AIEEE B.Arch exactly is.
On many sites i?ve seen that for B.Arch/B.Planning only paper 2 is to be given.
Plz clarify my doubt and let me know exactly what the portion is, whether i have physics and chem along with maths

1 Apr 08 at 2:10 pm
hello sir,

can u please tell me how and from where to fill thapar online form.i am not able to search it on their website.
also plz tell me whether dce have some reserved seats for migrants?
mohit pandita

1 Apr 08 at 3:37 pm
thanx dude 4 such helpful info.can u plz tell me wats d eligibility criteria in it csjm kanpur in btech.

1 Apr 08 at 6:27 pm
hello ankur?
i made a mistake in aieee form, didnt mention anything in the physical handicapped category.. on aieee site my form details have been uploaded but in front of PH category its written not filled.. i?m trying to contact the aieee ppl but no response.. phone lines are busy n no reply to mails.. will my form be rejected.. help me. what can i do??

1 Apr 08 at 8:27 pm
sir frm whr i may gt d NIT cut offs????can u provide me any link..specialy NIT DURGAPUR WEST wil b gr8 help..plz..sir lemme knw..thank..u take care..god bless
debagiti bhattacharya

1 Apr 08 at 8:30 pm
sir?i?ve mention a wrong date of birth in the application of BITS,pilani n VIT?wat should i do??????plz help me?..

2 Apr 08 at 7:06 am
last year cut offs to NIts can be obtained from AIEEE website.

2 Apr 08 at 11:00 am
respected sir,
which site i should refer to know my centre name for aieee-2008 exam please send me information regarding this message urgently onthis site only

2 Apr 08 at 2:10 pm
Please reply to Mr. Rajgopalan?s querry as I also have the same thing to ask

2 Apr 08 at 3:36 pm
hi ankur plz tell me some good colleges around or in
Delhi & Haryana that i can get through Aieee

2 Apr 08 at 8:44 pm
hiii ankur?.first of all i wanna say dat ur bog simply rockss!!! it has really helped me clear all my queries?
i wanna ask dat is it really necesary to do
aieee nd iit previous year papers ie. about 5 or 6 years back papers, nd are d questions in aieee quite often repeated,?since i feel that now
very less time is left now nd i may not b able to revise enough syllabus ? so shud i jst start seeing
prvious years
papers or shud i start by revising individual chapters?..n also tell me on from where shud i take those previous year papers??

2 Apr 08 at 9:37 pm
out of how much marks would be aieee2008.i wud lik to know abt the questions from practical section.would they be tough?will it be like last year ie,40 questions from phy chem & maths each?

3 Apr 08 at 6:38 pm
If you are confident on your abilities then shifting to Chandigarh and preparing for IIT in mind will be a good idea.And I would suggest that you study hard and get a good rank so that you do not have to worry about state quotas and stuff.And you have more information than me regarding your own query
Yes, getting into NSIT/DCE through AIEEE 15% quota is quite tough as seats are few and top rankers grab them.All good branches get filled by 2,000-3000 AIR at maximum.
They would have allotted you your second choice due to limited availability of seats in your first choice location. You can not do anything about it.
Crash will help a bit, they would provide you with study material which will be good for preparation. It really doesn?t make sense to buy books now, get sample papers of AIEEE and solve them along with previous year papers.
All cutoffs will be available on AIEEE website. Infact I can?t find the link that does the cutoffs of previous years.Will find it and post it soon.IIITs end below 5,000 AIR though.
I suggested MCQ books for questions, you will obviously have to go through the theory first and clear your concepts before solving the questions.Study materials are always a good choice.
Can?t really say important topics as I am not in touch with the course, maybe someone reading this can help her out.
@saurabh sharma
No you will most probably not be eligible as your school does not fall in Delhi.Check out with others to confirm.
Yes institue of petroleum engineering,gandhinagar is a good institute and definitely worth joining if your brother gets admission in it.
@TA Gangadharan
Alright anybody who is interested in working for a leading AIEEE coaching class at Goa as Maths faculty please contact me or post a comment and I will give you Mr. TA Gangadharan?s email ID.
The information will be available on the respective college websites.Check them out.Google is your friend!
Not at all sure about this.But I think as compartment result comes late you might not be eligible for counseling.
No there is no individual subject cutoff for DCE/NSIT CEE and IP university CEE exams .
@Raj Gopalan
Please check out this comment?s last part for your answer
I think that MIT paper is held online, isn?t it?
If so then you will get your score then and there.
There wo be no problem if the timings do not clash and you have sufficient time to commute between exam centers.
@suprajith,Gaurav,debagiti bhattacharya
Just wait for a link I will give out that will contain all the cutoffs for NITs etc.
@bhumika kapadia
I think it is the same as mentioned on cover page of brochure, or it maybe somewhere printed inside where form was there.
AIEEE B.Arch paper is held after the AIEEE B.Tech paper on the same day.You need to give Paper 2 for B.Arch which has only ICQ questions etc, no chemistry or physics questions.
@mohit pandita
You were not able to find it as it has not yet been released.Keep checking the website at an interval of few days.
Sorry, no idea about that.Check out its website.
You can correct the error on the AIEEE website itself.
Visit this link and change the PH status there.
Contact the admission department and get it corrected.
@Abhishek Chhajed
You can not view the test center details on AIEEE website.
There are hardly any colleges in Delhi that take admission through AIEEE.Not much idea about Haryana.
Yes, in AIEEE every year about 2-3 questions tend to appear from previous year papers.So it is very important to do all the previous year papers.
You can find them in many sample AIEEE papers books available in the market.
Yes most probably the pattern will be similar to last year. 40 questions in each subject and each question carrying 3 marks for correct answer and -1 for wrong answer and 0 for no answer.
Ankur Gupta

3 Apr 08 at 11:25 pm
Hi Ankur,

Could you please tell me what type of questions do they ask in physical practicals(which accounts to 20% of total questions in physics) in AIEEE 2008?
And, how should I prepare for it?


3 Apr 08 at 11:30 pm
1. what preparations or books or study material needed for aptitude test for B, Arch test of AIEEE ?

2. when r the forms for admission for school of planning and architecture delhi available , when is the entrance exam for this, does it fill all seats on the basis of AIEEE or separate for delhi students as DCE?

4 Apr 08 at 12:31 am
hey, any way to get thru aieee in just 15 days? what is it u suggest to make the most of 15 days?

4 Apr 08 at 10:22 am
hi ankur
plz let me know the cut off for nirma institute of technology and jaypee for ELECTRONICS branch

4 Apr 08 at 11:11 am
hey hi?

i was juz surfin thru wen i cme acrx yer blog?

i hd a query regarding cee 2008?

dey ask for da result if u?ve appeared last yr also? n sumhw i misplcd ma admit card? i juz hv da xerox of ma 2007 form (wifout da roll no)? so will dey reject my form if i leave it empty?

4 Apr 08 at 11:33 am
what is the rank needed to get into DCE through AIEEE, as i am a student of outside delhi??
This time more than 8 lakh students are giving AIEEE , will this have any effect on the cut-offs.

4 Apr 08 at 12:22 pm
SRM UNIVERSITY AND COMEDK ARE BEING HELD ON THE SAME DATE . according to u which one is better..

4 Apr 08 at 12:29 pm
thanks a lot man.

Could u tell me whether the level of difficulty of maths is higher in engineering as compared 2 arch in AIEEE or the same

4 Apr 08 at 12:36 pm
hi ankur gupta

please could you guide me on how to attempt the AIEEE paper which subject to do first if i have good command over physics nd chemistry(physical nd inorganic) nd not maths
I mean if there are 120 questions in the paper with equal distribution then how many questions (atleast) i should attempt if i want to get mechanical branch in thappar or Punjab university
and are all the questions of equal weightage in AIEEE or different i mean will it b (1.5,3.0,4.5)

nd also please tell me that which other college is good in punjab

4 Apr 08 at 3:50 pm
hi sir ,
i hav applied for the BITSAT ?.as it is told that a minimum of 80% is a must ?but is it for only 12th class or 11th and 12th class or ?.and that does it count languages ????.and ?does it matter that i am from a state board having an average of 85% in the two years ????.

4 Apr 08 at 5:59 pm
1) i wud like to get into nit-calicut 4 mech engg.the last rank which opted for the above is in the range of 7000.what was the range of marks for getting such a rank last year?

2)is it enough to study our practical text answering the questions coming from this section?
3)what method of study wud u suggest now as aieee is around the corner?

5 Apr 08 at 7:33 am
Hello sir
I want to know about the AICTE affiliation status of Amity Noida Engineering college. I am very confused about it as some people say that it is affiliated and some deny.
I also intend to do M.Tech after completing B.Tech, can u please tell me how to know which college should i join in order to be able to persue my M.Tech from IIT or from good Universities outside India.
If there is any such website KINDLY give me the link.
I?ll be really very thankful.
Not to forget about the good job you are doing to help students like me. THANKS for that.

7 Apr 08 at 8:32 am
Which is the best book to prepare 4 aieee and bitsat given that the time for practice is 1 month only
nishith panda

7 Apr 08 at 1:13 pm
sir ,
i actually want 2 see the model of b-arch (aieee)question paper kindly help me with it

7 Apr 08 at 2:20 pm
Hi ankur,
can u plz tell me the minimum marks for viteee so i can assure my seat there atleast.

7 Apr 08 at 4:09 pm
How do you go about applying for colleges once you have the AIEEE rank, if you know the disciplines you are interested in.
a) How do you identify the best colleges in descending order
b) Do you have to apply to all colleges since you do not know which will accept you.
Can someone enlighten me on the process?

8 Apr 08 at 8:27 am

8 Apr 08 at 12:37 pm
hi ankur

I haven?t recieved my admit card 4 AIEEE as well.Could u give me da contact no 4 the AIEEE office.

8 Apr 08 at 6:01 pm
hi ankur

i hv not recieved my admit card 4 aieee

vat 2 do

8 Apr 08 at 7:44 pm
I have not yet received the admit card for AIEEE.Actually i had filled 2 application forms,in the earlier one i had not put the thumb impression, so i had sent another form which is all correct. Now in the application form status i have got the status of the earlier one where there is no thumb impression and status for 2nd one, m getting as ?invalid?? not understanding what to do?now everything in confusion?.
Now tell me the next step what to do?..plz help me out.

9 Apr 08 at 3:38 pm
hey hi just wanted to know that increase in the number of students appearing this year in AIEEE would affect the cutoff?s or not!!!!!And wat is the level of AIEEE-2008 paper expected this year.
kirti vardhan

9 Apr 08 at 9:42 pm
how can students not having domicile of delhi can apply for DCE via AIEEE !!!is any form available for applying for DCE(through AIEEE)for non delhi students!!!
kirti vardhan

9 Apr 08 at 9:45 pm
@all those who have not received admit cards.
Please contact the CBSE office in your area and get a duplicate admit card made.
Certainly the practical questions do not account for 20% of questions.They are at max 2-3 questions.And they are mostly related to apparatus of the experiment that you have done in class 11th and 12th.You need to have complete knowledge of the apparatus as the theory behind the experiment is already studied by you in the subject.
You can buy book from Arihant or some other publication that contains sample papers and previous year question papers of B.Arch exam.
The admission for SPA is based on AIEEE B.Arch exam only.
@Ravi and
Well, do as much practice of sample papers as you can as that is the best way to prepare in the last few days leading to AIEEE.
The cutoff for Jaypee ECE branch is around 25k and for Nirma it is around 20k or less.
Go to DCE and check the status of your application if you have not received the acknowledgment card yet.
You need to get rank below 3-4k to get into DCE.
Also I don?t think the number of applicants effects the cutoff in any significant way.
Sorry not much idea about the two exams.
I have absolutely no idea about the course of Architecture course in college so can?t comment.
Although the maths in engineering is not all that difficult.
You should attempt the section that you are strongest in first so that you are able to attempt all its questions.All qestions are of equal distribution so don?t waste time if you get stuck on one question.
Aww man it is clearly mentioned that your class 12th PCM percentage should be 80%.
7k rank got about 230 marks or so, don?t remember exactly.
Yes practical text is enough.
3rd question answered above.
Amity has got recognition from UGC.
No idea about M.Tech, concentrate on B.Tech first dude.
@nishith panda
I don?t know any books for BITSAT specifically although MCQ books from TMH etc. will be good.
Buy Arihant or some other publisher book which are available in market containing previous year B.Arch question papers.
Sorry no idea about the marks to get in viteee.
Good query.
I will make a detailed post on it when the paper is over and the result in out.
But in brief you identify best colleges generally in descending order of previous year cutoff and you can apply for every college, no harm is that.
Already answered above.
They rejected your second application form coz they considered first one as alright. You should contact CBSE for confirmation though. Have you received the admit card?
@kirti vardhan
No I do not think so. There is no parameter which suggests for the same.
You can check out my DCE/NSIT CEE 2008 post for answer to your query.
Ankur Gupta

10 Apr 08 at 12:11 am
I?m a student of karnataka, and i aspire to get into NITK
Could you please tell me the minimum percentage of marks required to get into surathkal? (for any course, even mining) Some one told me 50%(180/360) is required? Is this true? In 2006, the opening and closing ranks for mining were
opening sr 346 air 20908
closing sr 479 air 27995
this were at the end of first round of counseling

could you please estimate if the ranks would change too much this year? After sliding, what would be the rank needed to get in? and the marks required?

10 Apr 08 at 12:26 am
I want to be very clear?..
If i get above 200 in AIEEE ?what are my scopes for an NIT?.can i get into any of these Calicut?Trichi?Warrangal?.Suratkal?
How is NIT Jallandhar?
I?m from west bengal?.i know that it is outlandish for me to ask you the approx state rank for me?but still ?can u guess at least ?
Take care,

10 Apr 08 at 12:35 am
i have appeared for my 12th exams from haryana but i?m born in punjab. plz tell me wheather i come in punjab quota or not
how?s bharati vidyapeeth university, pune and how tough is the competition in its enterance exam..
this year 20% syllabus of chemistry and physics include practical based questions. do you have any idea what type of question are being asked in this

10 Apr 08 at 12:36 am
hi ankur,
I am getting 200-230 marks in my mock papers, what rank can i expect.

10 Apr 08 at 4:11 pm
d reservations hav been announced for OBCs. Wud it mean bleak chances of general candidates reaching NITs ?

10 Apr 08 at 5:51 pm
hey ankur i just wanna to know abt any online education provided 4 compitative examz

10 Apr 08 at 7:29 pm
hi ankur,
i will b appearing 4 aieee 08.d website says they hv receivd n acceptd my form,bt 4 sum weird reasn,i hv nt receivd my admit card as yet..none of my frnz hav gt it as well..m frm kolkata?ystrday(10.4.08)ws d last date aftr which,the board is 2 b contactd 4 issue of duplicate admit card..!highly confusd?!! Is there ny cutoff presnt 4 wbjee..wat rank-range ensures admission 2 ny1 of d state collgs(govt/pri)??
please help!!
please help!!

11 Apr 08 at 7:58 am
hi ankur vould u tell the best publication 4 10 years papers of dce nd aieee

11 Apr 08 at 5:08 pm
No,not yet so only worried, i expected admit card for either of the application form but not getting one also. I am surprised that how can they consider the application form with no thumb impression as right one??????? On checking the website i got Query Status of the application form of the first one including the center name n even roll no. n as mentioned in the website i had sent the photostat of the appl. form with the postal receipt for duplicate admit card. But m worried that i may not get even the duplicate card bcoz i saw the brochure later where it was given as, for get duplicate admit card one must attach a D.D of some amount,which i have not done.
Which one to follow??the AIEEE website or its Brochure????
Tell me shall i send the D.D now?. Now no time left to wait also?
Can u plz give me the contact details of CBSE?????

11 Apr 08 at 8:25 pm
hi a bit tensed?as i filled up d aieee form through d net n chckd d status of ma form ovr d net only n it ws alrt?bt so far i hv nt received d here in ma locality..n 90% of ma frnds hav nt received it..frm 2dy only sum of dem hv gt it..shuld i wait till..15th..plz..sir tel me wat 2 do..i knw hw 2 apply 4 d duplicate ..dnt knw..shuld i wait 4 a while or nt..plz..sir asap!! countin on..u..!!..n plz lemme knw nits?specialy nit durgapur?s last yr?s cut off?
debagiti bhattacharya

11 Apr 08 at 11:43 pm
hi ankur

what excatly we mean by cutoff of IIt ,. does it mean all those who get that cutoff will get admission to iit, or it means they will be called for counselling and if seats there they may be given admission?

12 Apr 08 at 12:43 pm
hi ankur,
thnx for gr8 help u r providing.
i want to know that for which all institutes do we have to apply separately under aieee,even after filling the aieee form.
in need of help in this regard

13 Apr 08 at 2:12 pm
Yes you can get NITK Suratkal Mining at about 25k from your state.
Marks to get that rank depend on the paper that comes this year.
200/360 is always a good score generally.
It will get you into a NIT definitely with a good branch.
I don?t have idea about the rules they follow to decide your state but it will be given in AIEEE brochure, did you check that out?
No I don?t know any online coaching sites except few online sites which offer BITSAT/AIEEE sample tests.
200-230 is a good score but then it depends on the level of difficulty of mock papers. Do previous year papers and see if you get the same score there.
You can buy P.Prakash book which has previous year DCE/NSIT CEE papers as well as sample papers.
Well the best thing to do is visit the CBSE office and ask tell them the problem and ask for the solution.
In the AIEEE brochure or CBSE website you will find the address of CBSE office in your area or you can ask some of your friends, they must be knowing it.
There have been more than 8 lakh application this year so the delay is obvious. You can wait for 3-4 days more and then apply for a duplicate card.
If you clear the cutoff for IIT you will get a rank in JEE which does not mean you get a seat in IITs.
And if you get a rank, then you will be called for counseling if seats are remaining.
Ankur Gupta

13 Apr 08 at 2:17 pm
hii sir,
wat if i get less than 180 in AIEEE?.does it fetch me any rank ?any where in the country ????or else am i considered disqualified ???

13 Apr 08 at 3:55 pm
hi sir,
could you please tell the marks required to get a seat in NIT warangal n trichi

13 Apr 08 at 9:37 pm
what is the minimum score to get through in bits ?pilani?

14 Apr 08 at 8:03 am
i appeared for 12th this yr..i did nt take any coaching in my class 11th n 12th n did nt practice any mcq?s required for aieee..but i was an above avg student at cbse level..
i do nt aim to get into any nit?s or anything but wish to get into sum decent collg like JIIT or thapar..wat do u think??will i be able to do that?
m expecting abt 85%agg in 12th cbse board..

14 Apr 08 at 11:55 am
Here I am Ankur>>>

Grinning, I could seem like a kid somewhere, but please understand, I am not aware of education?and ask like a kid?please bear with me!! Thank You?.

Hello Ankur,
Me again?Good Afternoon!

I would need your help here please, do oblige>>

My son is keen in engineering>>>

Can you you enlighten me, what are the best streams in engineering??

Aeronauticals is one.

What are other fields of engineering?

Where all should he apply, in the coming months?i know its long way off?.but need to be prepared and aware of it all now?.

Where/which centres institutes should he apply in advance?.to go on giving one exam after the other so he gets in one of them atleast?

What is state board exams?
he is from West Bengal. Darjeeling!

Please take your time, and do please give me maximum details possible?.you would make someones life?

Oblige please?

Thank You

14 Apr 08 at 6:02 pm
i m in depression after givin iit coz i would get only 75-80 marks.i m preparing on my own for entrances.can u tell me some books for maths?is objective mathematics by pradeep publications ok?also i would like to know are their subject cut offs in aieee?

14 Apr 08 at 6:05 pm
hi ankur
i am a dropper.even after working hard for jee 08, i was not able to do well.could u plz tell how much i should score to get computer science in pec or bitsat

14 Apr 08 at 11:43 pm
i hv nt receivd my admit card as yet..none of my frnz hav gt it as well..m frm kolkata?ystrday(10.4.08)ws d last date aftr which,the board is 2 b contactd 4 issue of duplicate admit card..!highly confusd?!!

plzz reply dude wen u r free okaay

15 Apr 08 at 10:12 am
hello?can u please guide me wht is the expected cutoff in AIEEE-2008? aur kya physics,chemistry,maths me seperately clear karna jaroori hai?plss do guide me !

15 Apr 08 at 11:09 pm
how many marks should one secure to get a seat in aeronauticals in a reputed college thru AIEEE/assosiate colleges.

16 Apr 08 at 7:18 am
Well Ankur
u mite not hav seen dis yrs aieee brochure
nd wud like to inform u dat ddis yr thr ll be 20% questions frm practicals
its clearly mentioned?

16 Apr 08 at 10:19 am
can u plz give the names of colleges which offer aero engineeringthru AIEEE ? how would u ate them in placements?


16 Apr 08 at 1:49 pm

could you please let me know what is DASA quota - and is there any reservation on the same.

16 Apr 08 at 4:46 pm
hi ankur could u plz tell me will all the questions be of same marks in aieee and is there any college in delhi which offers admission on the basis of aieee score?

17 Apr 08 at 1:47 am
wat was the approx marks 4 9k rank last year?

17 Apr 08 at 11:27 am
hi ankur !
my younger has nt received d admit card?so he visited d respective site nd taken print out of d admit card. nw temme whr?s d space 4 d photo or is there a need to take signature of d respective authority?.

17 Apr 08 at 12:26 pm
Hey Ankur,
Kindly tell me:
1. What is the cut off for VIT,vellore and Manipal.
2. What rank does one need in AIEEE to get a seat in
PEC, Chandigarh.

17 Apr 08 at 6:25 pm
sir ,
many of my friends have not received the aieee hall tickets ?.what do i suggest them to do ?????

18 Apr 08 at 3:44 am
are there subject cut off?s 4 aieee?

18 Apr 08 at 7:34 am
hey ankur i want to know the cut-off marks for viteee

19 Apr 08 at 9:57 pm

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