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  • Read and fully comprehend each question in the question paper
  • Classify each question into categories A,B,C.....

A : Question from a topic that is strong for you , and you can clearly comprehend the meaning of the question.You have done questions containing similar concept earlier and you are confident that you will be able to solve this one.

B : Questions from a topic that is not strong for you, but you comprehend this one and you feel that you can do it, OR questions from a topic strong for you, but you are not able to see the light at the end of the tunnel immediately,nevertheless you are confident.

C : You understand certain parts of the question and only when you start solving it,new vistas may open up,that you can't see now.

D : You don't know head or tail of it.

Start solving the question in the priority A,B,C,D to optimise your marks. Even if you spend your initial 15-20 minutes of the paper doing this exercise,it does not matter. It will be highly rewarding. It is extremely important to achieve success in the first half hour of the subjective examination.


  • In the month of April your study schedule(duration and timings) should be the same as that of JEE as much as possible.

Since IIT-JEE timings are 14:30 to 17:30 on Day1 and 9:30 to 12:30hrs and 14:30 to 17:30hrs on Day2,I emhasize that you study at least during these hours.(infact I would advise that you should study everyday from 9:00 to 13:00hrs and 14:00 to18:00hrs as far as possible and feasible) thereby making sure that your biological clock is tued for peak perfomance on JEE day as per the IIT-JEE schedule.e.g.,if you get habituated to studying at night,your body and mind get tuned for the best perfomance at night but that may not be of much help on the JEE day. Just notice,the recommendation is subtle but its importance is crucial.

  • Regulate your food habits during the month of April
  • Don't have irregular habits like sleeping during daytime, staying awake at night or waking up early in the morning.You must have sleep for atleast 7hrs.
  • After completion of each paper in JEE do not discuss it with anybodybut concentrate on the next paper.
  • You should reach the test centre atleast half an hour before the exam and if you haven't seen the centre before, then you must go and visit the centre 2 to 3 days before the exam.
  • On the Day2 of the exam you should carry with yourself a light lunch i.e.sandwiches,fruits etc.

NOTE : On the eve of Day1 of JEE ,your mind must be relaxed before you go to sleep for the night.Hence I recommend that you do not study at night on the eve of Day1. Relax yourself with activities such as a long walk , a warm bath,shavasana or any other technique of relaxation that you may have learnt.People often talk of relaxation by watching television or movies, but that is not mental relaxation, it is relaxation in the sense of entertainment.I am not asking you to entertain yourself on the eve of the examination.

  • Know the number of hours of sleep you require and accordingly go to bed at a fixed time to wake up fresh in the morning.
  • On the morning of Day1 ,take some stretching exercise to simulate the oxygen supply to your brain.If you know , something of Pranayama ,nothng like it.
  • Do eat a nourishing and solid breakfast.Complete it atleast a hour before the examination starts.Likewise,ensure that during the lunch break on Day2 ,you eat nourishing ,light or easily digestible food.Heavy food will produce drowsiness,costing you your perfomance in the test.
  • On the eve of Day-2 of the test , repeat the healthy practices of Day-1's eve.These suggestions may resemble a grandpa's advice ,that is because they are time-tested and psychologically tested.


As JEE draws nearer,you must be going through anxious moments.You must keep yourself cool and calm.Go to the examinationhall totally composed ,with confidence and without any worry.For this,it is important that your efforts which you have put be channelised properly towards the JEE exam.

Remember that true hard work and ,unflinching dedication and sincere efforts are rewarded profusely.

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