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IIT JEE is compliacated as well as its selction procedure too i am going to show u guys what actually The JAB does to select the students 

The misconception about selection procedure :

here i am talking about the idea that a ordinary guy has about the selection procedure and what your classes tell you about it 

1)cuttoffs decides where u would be (true indeed)

2)if u clear the subject wise cuttoffs with hgh marks u could get a place in IIT  and a good branch 2(doubtful)


now now take this read it TOI said "This flies in the face of the seemingly reassuring statistics put out by IIT-Roorkee on its website in August stating that in the 2008 JEE conducted by it, the marks obtained by the last admitted candidate in the general category were 63 out of 162 in maths (39%), 72 in physics (44%) and 45 in chemistry

(28%). "

The website glossed over the fact that some of the admitted candidates who obtained higher aggregates (and, therefore, higher ranks) actually scored much lower marks in one or the other subject than those scored by the last admitted candidate.

The lowest marks in individual subjects among the candidates admitted to IITs this year are 10 in maths (6%), 8 in physics (5%) and 15 in chemistry (9%), an RTI query has revealed.

----- a bit confusing right your  confusion is obvious now let me tell u what happens really

A hypothesis about the selection procedure :

what does actually IIT do to select their students what abt the early mentioned cuttoffs are they just to fool students ........a big no!!!! slections are made on the basis of cuttoffs but but but  then why student with lower marks to do get into iit with high ranks (even from general category) simple IIT selects the student on basis of the questions attempted by the students.............. more clearly now,,,

students are categorized into groups on their ability to solve problems..............more statistical approach to this their marks  are plotted on a bell curve the one  with highest marks goes to the right the average on the top of the curve and the low scores to the left  now geniuses are selected the paper has certain problems having more than one answer...........actually their are many ways to solve a jee problem the best answer is hidden yes i agree with the fact that your answers too are right  but the best answered ones are categorized into a different group............. but the worst thing you attempted all the easier ones left the odd ones and proceeded ahead so u have marks in bulk which actually is categorized into other the students who solved the best problems in maximum time would aobviously have low marks so simple they won't get time to attempt all the problems  but they have ensured their place indeed  so now how come is this true the cuttoffs brother the cuttoffs IIT has lowered its cuttoffs to safegaurd this students but this was never discloased until the problem was took to supreme court and this was brought out.........................

so i do hope so that the procedure is understood by you ...............remember this is a hypothesis ..........truth still unknown but i stongly believe in this as their is no other explanation to this problem

i have NOT tried my best to explain this but still working on it to get  closer to this problem.......... but i hope so the idea is clear

thank you!




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